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The Magic Years
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Adrienne Krock, editor
Indiana Jones Adventure: The Journey into Mara's Temple of the Forbidden Eye
In the Lost Delta region of India, located in the lush jungles and green fauna, an archaeological dig has gone underway. Professor Jones uncovered a lost temple devoted to the deity Mara. Indiana Jones ventured into the temple but never came back out. Now guests are encouraged to venture into the temple on specially crafted vehicles Indiana Jones’ friend Sallah has developed in search for Indiana Jones.

Even the Fastpass set up for Indy is well themed - the photos on this page give you a tour of it

Outside of the dig is the excavation site where a rumbling generator stutters on and the temple looms over us from its height of four stories. Scattered around the temple seem to be artifacts and statuettes, most of which includes the likeness of Cobras, Mara and other possible things found inside. Walking into the temple, numerous messages written in Mara script are inscribed into the walls, most of which say “Beware of the Eye of Mara.” You learn that the ancient legend states that “A terrible fate awaits all those who gaze upon the eyes of Mara, for she gazes into your very soul.” Mara will grant all eternal youth, earthly riches or future knowledge but to all those who look her in the eye, they will be guided through the gates of torture and pain.

Continuing deeper in the temple, the floors, walls and ceilings are completely covered in risky traps. Moving into the bat cave, the sounds of scurrying and fluttering bats echoing across the cavern walls. Within the spike room, the remains of the unfortunate souls who never made it out alive are impaled and scattered about. A flimsy bamboo pole is all that is left to hold up the rows of spikes on the ceilings. In the next room, those who pass through are instructed not to step on the blocks with a diamond for the floor is also booby-trapped.


Before long, you make it through a winding queue inside a building housing a quick film explaining Dr. Jones and the archaeological digs. In this documentary, Sallah briefs us on the curse of Mara and the advanced technological vehicles he has created to take tourists through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Before climbing up and down a flight of stairs and past Indiana Jones’ office, we finally make it to the loading area of the Jeep- like vehicles Sallah has created to safely take tourists through the temple. With a jolt, the tourists of the temple jolt forward and onto their path through the Forbidden Temple.

After making a sharp right, tourists end up in front of three doors. The door on the right is the door for eternal youth, the door in the middle is the golden room featuring eternal wealth and on the left lies the door leading to future knowledge. After going through one of the three doors, which is randomly changed every trip, the tourists begin to climb a steep incline. On each side of the hill is Mara script as well as pictures depicting the eternal happiness Mara can grant, but at the top of the hill is the deity Mara who warned them never to look into her eyes. And of course somebody in the vehicle has too look into her eyes, right?

Promotional art © Disney
Promotional art © Disney

Enraged by the dishonor, rather than sending the tourists through the door that grants their wish, they go careening around the left corner and seem to float towards the Gates of Doom. Behind the two doors ahead lie eternal torture and punishment but Indy comes just in time and closes the two doors saving them from a scathing eternity. The tourists bump down a set of stairs and immediately see a scalding boiling pit of fire and lava, and suspended high above the fiery inferno is a dilapidated bridge, which practically collapses as the tourists drive over them. Suddenly they swerve into a chamber full of skeletons as winds that reach up to 60-mph blow past them.

Upon exiting the skeleton chambers, riders get another view of the pit of bubbling death before careening into the bug room. In this cavern, the vehicle stalls and all is pitch black. A spotlight on the wall reveals hundreds of tiny projected bugs that crunch and pop as the vehicle runs over them. Additional audio animatronic bugs also crawl up and down on the wall as the tourists travel through. Now the vehicles rear forward and begin to cross the old dilapidated suspension bridge. Halfway across, a light flashes from the eye of the demon rock which causes the bridge to collapse slightly. After driving off of the suspension bridge, the body of a large snake can be seen stretching across the next cavern. After making the turn, the giant cobra brings back his head and strikes forward. This audio animatronic is the fastest moving figure ever created, for it can strike at the car in less than 1/10th of a second.


Now the cars speed down hills and sharp corners as they go through the chamber of skulls. Mounted on the ceiling, walls and floors are numerous skulls and candles that all have been scalped and cleaned as tokens to the fearful deity Mara. After zipping out of the chamber of skulls, the vehicles then enter another dark room where the car begins to stall. When the vehicles start up again, they jolt around the corner and through a tree branch with hundreds of rats scurrying across it. One of the final rooms the cars travel through is the spear room, where the three dimensional paintings on the wall seem to be shooting poison darts across the tourists' vehicle.

Finally, riders enter a room that seems to end in a dark, endless void. Indiana Jones hangs from the top of the room on a rope, and warns them to turn back. Then, comes the most exhilarating part of the whole attraction: Out of the darkness roles and enormous, rolling ball which charges at Indiana Jones and the tourists. The vehicle seems to back up, and when all else fails, darts forward and into a passageway underneath the enormous ball. After making a U-turn visitors encounter Indiana Jones on top of the crushed rubble, which used to be the rolling ball. He sarcastically comments on the trip before they return to the loading area, thus ending an adventure through an ancient temple of doom.


Indiana Jones Adventure, inspired by the Indiana Jones movies, is an extremely fascinating attraction that leaves all who encounter it in awe. George Lucas created the concept of this ride around the same time he was dedicating Star Tours in 1987. This attraction is so complex, in part because no two rides are alike. The cars can react differently to situations inside the ride, due to a computer program within. It notes each time the vehicle leaves the loading station as well as each individual characteristic of the units. Inside the attraction, numerous utilities and atmospheric settings are displayed. Over 2,000 replicated human skulls are featured, as well as over 5,000 fiber-optic stars. Lightning flashes are created with 600 strobe lights and 2,129 sculpted, carved, painted or audio animatronic snakes are scattered through the attraction.

Right from the ground breaking in 1993, everyone knew Indiana Jones would be spectacular. When it opened to the public two years later for Disneyland’s “40 Years of Adventure” campaign it introduced a new style of attraction for the entire world. The Indiana Jones Adventure is a truly amazing attraction, and is one of the classics that helps bring the magic to Disneyland Park.

- Christopher

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Christopher's Disney Trivia: After you slip by the gates of eternal doom and enter the mummy’s chamber. Look directly over your left shoulder as you speed through the chamber. The third skeleton on the left sports a Mickey Mouse hat, with an embroidered name: “Bones.” (This is easiest to see from the back row of seats.)

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My name is Christopher.

I am thirteen years old and live with my family in Southern California. I am currently a high school student, and an avid fan of Disneyland Resort. Other than visiting the "Happiest Place On Earth," I have numerous hobbies, the most significant of which is acting.

Acting has always been a major hobby of mine. I have been participating in numerous plays, movies and productions all of my life, and hope to eventually accomplish my dreams of becoming a famous actor. Some of my recent works include productions of The King and I, Shakespeare- Enough Already, and Ebeneezer. Other than acting, I enjoy playing the alto saxophone for my high school jazz band, playing the keyboard / piano, listening to music (especially the Rent soundtrack), and visiting the Disneyland Resort.

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