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Legoland Information Guide
Building blocks of tips about the San Diego park
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Adrienne Krock & Lisa Perkis, Editors

Legoland Rides

Legoland is divided into nine areas. While six of them have rides, I describe the "experiences" in the Imagination Zone and Miniland in this section as well.

The Lake

Coast Cruise
Height restriction: No Minimum, 34" to ride alone.

There are two elements to this ride: One element consists of several Lego block sculptures around the lake, including dinosaurs, the Taj Mahal, and a humorous homage to Mount Rushmore. The second is the narration provided by a Legoland staff "model citizen" who pilots each cruise. The good news: The sculptures are interesting to look at. The bad news: Cruise pilots often struggle with a script that tries to be humorous but often falls short. I suggest riding to enjoy the scenery.

Beware the bridge: Pedestrians on the bridge that crosses the Lake can push buttons that activate water "bombs" in the Lake. With proper timing, those in the Coast Cruise boats will get wet.

TIP: Coast Cruise is the first ride most visitors reach when they enter the park, so there is usually a long line earlier in the day. Visit the rest of the park in the morning, then return to ride this later in the day when lines have diminished.

Imagination Zone

Maniac Challenge
One room here houses computers loaded with Lego software for visitors to try out. In another room, guests choose one of nine Lego models spanning three levels of difficulty to build.

Duplo Play
While older children enjoy Build & Test or other Imagination Zone attractions, Legoland provides Duplos and Baby Legos (formerly known as "Primos") in themed sections of this room.

Build & Test
In this room, guests build Lego vehicles and then race them against each other.

Lego Mindstorms
In the Mindstorms experience, a Model Citizen (MC) teaches a group of guests how to build and program a computerized Lego Robot. In 45 minutes, guests learn the basics, build and test their robots, and compete in a contest to collect foam balls in a plastic box. Reservations are required to participate in this program and they fill up quickly.

TIP: If you want a Mindstorms reservation, make this your very first stop of the day when you arrive at Legoland.

Aquazone Wave Racers
Height restriction: 40" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

The Aquazone ride vehicles resemble a combination jet ski and pontoon boat. Like an open-air carrousel, they revolve around a platform to which they are attached. You will get wet. As with the Coast Cruise, Legoland designers installed buttons for guests outside the ride to press and activate water bombs that further splash Aquazone riders. Although guests stand on this ride, Legoland has an adapted vehicle for guests with special needs, detailed here by Tony Phoenix.

Lego Explorations

Lego Technic Test Track
Height restrictions: 40" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

This is a "mad mouse" type roller coaster with a very big drop at the beginning.

Castle Hill

Spellbreaker Riders
Height restrictions: 36" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

To enjoy this ride, guests stand on vehicles that hang from the Spellbreaker track. An elevator lifts the vehicles to the top of the track and two vehicles are released onto parallel tracks in order to "race" to the bottom. Legoland builders created spooky creatures to theme this bewitching roller coaster.

The Dragon Riders
Height restrictions: 40" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

This Castle Hill roller coaster begins quietly with a short series of scenes featuring many Lego creations before going outdoors for thrills.

The Royal Joust Riders
Restrictions: 36" minimum, 36" to ride alone; 12 years maximum age; 170 pounds maximum weight.

Children pretend to be medieval knights riding Lego horses through a meadow. This line moves very slowly.

The Hideaways
Plan plenty of time for kids to climb up rope ladders, slide down tunnels, and more. Parents follow children through or can walk on paths and stairs built parallel to the obstacle courses.

Enchanted Walk
This is a quiet path where guests can appreciate Lego animals including bears, fish, bugs, and more.

Builder's Guild
At this kiosk, visitors can sit and rest in the shade or build creations with Lego bricks.

Fun Town

Skipper School
Height restrictions: 34" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

Guests drive boats through a course with no track. Without a track to keep the boats moving consistently, this line tends to move slowly.

Flight Squadron
Height restrictions: 34" minimum, 48" to ride alone; 12 years maximum age.

Maximum 12 years old. Young guests fly biplanes much like Dumbo and Astro-orbitors at Disneyland, but much lower.

Adventurers' Club
At this walk-through attraction, guests are given a mission to find hidden keys in each of several rooms. At the end of the attraction, you learn what the keys unlock. The effects on this ride (including strobe lights) are a bit intense at times so younger children may be a bit frightened.

Lego Factory Tour
Videos and robot operated machinery simulate a Lego Factory while you learn trivial information about Legos and the plastic used to make them. There are several interactive displays on this walk-through attraction.

Driving School
For ages 6 to 13 years old.

Children watch a video then have the opportunity to drive Lego cars on a small system of roads. There are no tracks on the roads. Legoland provides driver's licenses to the kids. For $5, children can have their pictures taken and made into special Legoland driver's licenses.

Junior Driving School
For ages 3 to 5 years old.

This is a smaller version of driving school for smaller children.

Lego Sky Patrol
Height restrictions: 34" minimum, 40" to ride alone.

Guests board a Lego helicopter which rises on a pole from underground once the ride begins. You can make the helicopter move up, down or spin around to the right or left.

The Ridge

Sky Cycle
Height restrictions: 36" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

This ride is one of two built at the highest point in the center of the park so it's very visible. The ride cars have room for two riders and two sets of bicycle pedals. Guests can make the cars move faster by pedaling.

TIP: By mid-day, this line is long and stays long. When we arrived just after opening, however, there was no line at all! Plan to arrive at park opening and head here first (or second if you want to make a reservation at Mindstorms for later in the day).

Kid Power Towers
Height restrictions: 36" minimum, 48" to ride alone.

This is the second of two rides at the center peak of Legoland. Guests pull themselves up to the top of a spinning tower. When they let go, they slide down and can start all over again. Don't worry, pulling up on the rope does not take much effort. There is a 170-pound limit on this ride. Note: you cannot get to the Kid Power Towers from the Sky Cycle. You must walk down a path and through Fun Town to get from one to the other.

TIP: I have watched several guests over the 170- pound- limit ride Kid Power Towers. The only restraint on this ride is a lap bar; parents should be very cautious taking young, potential squirmy children on this ride.

Village Green

Fairy Tale Brook
Height restrictions: No minimum, 34" to ride alone.

Guests enjoy Lego sculptures of several classic fairy tale scenes as they leisurely float along canals in boats built to resemble tree leaves. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I would never allow a 34" child to ride in a boat unattended!]

Safari Trek
Height restrictions: 34" minimum, 40" to ride alone.

Guests "drive" jeeps along a track lined with Lego animal sculptures. Each ride vehicle is designed to carry one adult and one child or two children. Two adults may not ride in one jeep together.

Water Works
There are several interactive play areas here featuring water. My favorite activity is hopping on spots on the ground which turn on music and fountains in Lego instruments. Wet guests can try to dry in front of large fans coming out of the ground.

Duplo Playtown

This is a playground for the younger set filled with mazes, slides, playhouses, and even piles of Duplos for play.

Duplo Train
Height restrictions: No minimum, 36" to ride alone.

This is a very simple, short train ride inside the Duplo Playtown. Guests take two trips around the railroad loop.


Legoland bills Miniland as the "heart of Legoland." Lego builders created models of several US cities for Miniland, including New York, Los Angeles (specifically, Hollywood), San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington DC. (I like to think that the Lego man sitting on a toilet in New York's Grand Central Station is a tribute to the Happiest Potties on Earth, but it probably isn't.) Another area models a generic community consisting of railways, farms, and a seaport.

Several areas provide interactive opportunities to press buttons and watch the models "come alive." Lego builders took care to include quite a diverse population in Miniland: Lego people represent several races, differently abled bodies, and span generations from babies to the elderly. You may find yourself spending quite a bit of time drinking in the details of Legoland. My words won't do it justice.

Model Shop
Take a peek inside an artist's workshop. Lego builders work on constructing the Lego creations that adorn Legoland. There are benches here so you can sit and watch as long as you like.

Height Restrictions

Ride Min. Height Solo Height
Coast Cruise none 34"
Fairy Tale Brook none 34"
Duplo Train none 36"
Flight Squadron 34" 36"
Lego Sky Patrol 34" 40"
Safari Trek 34" 40"
Skipper School 34" 48"
Kid Power Towers 36" 48"
The Royal Joust 36" 36"
Sky Cycle 36" 48"
Spellbreaker 36" 48"
The Dragon 40" 48"
Aquazone Wave Racers 40" 48"
Lego Technic Test Track 40" 48"
Junior Driving School Age 3 to 5 years
Driving School Age 6 to 13 years

Rider Switch

To use rider switch at Legoland, your entire party will wait in line together. Once you reach the ride platform, one adult waits on the platform near the exit with the family members who are not riding. After the first group rides, the adult who rode, waits on the platform while the adult who just waited rides the attraction.


If you will be visiting Legoland with a child under the age of three, we encourage you to read our list of rides and activities available to such children, What To Do, When You're Two.


The Lake
Imagination Zone
Lego Explorations
Castle Hill
Fun Town
The Ridge
Village Green
Height Restrictions
Rider Switch


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