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The Magic Years
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Adrienne Krock, editor
Casey reviews 102 Dalmatians

Poster promotional art © Disney
Poster promotional art © Disney

I saw 102 Dalmatians at the movies over Thanksgiving weekend and thought I’d tell you about it.

In 101 Dalmatians, after being caught trying to make a fur coat out of  innocent puppies, Cruella De Vil was sentenced to three years in jail. In that jail, they did experiments on animals to see if electricity could cure them of urges that they couldn’t control themselves, even if they wanted to. One example is that they cured a cat from wanting to eat a canary. They use this technology on Cruella to try to cure her from her obsession for furs. She responds to this treatment and is released back into society.

Promotional art © Disney
Promotional art © Disney

Cruella seems innocent and loving when she is released. She is given a fancy Chinese crested dog, which only has black and white (Cruella’s favorite colors) fur on its head; the rest of its body is hairless. She is delighted with this gift.

When she is released, Cruella wants people to call her Ella, because she doesn’t think that Cruella fits her personality any more. She is always very dressed up and wears pink lipstick.

Cruella’s parole officer is named Chloe. Chloe is a Dalmatian lover and owner. She does not believe that Cruella has truly cleaned up her act. Throughout the movie, she still stays suspicious. She really does not want to be Cruella’s parole officer, but she’s stuck with the job.

One of Chloe’s dogs is named Dipstick; he is a son of Pongo and Perdita, who were the Dalmatian parents in 101 Dalmatians. As one of the puppies in that movie, he has already had some experience with Cruella. Chloe also has a female dog named Dottie. Near the beginning of the movie, Dottie has three puppies. One of the puppies, Oddball, is different from the others because she has no spots. She realizes this difference early in life, when she sees that all other Dalmatians have spots. She does things like roll on ink to get spots on her fur so she can look like other Dalmatians.

Promotional art © Disney
Promotional art © Disney

As the movie progresses, Cruella donates a lot of money to an animal shelter called Second Chance. This shelter had been run in an old warehouse by a really nice guy named Kevin who is very kind-hearted. Kevin has several dogs and a parrot that thinks that he is a Rotweiler. Unfortunately, Kevin and the animals are about to be evicted when Cruella steps in to help and saves the day. Part of the terms of Cruella’s parole is that if she goes back to her evil ways, then her 8-million-pound fortune would automatically be given to animal shelters.

One day, when Cruella was visiting Chloe’s office, she heard the sound of Big Ben’s bells. That particular sound undid the treatment that she had received in jail, and it made her remember how much she liked furs. As she changes back to her old self, her nice hairdo jumps out of place like springs from a mattress. Her pink lipstick turns blood red. She runs out of Chloe’s office, obsessed with Dalmatian spots, and everywhere she looks, everything is in spots, including the people and the buildings.

Promotional art © Disney
Promotional art © Disney

So she starts to make plans on how to get a Dalmatian coat. She teams up with another fur fanatic, Monsieur Le Pelt. He has a business in France where he pays illegal immigrants very little money to make his furs into clothing. Cruella has her servant start taking Dalmatian puppies from houses all around London, and she sets it up to blame the dognappings on Kevin, the guy from the shelter. Kevin goes to jail, and Cruella is free. A total of 102 puppies, including the three that belong to Chloe, are stolen to make the coat, but Oddball gets away. The plan is to ship the puppies by train to France to be turned into the coat at Le Pelt’s factory.

I can't tell you what happens next because I don't want to giveaway the ending. But there is a funny scene near the end!

Overall, it was a OK movie. I would rate it 2 stars. As a Disney fan, you should see it at least once. It was too scary for little kids, and it really didn’t hold my attention very well. Maybe it would be good for 9-10 year olds. It was a fast- paced movie with some comedy, some shivers, and some laughs, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. The animated version of 101 Dalmatians is better than either of the live-action versions, in my opinion.

That's it for now.

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