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MousePlanet Mailbag for January 27, 2005

Romance and the Disney parks

Did you propose to your fiance while watching Illuminations at Epcot? Was your most romantic dinner at Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and we want to hear from you! Send us your stories (or suggestions) about Valentine's Day, love or romance in the Disney parks! We're particularly interested in Walt Disney World, but we'll be happy to hear about any Disney theme park. If we run your message, we'll be glad to dedicate it to your loved one as well.

Please send e-mail soon!

We receive considerable feedback regarding our site. Although we cannot publish them all, the following may be of interest to our readers.

Feedback for Lisa Perkis

MousePlanet staff writer Lisa Perkis got a great many responses to her “Christmas in Disneyland” article, in which she listed her top five holiday activities.

Tony Renauldo writes:


Would it be possible for me to ask if there's any way or anywhere you post those wonderful photos you took for your Christmas at Disneyland article? I love taking photos of Disneyland just to capture their detailed craftsmanship, and your photos are lovely.

Since I have to travel these days to get to Disneyland and haven't been there for Christmas in ages, I would love to see more of your photography. Thank you.

Hi Tony – Thank you so much for your kind feedback! Jeff Moxley contributed some great pictures for my tour as well. I looked through your photo albums and saw some fantastic details. I'm pretty new at photography and am still learning a lot. I have a few photo tours under the “recent articles” section of MousePlanet. If you check out our MousePad message boards you will find that people regularly contribute their photo albums in the Disneyland Resort forum, and it's a fun way of seeing what's new at Disneyland.

Like the lamp posts in New Orleans Square, each wreath leading up to “it's a small world” is unique. Photo by Jeff Moxley.

Leigh Henline writes:

Hi Lisa, We just returned from 5 days in Disneyland, ending on Thanksgiving Day. The Park was just gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoyed your article, especially about tears from the fireworks music and snow falling. My family teases me relentlessly about this "problem" of mine, and I cannot wait to show them your comments! Obviously, it is not just MY "problem" to cry through the whole thing! Thank you for a fine, tear-inspiring article! Heck, I cried just READING about crying! Leigh Henline of North Platte, Nebraska

Hi Leigh – I'm so glad you had a memorable visit to Disneyland—this is my very favorite time of year to visit the Park as well. My family is used to me crying about things at DL—the parades get to me as well as Fantasmic. But the music for Believe… in Holiday Magic just kills me, especially the “Silent Night” section when I can hear all the little kids singing along. So don't worry about it—you are in good company.

Karen Wallis writes:

Hi Lisa,

I enjoyed your article this morning, but you left out some other Christmas treats. There are tamales, chicken and beef, sold by an ODV cart near the hub, Caramel Apple Cider (the best, especially on a cold night!) and the cream cheese-stuffed pretzels (sweet cheese for sure and jalepeno as well, if memory serves) sold by the Blue Ribbon Bakery. The treats are also sold at DCA, but your article was about DL, so I thought I would tell you about them.

We'll be there on Sunday, for the Candlelight Processional, and I can't wait!!

Thanks for a great article with great photos.

Hi Karen, I have never tried the tamales—are they good? for the article, I listed the specific treats my family enjoys during the holidays, and did not list everything offered. I'll give some of your suggestions a try the next time we head up. Enjoy Candlelight—we are excited about going as well!

Shah writes:


I enjoyed your article dated 12-01-2004.

I have just booked a suprise trip for:

  • 3 sisters ages 16-23
  • 2 parents
  • My wife and I and a 3 month old nephew

We will be staying in the Disneyland hotel from the night of the 22nd to the 27th of December.

We plan on being at the park most of the time we are there. (I can't hardly wait)

We visit Disneyland about once every other year or so but we have never been to the durring Christmas time.

Other than your top 5 list is there anything we “shouldn't” miss out on? Any place you would suggest for a nice Christmas eve and Christmas day dinner?

Are you aware of any special things that only happen on Christmas day or Christmas eve?

I would love to make this suprise truly first class for my family and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Shah – Wow! You are giving your family such a wonderful surprise for Christmas. What a lovely thing to do.

As far as dinner recommendations, there are many choices in Downtown Disney, the resort hotels, and in the parks. It depends on your price range and availability. I suggest you start calling Disney Dining right away to make reservations as soon as you decide—things will most likely be very busy during those days.

Some highly recommended (and expensive) restaurants are:

  • Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Hotel
  • Hook's Pointe at the Disneyland Hotel
  • The Vineyard Room in Disney's California Adventure park
  • Catal in Downtown Disney

Lower priced (but still very good) is Storytellers at the Grand Californian. Check our dining review system for more recommendations. Our MousePad message board is also very helpful for suggestions to help plan your trip.

Fantasmic should be up and running during your stay—don't miss it. Downtown Disney is beautifully decorated and fun to check out, as well as the World of Disney. Even if you don't eat at the Grand Californian, walk through the lobby and check out the amazing tree. Santa Claus visits there as well as in the park at Town Square.

Lala Woods writes:

My husband and I have taken our 4 kids (now 22,21,18,13) to Disneyland since before they were born. Two years ago we went for the first time with 3 of the kids. We are going back this year with everyone, our future son-in law, and a best friend (8 total). I don't know who is excited more, us or the kids.

The fireworks and snow definately made me cry last time. Gee I wouldn't know what to pick as our favorite… New Orleans was awesome, the Haunted Mansion WOW (worth the price of admission) I guess you can see we are just true Disney nuts… Life would not be the same with out it!

Hi Lala – Yes, it's hard to single out the best things about the holidays at Disneyland. I originally had ten things but had to scale back at bit—I would have gone on forever! I'm sure you will have a great time with your family this year—sounds like you have quite a group going.

Cole writes:

Dear Lisa,

You got me to cry just reading your top 5. I have only made it to the Christmas celebration one time in 31 years of going to the park two times a year (if not more) faithfully. I finally got to go about two years ago… It was a very emotional trip for me and as I sit here now, I can feel the magic all over again. Thank you for making me remember those moments. That was the happiest 2 days of my adult life. It was the first time, it was the end of something else in my life and over all… it was perfect. Thanks for bringing it all back.

Hi Cole – I'm so glad you enjoyed the article. Seeing those familiar parades and fireworks, hearing the Main St. Christmas music, and smelling the tree in Town Square does the same thing to me—it brings back all those memories of past Christmases visiting Disneyland. I hope you can make it back to the Park during that time again.

Julie Ceja writes:


October thru December is my favorite time of year at Disneyland. It just seems so much happier (if that can be), festive and all around cozy. My favorite thing is the eggnog and peppermint ice cream at the Gibson Girl. They don't have it every year so when they do I take full advantage.

We also go several times in December to see Santa in the parade (he's a special friend of mine) and he does a wonderful job and I shed a happy tear everytime he ho, ho, ho's by.

Thank you for your wonderful article. I read Mouse Planet everyday and rely on it for park info.

I hope you have a joyous and wonderful holiday!

Hi Julie – Thanks so much for the great feedback. You're right; the holiday ice cream is very fun—peppermint is my favorite (especially with hot fudge on top!) And Santa always greets children in many languages and wishes them a happy holiday—it's a great way to finish the parade.

Garth German writes:

I loved Lisa's article on Christmas at Disneyland! It is one of the most wonderful times to visit. I'd like to add a couple that she left out, though…

Holiday Haunted Mansion! While I've ridden it for years now, I can still remember that first time, when it made an old, overly familiar ride brand new. Brilliant in concept, excellent in execution, this one ride is my favorite Christmas thing at the park.

I agree that the holiday treats are one of the best things about Christmas at Disneyland. But I'd like to add one that my wife and I just discovered this year. One of our favorite treats at Disneyland is the Honey Pot Krispie from the Pooh shop in Critter Country. This year, though, we discovered a new addition to the shop, the Candy Corn Krispie. A rice krispie treat covered in a white frosting, it's sinfully delicious.

Keep up the great work with MousePlanet!

Hi Garth – I love Haunted Mansion Holiday as well; however, I usually think of that as a Fall treat since it opens up in October. The sight of Jack as Sandy Claws in the graveyard does tend to get me in the spirit of the season, though. Thanks for the feedback and Merry Christmas!

Adam writes:

I have being to every Disney theme park. I love Christmas… Is it the best time to go?

Could you also suggest a time to go for the 50th Anniversary in 2005?

P.S. I know about Space Mountain opening in late 2005.

Hi Adam – Christmas is a great time to visit Disneyland, but be prepared for larger crowds, especially towards Christmas Day as school around the country close for vacation. As far as visiting in 2005, if I had to choose one time to go I would either choose late September, October or November. All the attractions should be up, running and spiffed up, the summer crowds will be gone, and the weather will be cooling off. The 50th anniversary celebration officially begins May 5, 2005.

Nanci Petullo writes:

Is it possible to get a recipe for the Peanut Butter Fudge I purchased at Disneyland in Anaheim last month. There is nothing better. Thank you!! The Candy store was in Main Street!

Hi Nanci – As far as I know (having checked out the ingredients of the pumpkin fudge a while back), the fudge made at the resort starts with a mix, then other ingredients are added. Sorry about that—it may make the pumpkin fudge taste that much better when you visit Main St. again since you had to wait for it!

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