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The Magic Years
Disney through the eyes of teens
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Adrienne Krock, editor
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The Magic Years features articles written by some terrific teens.

We only experience our youth once. Join our terrific team of Magic Years teen writers as they share their special perspective on the Disney parks, movies, and more.

If your children and teens are interested in Disney, please share this great section with them.

Adrienne Krock,
section editor

You can contact the writers at


Table of Contents

5/19/04 Art Dragon - Jewel interviews Disney Bandleader Art Dragon.

8/28/03 Get MouseAdventured - Welcome, Sean, our newest Magic Years contributor as he shares his MouseAdventure experience.

4/2/03 Marching Down Main Street - Jewel and Christopher discuss their experiencing marching down Main Street.

1/29/03 Newsies - Jewel talks about a wrongly overlookd film.

12/11/02 Guide Dogs - Jewel gives us the scoop on Disneyland's hardest working guests

11/15/02 Build-A-Bear - Jewel visits the Downtown Disney shop at the Disneyland Resort as they celebrate their first year

9/19/02 Piano Man - Jewel interviews Alan Thompson, who plays at Disneyland's Coke Corner

7/31/02 Christmas at Disneyland - Christopher celebrates the holiday season this July

6/27/02 Peter Pan - Jewel continues with the Dark Rider Chronicles, her series on Disneyland's dark rides

6/27/02 Reader Mail - Christopher shares his reader e-mail with you

5/23/02 Teen Cruising - Jewel interviews a friend recently returned from a cruise on the Disney Magic

3/29/02 Big Beast - Christopher reviews the IMAX reissue of Beauty and the Beast, did they also super-size the magic?

3/14/02 Mr. Toad - Jewel continues with the Dark Rider Chronicles, her series on Disneyland's dark rides

2/21/02 Saturday Morning Life - Jewel takes a look at what the networks offer for Saturday morning viewing

1/10/02 Alice in Wonderland - Jewel continues with the Dark Rider Chronicles, her series on Disneyland's dark rides

12/13/01 Aida - Christopher reviews the Los Angeles production of the Broadway musical

12/11/01 Pinocchio - Jewel continues with the Dark Rider Chronicles, her series on Disneyland's dark rides

11/29/01 Snow White - Jewel begins the Dark Rider Chronicles, her series on Disneyland's dark rides

11/28/01 Matterhorn - Christopher on the first mountain in the Disneyland mountain range

11/19/01 It's a Scream - Casey reviews Monsters, Inc. (Spoilers)

11/14/01 Knott's Scary Farm - Christopher takes us to the dark side

11/7/01 Princesses Tell Tales - Jewel on to expect from this fun character experience

11/1/01 Indiana Jones Adventure - How much do you know about this hidden temple in Adventureland? Christopher gives you a tour

10/24/01 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Holidays collide… and Jewel comments on the result

10/17/01 ESPN Zone - Casey checks in with a look at this sports-lover's paradise/restaurant

10/10/01 Club 33 - Jewel has a friend give a teenager's impressions of the exclusive restaurant

10/03/0 SuperStar Limo - Christopher takes us through the DCA attraction

9/26/01 New Orleans Afternoon - Jewel spends some time in the Blue Bayou and on the Mark Twain

9/20/01 Lion King on Broadway - Christopher finishes his two-parter on Disney's Broadway shows

9/14/01 Innoventions: Another Look - Jewel visits Innoventions

9/5/01 Beast on Broadway - Christopher begins a two-parter on Disney's Broadway shows

8/22/01 Fantasmic! - Christopher, on Disney's classic spectacular.

8/15/01 A Taste of ODV - Jewel takes us through the options of Disneyland's Outdoor Vending when you're eating on the move

8/8/01 Opening Day - Christopher starts his first column for Magic Years with a look at Disneyland's first day

8/1/01 Shady Places - Jewel's tips for keeping cool in the summer heat

7/18/01 Disneyland, Paris Style - A conversation about a friend's recent trip to Disneyland Paris

6/29/01 Get Away From the Crowds - Jewel shows us how to avoid the crowds in the park while still having fun at the Disneyland Hotel

6/15/01 Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Jewel gives us her review

5/18/01 Splash Mountain - Jewel on one of her favorite rides at Disneyland

5/4/01 Mickey's ToonTown - Jewel drops in on Minnie's and Mickey's neighborhood

4/27/01 Visiting DCA - Casey gets to see Disneyland's new neighbor

4/20/01 What's a Kid to Eat? - Jewel, on the many options at Disneyland

4/6/01 New Orleans Square - Jewel writes about how there's more than just Pirates and Mansion there

3/23/01 Saving for Disneyland - Jewel offers suggestions for younger readers on how to earn extra souvenir money

3/9/01 Just Plain Mark & Zippy - Jewel meets and interviews the Radio Disney personalities

3/2/01 - Magical Moments - Casey tells you about some special things just for kids

2/23/01 Jungle Cruise - Jewel tells you a little bit about the history of this attraction

2/9/01 When Walt wished upon a star - Jewel offers a brief history of the Happiest Place on Earth

2/2/01 Planning his trip - Casey offers advice on how to spend your day

1/26/01 Downtown Disney - Jewel writes how much there is to do there

1/12/01 Don't Be Dopey at Disneyland - Jewel writes about park rules

1/5/01 Beware of Da Groove - Casey reviews The Emperor's New Groove

12/22/00 Sleeping Beauty Castle - Jewel writes about this Disneyland landmark

12/19/00 Christmas at Disneyland - Casey tells you about his favorite holiday things

12/14/00 MouseAdventure: Jewel | Casey - Both columnists participate and write about it!

12/8/00 it's a small world holiday - Jewel writes about a favorite Disneyland holiday attraction

12/1/00 102 Dalmatians - Casey gives his review of this movie

11/17/00 FastPass - Jewel provides tips on its use at Disneyland

11/10/00 Zorro - Casey tells you all about his favorite Disney TV show

11/3/00 The Haunted Mansion - Jewel tells you its history

10/27/00 Space Mountain - Casey tells you all about this ride

10/20/00 Autopia - Jewel writes about one of her favorites

10/13/00 Main Street U.S.A. - Casey takes you on a tour

Meet the Magic Years team

Jewel Hi! My name is Jewel.

I am 15 years old, and a typical junior high student. live with my mom, dad, and little brother. My family and I have annual passes to Disneyland so we go quite often. I love school, and science has always been a favorite subject of mine. I am in band and hope to be involved in music for the rest of my life.

Right now, my career goal is to become a DJ. In my mind, that is the coolest job in the world! My hobbies include: listening to and playing music, reading, writing, messing around on the computer and hanging out at Disneyland. We have seven cats (four of them found us), a black Labrador, and I have a goldfish.

Hi! My name is Christopher.

I am 15 years old and live with my family in Southern California. I am currently a high school student, and an avid fan of Disneyland Resort. Other than visiting the "Happiest Place On Earth," I have numerous hobbies, the most significant of which is acting.

Acting has always been a major hobby of mine. I have been participating in numerous plays, movies and productions all of my life, and hope to eventually accomplish my dreams of becoming a famous actor. Some of my recent works include productions of The King and I, Shakespeare- Enough Already, and Ebeneezer.

Other than acting, I enjoy playing the alto saxophone for my high school jazz band, playing the keyboard / piano, listening to music (especially the Rent soundtrack), and visiting the Disneyland Resort.

Casey Hi there! My name is Casey.

I have always loved amusement parks, but I especially love Disneyland. It has always been my favorite place. I live in Northern California, about 400 miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth. I like to go to Disneyland all the time. I have two sisters and one brother. I love them dearly. I also have a great mom and a great dad. I love them a lot too. I am in 10th grade, an honor student, and a complete jock. I have been on more than 25 trips to Disneyland, and I do not plan to stop going there.


Do your teens share your appreciation for Disney and Disney parks?

The Magic Years features articles written by terrific teenagers, who write about Disney parks, movies, and more. If your teens are interested in Disney, please share this great section with them.

Our current Magic Years team includes Jewel, Christopher, and Casey. Questions and comments for the team are reviewed by Adrienne Krock, and the teens reply publically through their columns. Submit your comments and questions to CoolKids@


March 30, 2001

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