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The Magic Years
Disney through the eyes of teens
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Adrienne Krock, editor
It's a Scream!
A Magic Years Review of Monsters, Inc.

[Spoilers ahead!]

Promo art © Disney / Pixar
Promo art © Disney / Pixar

On November 2, I went to see the new movie from Pixar and Disney, Monsters, Inc. on its opening day. Pixar is famous for making computer-generated images look incredibly realistic, and this movie proves that Pixar has expanded its magic genius.

The Story

The movie starts off with the two main characters, Sulley and Mike, walking to work. Sulley is a large, blue, purple-spotted, furry monster. Mike is a short, green monster with one huge eye. They walk through a neighborhood filled with other equally interesting-looking monsters and there are a few jokes along the way, such as a street-crossing signal that say "Stalk" or "Donít Stalk."

Sulley and Mike work together at Monsters, Inc., a factory that takes screams from little children, bottles them up, and uses them for power. This power is used in Monsteropolis the same way that humans use electricity. Each day, when it is night in the human world, monsters and their assistants line up by rows of doors in the factory; the scary monsters go through the doors into rooms where human children are sleeping. Their job is to wake up the children and scare them so that they scream. The assistants capture the screams in bottles. It takes a lot of screams to fill one single bottle.

Promo art © Disney / Pixar
Promo art © Disney / Pixar

Monsters may seem very scary to humans, but humans are even scarier to monsters. In Monsteropolis, if any personal item belonging to a human touches a monster, the monster is considered contaminated. One time, a monster came back through the door with a sock stuck to the fur on his back, and a scary SWAT team, called the Child Detection Agency (CDA), had to come in and clean him up so that he was no longer contaminated.

Sulley is the pride of Monsters, Inc. because he has made more children scream than any other monster in the business. Everyone in the company looks up to him, including his partner Mike, but thatís mostly because Mikeís about three feet shorter than Sulley. Sulley works hard to make the little children of the world scream.

Promo art © Disney / Pixar
Promo art © Disney / Pixar

There is a competition at the company between Sulley and Randall. Randall is a lizard with eight arms, eight legs, and a nasty attitude. He is like a chameleon and can change colors to blend with his surroundings and can also become invisible. Randall absolutely hates Sulley because Sulley is the Number One Kid Scarer, and Randall will stop at nothing to get ahead of Sulley.

The real good parts of the movie start when Sulley discovers that a little girl has followed him back through the door into Monsters, Inc. This is a terrible thing because a human has never come into the world of monsters, and Sulley is panicked. This little girl seems like a typical toddler. She is really small and calls Sulley "Kitty." When she first comes through the door, she frightens Sulley and Mike. Eventually they realize that she isnít deadly, and begin to get attached to her ó especially Sulley, who calls her "Boo."

Trying to conceal a little girl in the monster world leads to all sorts of adventures for Sulley and Mike, especially when Randall gets involved. Finally, Sulley decides that the best thing to do is to return Boo through the door, but thatís easier said than done. Will Sulley be able to return her to her home? I guess you will just have to go see the movie for yourself.

Promo art © Disney / Pixar
Promo art © Disney / Pixar

The Review

I didnít think that Booís character was realistic. When she first came into Monsteropolis, she couldn't speak more than a single word but by the end of the movie, she could say complete sentences.

The animators at Pixar did a fabulous job with this movie. It is so incredibly well done that I had to keep reminding myself that it was made by computers and not filmed with live action. The machinery, in particular, was outstanding. It looked so real. Also, I was impressed by the great attention to detail in Mikeís eye; all of the different eye movements, his pupil, and iris were so realistic.

Overall, I have to rate this as a great movie. I hope that you agree when you see it because you wonít believe your eye!

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Promo art © Disney / Pixar
Promo art © Disney / Pixar


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