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The Magic Years
Disney through the eyes of teens
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Adrienne Krock, editor
Beware of Da Groove
Over the holiday weekend, I saw The Emperors New Groove. It was a regular paced movie with little action and lots of laughs. It wasn't really one of those kind of movies that will be remembered as a classic.

Promotional art  Disney
Promotional art Disney

It starts out with one greedy 13-year-old emperor named Kuzco. He is only interested in one person, himself. He starts out by asking a peasant from a small village on a faraway hill to come and talk to him. Pacha is sent to represent the village. When he arrives, the emperor tells him that he has a plan for the little hill. He is going to turn it into his summer getaway home, equipped with a water slide. He wants Pacha to tell him where the sun shines on the hill the most because that's where he wants to put the water slide. Pacha realizes that if the emperor builds the house, his family who has been living there for six generations, and the rest of the village will have to move. He expresses this to Kuzco, but the selfish emperor couldn't care less, so Pacha is dismissed.

Meanwhile, Kuzco's evil adviser Yzma is trying to get more and more power. Kuzco realizes this, and fires her from her position. Yzma goes crazy afterwards and decides to kill the young conceited emperor. She gives a poison to her dashing, but thickheaded, assistant Kronk. If she killed the emperor, nobody would know that she had been fired by him and she would become the ruler of the empire. Yzma invites the young emperor to dinner where she plans to have Kronk put the poison in the emperor's drink. Something goes wrong when the emperor drinks the poison. He doesn't die--he gets transformed into a llama. Kronk hits him on the head with a metal bowl and the emperor becomes unconscious. Yzma orders Kronk to take him out of the city and finish the job. Kronk was trying to follow orders, but he trips and loses Kuzco who is stuffed into a bag. The bag falls onto Pacha's cart. When she finds out that Kronk has messed up, she and Kronk try to go find and kill the emperor.

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Promotional art Disney

After hours of walking, Pacha returns to his home. He is tying up his llama when he realizes that he has an extra bag, which is moving. He unties the bag and Kuzco pops out. He doesn't realize that he had been turned into a llama, until he looks at his reflection in some water. The emperor assumes that Pacha has kidnapped him because he is angry about losing his home. He orders Pacha to take him back to the palace. But Pacha says no. He warns Kuzco not to journey on his own, because of the dangers in the jungle. He would have to cross the jungle to get to the palace. The emperor doesn't listen and he leaves. Pacha is thinking that if he never gets back to the palace, he'll never be able to build that summer home. But Pacha realizes that he is too nice to let the emperor die, so he heads off after the foolish young llama.

On their journey, there were many obstacles that they had to overcome together. They faced death on a regular basis in many forms, such as giant waterfalls with sharp rocks at the bottom, cliffs with alligators at the bottom, man-eating panthers, and Yzma trying to kill them the entire way.

Promotional art  Disney
Promotional art Disney

The characters of Pacha and Kuzco were a very good duo. These characters were very complementary to each other. All the personalities of the characters in this movie were portrayed very well. But the background of the scenery needed some work. There were some places in the movie where there was no background at all. I thought that the animators should have worked a little harder. Also, if there had been a good memorable song and some good backgrounds, this movie could have been better. For example, The Goofy Movie was done better than this movie in the sense of backgrounds. I think that this movie was rushed to get released by the holidays so they didn't take enough time to give it the proper attention to detail.

The Emperors New Groove was a hilariously funny movie. There were many jokes that were good for older kids. But there were many others that were good for younger kids. The movie had a fairly good plot. I would have rated it 3 out of 4 stars. I think that you should see it in the theater and then get it when it comes out on video because it's funny and kids love it.

C'ya next time on MousePlanet.

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