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MousePlanet Mailbag for January 22, 2004

We receive considerable feedback regarding our site. Although we cannot publish all of them, the following may be of interest to other readers.

Feedback for Brian Bennett (answered by Mark Goldhaber)

Beth Thompson writes:

I'm going to Walt Disney World [WDW] in late February for my honeymoon. What do you think the weather will be like then? I've read that it can range from 75°-40°F degrees. I haven't read any trip reports from the month of February. Any ideas on the amount of crowds? We specifically chose February for our wedding because we were hoping for less people at the parks. I've gone three times but it will be my fiancé's first trip. I can hardly wait for him to see it all. (Not to mention the fact that I seriously thought about starting to pack now ... not a good idea but I may lose the battle next month!) We're Disneyland annual passholders and Disney "freaks" in general so thanks for your help!

Beth – I guess you haven't heard that Brian is currently on Sabbatical from MousePlanet. I actually had dinner with him and our families last Friday at Walt Disney World, and he's doing well. However, since he's not checking his mail here at MousePlanet, I'm handling many of the trip planning questions sent to his account.

Earlier this year, we were at WDW from Feb. 8-16. The high temperature ranged from about 60° to about 80°F. According to, the average high for late February seems to be in the low-mid 70s with the average low being around 50°F. Of course, it may change from year to year, so your best bet is to check the weather occasionally as your travel dates approach. You can use or one of the local TV stations from the Orlando area.

On the crowd level, it should be pretty low season, as there won't be many schools on break at that time, with the exception of Presidents' Week, and that should really only be crowded over the three-day weekend.

If you're looking for trip reports from February, check out MousePlanet's Trip Report Archive and look under the winter dates. We also just happen to have a February report on the front page today.

Feel free to write with any other questions, or join our MousePad discussion forum to get information from many of our other knowledgeable members.

Congratulations on your impending marriage, and I hope you have a great trip!

Feedback for Mark Goldhaber

Regarding "Wishes" (Oct. 23, 2003), Janet Bates writes:

We're headed to WDW soon. Just read your report on Wishes and am wondering where is the best place to be in the Park to get the most out of the show? Any advice you can give would be most appreciated.

Janet – While there are many good fireworks viewing locations in the Magic Kingdom, the additional launch locations added for Wishes may be hard to see from some of them. I think that anything in the general area between the hub and the end of Main Street between Casey's and the Plaza Restaurant would be ideal. You can see all of the launch locations, yet you're not so close that you lose some of the lower bursts behind the castle. We saw Wishes for the first time right near the parade crosswalk on the Plaza side of the street, and it was just about perfect. A little to the left or right is just fine, too. We saw Wishes again on our last night at WDW from the walkway to the left of the wait time board, and the viewing was very nice. While the viewing from farther back down Main Street of from upstairs at the train station is nice, the bursts from the new locations might be blocked by the buildings along Main Street.

Have a great trip!

Feedback for Shoshana Lewin

Regarding "It's Holiday Time" (Dec. 11, 2003), Teresa Machado-Dancy writes:

I enjoyed your article very much. My daughter and I spend two days every year during Thanksgiving week at Disneyland. It has become a family tradition. I would love to next year take her on this wonderful tour. Please let me know the specific details ... price, how to go about booking? Thank you so much!

Teresa – I think your daughter will love it!

This year [2003] the tour started in late November—around the same time that they started running A Christmas Fantasy parade. My guess is that be about when they start it next year (I promise that when I know for sure I will post it on MousePad.) This year tickets are $39 per person, $33 for Annual Passholders—I can't imagine they will be any less next year. But it all depends on what the tour includes—last year we also watched the Christmas show at the Fantasyland Theater.

You can call the tour line (714) 781-4400 next fall (figure early November) to check on tour dates and reserve your spot. Let us know how you like it.

Feedback for George McGinnis

Regarding "On Track" (Jan. 14, 2004), Clark Dodge writes:

Thank you for the article on the monorails and Disneyland/Walt Disney World. When I was a boy my dad took us to the new Disneyland as he was a friend of Walt way back when he said Walt did not have $.50 in his pocket for coffee. What he did have was a wonderful vision. Dad said he used to talk about it and would make it happen some day. We continue to go even after our kids are grown up and gone. I don't think Walt would be happy with the lack of detailed attention today. He was tough on things as small as a light bulb being out. They need more maintenance, maybe a subject for you.

I am the senior Staff Chief Engineer for Washington State Ferries and am presently serving on the Jumbo Mark II ferry MV Wenatchee. They are the largest fastest double-ended ferries at 470 feet and 16,000 HP. They carry 2,500 passengers and 220 cars. We started the project in 1988 and went through design, construction and operation. The vessels are now 6 years old and are a real plus to the state.

Keep up the articles like this as monorails are still as Walt said—the way to move people is to get the above ground traffic.

Clark – Enjoyed your letter remembering your dad's friendship with Walt and comments on the monorails.

I've been following Seattle's quest to extend the monorail since our daughter lives in the area.

I was surprised that Seattle would choose monorail for an expanded city system, in that they require mechanical stabilization and very large switches. Apparently the attraction is their esthetic appeal.

Our Disney monorails are loop arrangements with simple slow speed switches. It works fine for small systems as at Disneyland and WDW.

Your ferries sound impressive. I may experience them the next time we visit our daughter.

I hope you enjoy the story of Walt Disney World's Mark Vl monorails in Mark Goldhaber's column on Jan. 30.


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