La Mascarade d'Orleans

La Mascarade d'Orleans reopened on February 6, 2015 as a Pandora concept store.

The shop is located in the back of New Orleans Square, directly across from the new entrance to Club 33. Bright white cabinets and brilliant lighting fixtures help keep the small shop from feeling claustrophbic, but it takes a bit of cooperation with other shoppers to see into every case. The centerpiece of the store is the harlequin bust behind the register, which is enhanced with special light and sound effects.

The shop features Pandora's line of rings, necklaces and earrings, along with their signature charm bracelet collection. The inventory centers on the Disney collection of charms, including a few Disney Parks-exclusive designs available only at this location, or at the Pandora pop-up location in Walt Disney World.

The store operates with a combination of Pandora and Disney employees—the salespeople clad in black come from Pandora, while Disney cast members staff the register.

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  • Location: At the back of New Orleans Square, across from the new entrance to Club 33.
  • Discounts: No discounts offered after February 12, 2015
  • Hours of Operation: Open during normal park hours.
  • Operated By:

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