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Legoland Information Guide
Building blocks of tips about the San Diego park
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Legoland Live Entertainment

Four of Legoland's nine areas have live shows. They are discussed on this page by the areas they are located in.

Imagination Zone

Life on Mars, the Show
My husband and I would like to think that we sacrificed 30 minutes of our lives so you won't have to. Legoland tries to present guests with a show with a message: Just because we don't speak the same language doesn't mean we can't help each other out and all get along.

We found ourselves looking longingly at the exit signs as the show dragged on and on. The characters and lighting effects (including strobe lights) scared our toddler. The brochure describes this show as "exciting" and featuring "high energy" music. I would not use either of these adjectives to describe it.

At one point in the show, guests are encouraged to throw plastic balls, similar to beach balls, through the audience down to the stage. I was pelted in the back of my head by when another guest lobbed the ball my direction: Ouch! Please learn from our mistake and make better use of your time elsewhere so that our 30 minutes were not lost in vain.

Castle Hill

Medieval Merriment
Actors in this show interact with guests as Dunkirk Dragon is made King for a Day. Performers cruise Castle Hill before the show starts to round up their audience.

The actors try hard, but some of the dialogue leaves a bit to be desired. It's something to stop and see if you're in the area when it is running.

Fun Town

The Big Test
"Volunteer firefighters" perform a show filled with slapstick humor and a few minor stunts, while slipping in a message about fire safety.

The crowds seem to love this show and the actors seem to appreciate the crowds. Warning: you may get wet!

Team Rootberry A juggling team performs their tricks on the stage outside the Lego Factory tour.

Village Green

Backstage Secrets
Two live actors interact with a magician on a movie screen.

The brochure promises this show will "share secret tricks of the trade." I didn't think that it showed very many secrets; the script challenges the audience to try to figure out the secrets for themselves.

Great Excavations
Ventriloquist Kevin Johnson and his friends Clyde and Matilda interact with audiences, sing some songs, and crack quite a few jokes.

While this show did not have much of a plot, Kevin is a talented ventriloquist and I found myself laughing repeatedly through his routine.

Scotty the Magician
Scotty performs his tricks for Legoland guests.


Imagination Zone
Castle Hill
Fun Town
Village Green


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