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Kevin Krock, editor
The MousePlanet Home Theater Press Releases - 5/1/01
Here's the press release for Disney's new DVD web site:

The New Online Site for Disney DVD:
Disney's DVD Technical Support Web Site Is
The In-Depth Customer Support Site Opens May 1

BURBANK, Calif. -- Disney DVD consumers now have access to an online support site for all their DVD questions. On May 1, the DISNEY DVD TECHNICAL SUPPORT internet site opens to the public at, and consumers can contact Buena Vista Home Entertainment directly with questions about their Disney DVDs.

This informative, comprehensive site places Disney and Buena Vista Home Entertainment in the forefront of customer service for the burgeoning DVD marketplace. As the new digital technology changes the face of home entertainment, the DISNEY DVD TECHNICAL SUPPORT site represents the most in-depth DVD studio support site available.

The DISNEY DVD TECHNICAL SUPPORT site features clearly defined, user-friendly sections for consumers:

Title Specific Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Report A Problem

General Feedback

"TITLE SPECIFIC INFORMATION" - This section serves as a general "product information" forum for new and recent Disney DVDs. Some of the topics covered include: information on hidden "Easter Eggs," layer break information, bonus feature details, general "Trouble shooting" tips and more.

"FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" - In this section, consumers can find answers to many of the most common DVD-related questions. This section is broken into "Common Issues," "DVD-Rom Questions," "General DVD Questions," "Technical Questions" and "Miscellaneous," and contains a wealth of information on everything Disney DVD related, including care and handling of DVDs, terminology explanations, parental control features, customer service information and much more. "Frequently Asked Questions" is one of the most in-depth portions of the site and contains a wealth of DVD-related information.

"REPORT A PROBLEM" - If Disney DVD owners haven't found a solution in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, they can try the "Report A Problem" section. Here, consumers can fill out and submit a form reporting a technical problem directly to Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Consumers will usually receive a response to their problem within 48 hours.

"GENERAL FEEDBACK" - In this section, Disney DVD owners are encouraged to offer up their suggestions and thoughts on Disney DVDs and the DISNEY DVD TECHNICAL SUPPORT site. It's another way that consumers can interact with Disney and Buena Vista Home Entertainment as the DVD revolution moves forward. Also included in this section is a Disney DVD release calendar, for easy access to upcoming release dates for favorite Disney films on DVD.

Consumer Hotline: Buena Vista Home Entertainment also has a phone option for consumer questions: 1-800-723-4763. This phone number connects to the same DVD support office as the DISNEY DVD TECHNICAL SUPPORT website.

That's it for now, but stay tuned for more!

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