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Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editor
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Table of Contents

9/21/04 Epcot Pin Trading Event – Nancy Scala returns to the Epcot Pin Trading Event for MousePlanet.

8/19/04 The California Gift Show – A recap of Disney merchandise found at the recent trade show.

10/7/03 Haunted Mansion Holiday III – A look at the increasingly disappointing 2003 event.

8/6/03 Penny Pinching Souvenirs – Lani Teshima looks at collecting elongated coins (pressed pennies) as a cheap hobby and souvenir.

10/4/02 Haunted Mansion Holiday II – A quick recap of the 2002 event, a merchandise round up and a list of the few changes made to the ride...

8/5/02 Good vs. Bad – Disneyland does a lot right, and a lot wrong, here's the details...

7/26/02 Merchandise Update II – July 2002 – More upcoming merchandise special events and shop happenings...

7/26/02 Disneyana 2002 – What else you may need to know about the convention this year...

7/12/02 Merchandise Update-July 2002 – Haunted Mansion Holiday merchandise event info, other upcoming merchandise special events and more...

6/21/02 Merchandise Round-Up – June 2002 – Lilo & Stitch have moved into the Disneyland Resort, upcoming merchandise special events and more...

6/13/02 Father's Day at Disneyland – Dining options at the resort hotels, Downtown Disney and parks

5/3/02 Mother's Day at Disneyland – Brunch options at the resort hotels, Downtown Disney and parks

4/26/02 Priceless – The Walt Disney Classics Collection event, and tells you why it was worth the cost

4/9/02 Super Soaping – The first weekend, and offers some handy tips for the next two

4/5/02 Super Soap Weekend I – The first weekend's schedule, plus Disneyland shop info, WDCC merch and more...

3/18/02 Disneyana 2002 – What you may need to know about the convention this year

3/8/02 California Adventures – Super Soap weekends at California Adventure, and the Walt Disney Classics collector's event

2/25/02 100 Mickeys – The new Disney Gallery exhibit at Disneyland, plus the latest on the Package Express service

1/30/02 Disney Home – A new retail concept, park merchandise news, event announcements and more

1/17/02 January Clearance! – All sorts of interesting news and info

12/7/01 Celebrating Walt? – A lovely ceremony, but why did the company drop the ball?

12/3/01 Celebrating Walt – What Disneyland is doing on Walt's 100th, plus a listing of other local (and not so local) birthday celebrations

11/30/01 Merchandise Events – What Disneyland is doing on Walt's 100th, plus a listing of upcoming special merchandise offerings

11/16/01 Building Your Bear – The newest shop in Downtown Disney, plus a Disneyland auction announcement

11/2/01 Disneyland Christmas Merchandise – Photo round up of all the new items available this year

10/26/01 New Merchandise Programs – Opportunities for original artwork, new pins, and the Creative Advisory Council

10/19/01 Paris in the Pin Time – Pin trading starts at Disneyland Paris, more...

10/12/01 Merchandise Snafus – A nightmare of Mansion merchandise and pin problems

9/28/01 Part Three: Disneyana Convention – It's really about a lot more than just shopping, see for yourself...

9/27/01 Pin-Pricked – The new Disney Store pin program and the many problems customers have had with it

9/21/01 Part Two: Disneyana Convention – The parties for, and a sneak look at Haunted Mansion Holiday

9/18/01 Mansion Merchandise – What will be offered, and clues of what's inside

9/12/01 Part One: Disneyana Convention – The pre-convention and opening day

9/12/01 A Look at the Loot: Disneyana Convention – Photos for you of all the limited edition items available

9/7/01 $13,000 to climb the Matterhorn? – Meet a winning bidder at the Disneyana Convention Auction – plus a complete listing of what else got sold for what (and what didn't)

9/7/01 Disneyland Pin Announcement – Disneyland addresses a recent pin problem

9/4/01 Disneyana Preview – A sneak peek at what is coming at this week's Disneyana Convention at the Disneyland Resort

8/30/01 Halloween Treats – Preparations and merchandise for Halloween at the Disneyland Resort, plus the last batch of Soap Opera actor photos from California Adventure

8/24/01 New Disneyland Pins – New pins and updates us on the million-dollar Mickey

8/22/01 Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Evening – How to order tickets for this special merchandise event

8/17/01 World of Pins – All about a special pin trading event at Walt Disney World

8/13/01 Burton & Elfman set – Good news about the Nightmare Before Christmas / Haunted Mansion event, Disney's photos from last Friday's California Adventure Soap stars event

8/3/01 Christmas already? – Upcoming shopping opportunities, holiday merchandise starts to arrive

7/27/01 Artists at Work – What's hidden away in the nooks and crannies of New Orleans Square? Disney Apologizes; Soap Opera Fridays announced at DCA

7/13/01 Shopping the Parks: Jewel of Orleans – Visit "Jewel of Orleans" in Disneyland, plus news on Disneyland's 46th anniversary promotion

6/15/01 Atlantis Windows, Disney Auctions, small world, and more! – Catching up on all sorts of stuff

6/15/01 Father's Day at Disneyland, part 2 – Part Two of Two

6/14/01 Father's Day at Disneyland, part 1 – Part One of Two

6/5/01 Shopping at Disneyland Paris, part 2 – Part Two of Two

6/4/01 Shopping at Disneyland Paris, part 1 – Part One of Two

6/1/01 Walt Disney World Pin Events – Why WDW is the place to be for pin trading events

5/25/01 Merchandise Update – Pins, Atlantis, Pressed Coins and more!

5/22/01 Shopping the Parks: Rizzo's – Visit "Rizzo's Prop and Pawn Shop" in DCA

5/8/01 Mother's Day at Disneyland, part 2 – Your brunch options at Downtown Disney

5/7/01 Mother's Day at Disneyland, part 1 – Your brunch options at the parks and hotels

5/4/01 Shopping the Parks: ABC Soaplink – Visit the "ABC SoapLink" shop in DCA

5/2/01 New Pin Trading Rules – How they will affect you – plus the scoop on souvenir coins

4/27/01 Shopping the Parks: Go Hollywood – Join us as we "Go Hollywood"

4/20/01 Shopping the Parks: More Adventureland – More exotic sights and merchandise in Adventureland

4/13/01 Shopping the Parks: Adventureland – Exotic sights and merchandise in Adventureland

4/6/01 Shopping the Parks: Fly 'n' Buy – Take off at Fly 'n' Buy at DCA

3/30/01 Shopping the Parks: Engine-Ears Toys – All aboard for Engine-Ears Toys at DCA

3/23/01 Shopping the Parks: Rushin' River Outfitters – Visit this outdoorsy store in DCA

3/16/01 Shopping the Parks: Frontierland – Frontierland shops, How the West Was Sold

3/14/01 Disneyland Forever CDs – It looks like this park offering may be consolidated

3/9/01 Shopping the Parks: Off the Page – Visit the Off the Page store in California Adventure

3/2/01 The Search for Mardi Gras – Both Adriennes are on a mission – here's what they found

2/23/01 Shopping the Parks: Geppetto's – Learn all about Geppetto's Toy Shop in Fantasyland

1/26/01 Downtown Disney – Part II – What works and what doesn't – catching up on what opened

1/22/01 California Adventure Merchandise Special Event – Learn about how the merchandise event went, and what was available to buy

1/5/01 Downtown Disney – Learn about the rest of the shopping , and look into dining options

1/4/01 World of Disney Store, part 2 – Not only is the merchandise great, but so is the decor

1/2/01 World of Disney Store, part 1 – Start on a complete tour of Downtown Disney

12/29/00 After-Holiday Merchandise Update – What's left of the holiday merchandise at Disneyland

12/21/00 DCA Merchandise Event Update – Event info, and what's available

12/18/00 Quick California Adventure Event Update! – Call the park today to reserve the event

12/13/00 Merchandise Update – New pins and DCA items

12/8/00 California Adventure Merchandise Event info

12/7/00 Tink-a-thon – Slumber party at Disneyland

12/5/00 Disneyland Forever CDs – The story behind them, also a complete annotated track listing

11/28/00 Merchandise Update – Catch up on what's going on at the park

11/24/00 New Holiday Items – Be among the first to find out about new items

11/20/00 Marie Osmond appearance – Information on a doll special event, pins and more

10/26/00 Holiday Merchandise Round-Up, part 4 – The last of a four-part series

10/25/00 Holiday Merchandise Round-Up, part 3 – The third of a four-part series

10/24/00 Holiday Merchandise Round-Up, part 2 – The second of a four-part series

10/23/00 Holiday Merchandise Round-Up, part 1 – The first of a four-part series

10/16/00 MouseWeddings – A new service!

10/10/00 Divas Event Merchandise – all you need to know

10/6/00 October Merchandise Round-Up – "Lilly Belle" Engine Release, Divas Event Merchandise, Disneyland's Character of the Month


Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix is the super-shopper behind MouseShoppe, your personal and unofficial shopping service for the Disneyland Resort, and the owner of CharmingShoppe, a Disney collectibles store located in Anaheim.

In addition to scouring the park to find you the latest and greatest merchandise, she keeps you updated on all of the merchandise events happening in the parks.

If you want to talk to her about this column, merchandise, or events, contact her here.


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