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The Magic Years
Disney through the eyes of teens
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Adrienne Krock, editor


Hey, have you heard of MouseAdventure? MouseAdventure is a really cool scavenger hunt and trivia game that MousePlanet puts on periodically. It costs $15.00 per team to play, and that money helps to pay for the packets, the prizes and goodies.

MouseAdventure was started by Kevin Yee. It has been running for five years. MouseAdventure tests your true knowledge of Disneyland trivia and how well you know the park. These are the hardest questions that you will ever encounter. Inane things become very important. Kevin Yee was one of the big brains of the operation; he wrote the contest. Alex Stroup was really the person behind the scenes; he was the one who made it all work. Alex’s wife, Lani Teshima, also helped to make it run smoothly.

Here's my team, with Al Lutz (pointing at me) and Kevin Yee on each side. Team members were (to my right) Sue Kruse, Kevin Krock and Todd Parker

First, the teams met at Carnation Gardens at 12:30 pm for the briefing. We learned the rules and how things were going to work. Then, at about 1, we really started out. We got our packets, scavenger papers, and trivia papers. There were five packets, so we got to choose a letter from A to E, and that letter represented a ‘land’ in Disneyland. For example, the E packet was about Tomorrowland. We would take the packet for that letter, and go to the proper land.

Then, we would find a series of really hard questions in the packet about that land. We would try to figure out what or where things were by the clues on the question sheet. We would also look at our general info packet to see if we could answer any of the questions from there. Every time we finished a packet, we would get a new packet (another letter) to work on, and we would go to that new land to answer questions.

In the trivia papers, we found the hardest questions that were ever made. My team was stumped in the beginning. We finally answered those last few questions in line just before we had to turn in our papers.

The general information packet had a variety of things for the teams to do. There were questions such as ‘where are these things?’ and questions about ‘what are these things?’ There was even a section with close-up pictures that you had to identify. The pictures were really, really fun and hard at the same time. I was stumped on at least five of the pictures. You got points as you went along. Each question ranged from 1 or 2 points to 50 points.

There were at least 300 questions in the whole contest. All of them were extremely difficult, but not impossible. The hardest part was that we were only allowed a 3-hour time period to try to get it all done. My team didn’t finish all of its packets. We didn’t answer at least 1/3 of the questions that were given to us.

Another part of the general information packet was the scavenger hunt. We had to get four objects -- an unopened packet of mustard, a churro wrapper, a crushed penny from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and a receipt from the Jungle Bazaar store in Adventureland. My team successfully got all these objects within the time limit.

Our packets were due at 4 pm at Carnation Gardens. We turned in ours and then we were excused for two hours. The volunteers had many papers to grade, and I’m sure they were very busy for those two hours. I took this time to get some dinner.

When I returned to Carnation Gardens at 6 pm, I saw that the prize table was set up and boy, was it amazing! There were at least 30 prizes. There were neat prizes like the Nickel Tour or Walt’s Time books or the Club 33 mug and goodies. You could also trade up for different prizes. The total number of points varied a lot, but many teams won prizes, including my MousePlanet team. We were awarded some yummy fudge, selected by Adrienne Vincent- Phoenix (by the way, thank you so very much!).

Overall, MouseAdventure was a great experience to learn about Disneyland and to have lots and lots of fun. I know that I will definitely return next time for it. And I would like to thank everyone who made this wonderful event possible.

If you have any questions, e-mail me at

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Hi there!
My name is Casey.

I have always loved amusement parks, but I especially love Disneyland. It has always been my favorite place. I live in Northern California, about 400 miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth. I like to go to Disneyland all the time.

I have two sisters and one brother. I love them dearly. I also have a great mom and a great dad. I love them a lot too. I am in 8th grade, an honor student, and a complete jock. I have been on more than 25 trips to Disneyland, and I do not plan to stop going there.

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