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Magic Kingdom Chronicles
A look back at Disney history
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Jason Schultz
Walt Disney
Walt Disney dedicating Disneyland on July 17, 1955

Start here for a history of Disneyland

A series delving into the history of Disneyland, looking at the important players, dates, and events in the Magic Kingdom's rich history.



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Table of Contents

One - Pre-History - Read about the threads that eventually became the tapestry of Disneyland

Two - Once Upon a Time in Anaheim... - The search for a site to build Disneyland

Three - The WED Imagineers - Creators of Disneyland

Four - Herb Ryman and the Long Weekend - Establishing Disneyland's design and visual appearance

Five - Roy Heads East - Securing financial backing for the project

Six - Construction Men - A look at the contributions of C.V. Wood and Joe Fowler

Seven - Morgan Evans and Disneyland Greenery - Landscaping the new Park

Eight - Construction Nightmares - Murphy's Law in action at the Disneyland construction site

Nine - A Glimpse at the Site - The magic of television gives the television audience a taste of Disneyland

Ten - An Anniversary Celebration - Walt and Lillian's 30th is celebrated in Frontierland at Disneyland

Eleven - A Hollywood Spectacular - Read about the trials and tribulations of Disneyland's Opening Day


Jason and Bruce
Jason Schultz, left, with Disney Imagineer and unofficial historian Bruce Gordon, right.

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