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Walt Disney World Marathon Guide
Tips, hints, motivation and information
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Lani Teshima, editor
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Table of Contents

10/14/05 Travel Planning – Getting yourself to and from the big race.

9/9/05 Pacing Yourself – Issues related to keeping your pace.

8/12/05 Volunteering – Volunteering is a way to be involved on marathon weekend without running it (or in addition to running it).

7/21/05 Marathon Clothing – Issues related to what you wear when running 26 miles.

6/10/05 Fueling the Body – How to eat to get through the course.

5/13/05 Getting Goofy – If you're bored on the Saturday before a marathon, Lani may have a solution.

4/19/05 Lace Up for the Course – Lani looks at the full course, fundraising, and what to wear on your feet.

3/29/05 Follow the Course – Lani looks over the new course for the 2006 Half Marathon.

2/16/05 Disney Marathon Primer – Lani begins her year-long series to help you train for the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Other marathon-related articles at MousePlanet:

1/25/05 You Can't Do It – Lani Teshima tells of a disappointing end for 200 would-be 2005 Disney marathoners and half-marathoners.

1/21/04 Stepping It Up – Lani Teshima reports on the great—but cold—Disney marathon.

2/5/03 Agony of Da Feet – Lani Teshima recounts her experience with the 2003 WDW Marathon.


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