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Ask Doc Krock
The Science of Park Magic Explained
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Kevin Krock

NEW! 11/10

How they get it to snow nightly
at the Happiest Place on Earth

Also: 10/27
Doc Krock's third
and final article
Space Mountain!

Keep your eyes and
minds on the Magic!

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Table of Contents

NEW 11/10/00 Disneyland's Snow - Find out how they get it to snow nightly at the Happiest Place on Earth

10/27/00 Space Mountain - Part III - Hop on a Space Mountain shuttle with Doc Krock and find out what it takes to fly through space

10/10/00 Space Mountain - Part II - Doc Krock discusses Disneyland's ride building, sound system, and much more!

7/18/00 Space Mountain - Part I - Doc Krock discusses a bit of the historical background of Space Mountain and the technological developments that led to it's creation

6/6/00 HELLO! & The Disneyland Monorail - Doc Krock tells you about himself and the classic Disneyland Monorail


Doc Krock and son
Doc Krock and son

Dr. Kevin Krock holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and he is a Senior Scientist at a Southern California pharmaceutical company. “Doc” Krock is also a lifelong Disney fan who enjoys reading Disney related books, watching Disney movies, and visiting Disneyland as often as he and his family can.

Doc Krock's E-Mail:

August 1, 2000

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