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Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editor

Atlantis, "small world," More!

June 15, 2001
by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

The much-loved Fantasia 2000 windows outside Disneyland's Emporium have been replaced with scenes from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. While these windows are a lovely as ever, I was disappointed that they reveal a major plot twist. I can't even accept the argument that the scene was included to make the story complete, because there is nothing shown from the conclusion—it's as if the movie never ended.

So, here's the spoiler-free view of the windows. I'll add the final window once the movie has actually been in release for a few weeks.

Milo meets his grandfather's old friend

Milo meets his grandfather's old friend, and discovers the Shepherds Journal - the key to finding Atlantis.

The guy in the cowboy hat is Atlantis producer Don Hahn

Each time the windows change, a new hunt begins to find the hidden Mickeys and inside jokes planted within. Pay close attention to these paintings - they are more than they appear. (The guy in the cowboy hat is Atlantis producer Don Hahn, other familiar faces are readily spotted)

Something goes terrible wrong

As with all Disney movies and most park attractions, "Something goes terribly wrong." In this case, the something is the Leviathan, who protects the gateway to Atlantis.

Milo's crew mates finally come to accept him, and ask him to join them for a meal

Back on dry land, Milo's crew mates finally come to accept him, and ask him to join them for a meal. You have to stay with this one for a few minutes - there are little elements that come and go while you watch.

Milo and Princess Kida dive deep within the ruins

Milo and Princess Kida dive deep within the ruins to decipher an ancient mural which revels the secret of the crystal Kida, and the other Atlanteans, wear about their neck.

Kida is caught up by the power of the crystal.

Kida is caught up by the power of the crystal. This window is stunning at night, when the masks glow.

And, that's all for now! I'll add a photo of the last window in a few weeks, so as not to spoil the movie for you.

While we're on the subject, Disney Auctions, presented by eBay, is currently offering a whole slew of Atlantis merchandise. The auctions began June 11th, and are scheduled to end June 18th. Some of the highlights include:

A one-of-a-kind, original hand-painted cel  - Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions
Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions

A one-of- a- kind, original hand- painted cel. This is actually a multi- level, original production background with two hand- painted, one-of- a- kind presentation cels. The cel set-up features 26 ink and 92 paint colors, all hand-done by Disney Ink & Paint artists at the Studio Lot in Burbank, California. It is estimated in value between $10,000 - $15,000. The image shows Milo, the film's hero, as he charts the final stretch to the underwater world of Atlantis while the crew rests around a campfire.

Maquette  - Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions
Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions

Maquettes of the nine main characters from the animated film will also be auctioned. These 3-D models were used by animators to capture character movement and for general reference during the production process. They are the only maquettes from the film to be offered for sale by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The maquette of Milo (shown above), is attracting the most bids right now.

"Viking Prologue" script  - Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions
Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions

This auction collection also includes original reference sketches, signed storyboards and workbooks, and even signed scripts. Among these is the "Viking Prologue" script, which covers a scene originally written for the movie, and then cut. (If you want to see the finished version of this scene, it is included in the copy of Disney Interactive's Atlantis: The Lost Empire-Search for the Journal CD-ROM game that was shrink- wrapped onto the back of the Collector's Edition box with The Emperor's New Groove)

No Disney Auction would be complete without a pin, and there are six Limited Edition styles to bid on. Unfortunately, given how beautiful the movie itself is, the pins are not terribly attractive.

Atlantis toys from Mattel  - Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions
Promotional image provided by Disney Auctions

If you want the entire collection of Atlantis toys from Mattel (shown above), Don Hahn has signed a complete set. Finally, there is a selection of Atlantis animation crew apparel - jackets, pullovers, denim shirts and baseball caps.

This weekend at Disneyland:

35th Anniversary of "it's a small world"  - Promotional image  Disney
Promotional image Disney

Join us as we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of
"it's a small world" featuring
Costume Designer Alice Davis
Saturday, June 16th, 2001
1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A.

The first 1000 guests to visit the shop will receive a limited- edition mini- lithograph, featuring the artwork above. Alice Davis will be on hand to sign a new limited-edition triptych lithograph featuring three of the dolls and costumes from "it's a small world." The litho is an LE of 150, and is offered at $125.00

Dave Avanzino will also be at the event, with a prototype of the "Tower of the Four Winds" replica he was asked to commission for the anniversary. The piece will be available by special order only, and no price has been announced yet. Orders will be taken for a month, and the edition size will be limited to the number sold during this period. For more information on the sculpture, call 800-362-4533, or e-mail anytime after Monday.

The stores, they are a-changin'

I walked into Bonanza Outfitters a few weeks ago, and was immediately approached by a bubbly stock person. "You HAVE to see what we just did", she exclaimed, and pulled me around the store to show me the new collection of merchandise (shown in the two photos below) that had just been displayed the prior evening.

Frontierland shops

In a previous column, I lamented the merchandise selection found in the Frontierland shops. Instead of the western- theme merchandise they carried following their 1990 remodel, the store had become just another place in the park to buy a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. And I don't mean the character.

Frontierland shops

To be honest, I don't think the merchandise has changed all that much, but there is a definite improvement. The most noticeable thing is that the merchandise is, well, noticeable! Instead of being buried in the back of the store, the theme products has been pulled forward, and merchandised in attractive vignettes.

Urban cowgirl

This is a new collection of non-logo apparel, and it seems to be well received. The pieced- suede vest, in black and tan, has been selling so well there were but a few sizes left last week. There is also an "urban cowgirl" line (above), which features rhinestone and logo shirts.

The hat selection

Good news - the hat selection (shown above) has improved dramatically since I last reported on this store. The Minnetonka hand- sewn moccasins and boots have been moved to a more focal position in the store, too. The generic Disneyland character merchandise has been moved to the secondary location in the store. These simple moves, and a few lines of new merchandise, have made a 100% improvement in the theme and atmosphere of the store-and the CMs are thrilled about it.

Princess costumes

While some of the stores are getting back to their roots, others are becoming mere franchises of the World of Disney Store. Engine-Ears, which was the much- awaited train- theme store at Disney's California Adventure, has sent most of it's train merchandise away. Gone are the train sets, the train books, and the model kits. The train-themed clothing has been pushed aside, crammed into a tiny wall. Instead, there is now a wall of princess costumes (above). The very same princess costumes that are sold three places inside Disneyland and at the World of Disney Store. The very same princess costumes that were kicked out of Off the Page before DCA opened, because Cynthia Harris felt they were out of place.

A store manager explained that they received tons of requests for princess merchandise, and they couldn't let the trains continue to collect dust. Therefore, the trains were sent to "liquidation," and the princesses moved in. I believe that the train merchandise wasn't moving, because the assortment didn't make any sense. There were train kits from one company, but no cars. The cars were from another company, but you couldn't buy track for them. And there wasn't a single train that was themed to DCA, or exclusive to the park. With a mismatched collection like that, it's no mystery why it didn't sell.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction collection

Engine-Ears is now also home to the Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction collection (above). This is the wildly popular group of die-cast toys and models of Magic Kingdom ride vehicles, like the Tea Cups. DCA has it's own collection of these toys, and they are quite well-done. For whatever reason, these have been placed in a less visible wall, and the focal fixtures are filled with toys from rides DCA doesn't have.

Oh, before I forget - there's a surprise for the Mickey Mouse collectors in your household, if you stop by the California Adventure Catch-a-Flave soft- serve ice cream shop at the entryway of Paradise Pier, the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour on Main Street, or if your kids partake of the new Fantasmic lower terrace Dessert Buffet (non-balcony)...

Mickey head cup can get the above souvenir container. Isn't it cute? This Mickey head plastic cup is 6.99 filled with soft serve-and no jokes from the peanut gallery about Runaway Brain, OK?

Over at Disneyland, the Premier Shop in Tomorrowland has received a collection of, well... for a lack of a better term...

Premier Shop in Tomorrowland

...I'd have to say Hollywood Blvd. accessories (above). Fuzzy cowboy hats, blue wigs, and rhinestones? This merchandise made more sense in DCA's Gone Hollywood shop, but I just can't imagine what theme the merchants are going for here.

If this is the future, count me out.

Thoughts, questions, or comments? Contact Adrienne here.

Atlantis windows


Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix is the super-shopper behind MouseShoppe, your personal and unofficial shopping service for the Disneyland Resort, and the owner of CharmingShoppe, a Disney collectibles store located in Anaheim.

In addition to scouring the park to find you the latest and greatest merchandise, she keeps you updated on all of the merchandise events happening in the parks.

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