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Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editor

Lilly Belle Engine Release & Divas Event Merchandise

October 6, 2000
by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

A Press Release about the Upcoming Lilly Belle event was e-mailed to me by a kind MouseShoppe customer, who is also a member of the Carolwood Society. (I also picked up the Event announcement from Disneyland yesterday.) The Press Release had more details, plus an interesting tidbit at the end, so I'll share it with you.

Introducing Walt Disney's Limited Edition Lilly Belle CP 173 In Garden Gauge (1:24) Oct. 8 at Disneyland 

For the first time in history, Walt Disney's beloved CP 173 Lilly Belle locomotive, which was the pride of Walt's miniature large scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad, has been produced in popular garden gauge (1:24 scale). It will go on sale at Disneyland on Oct. 8, 2000, in the Disneyana Shop on Main Street USA.

The world premiere will commence in the morning at 10 o'clock and conclude at 1 pm. Members of the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society will receive the information by mail and on the web site, which features a picture of the engine.

The offering price is $595. This G scale model is built by Hartland Locomotive Works of LaPorte, Indiana, and is entirely USA made of steel, brass and precision cast UV stabilized resin. The electric motor is an industrial grade engine manufactured to U.S. Government specifications by TRW. The entire world's production of the model is limited to 1500 units. Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Catalogue and Disney Galleries will offer the Lilly Belle model.

Each engine and tender comes with a solid oak display base, Lucite cover, a length of brass track, and a genuine cross section from a rail used by Walt Disney at his backyard Carolwood Pacific Railroad. Accompanying each model is a Certificate of Authenticity that is personally signed by the Founding Chairman of the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society, Disney Historian and Author Michael Broggie, who will be at the Disneyana Shop for the premiere to answer questions about the model and Disney railroad history.

For garden railroaders who plan to run their model, the engine is pre-wired for smoke and sound effects. Information regarding these options is included inside the custom designed container. It also can be ordered from Disneyland by telephone mail order: 800-362-4533. The first 100 to purchase the model on Oct. 8 at the Disneyana Shop on Main Street USA will receive an exclusive Disneyland Lilly Belle collector's pin (only 100 pins will be offered).

Note: the new home video release of Alice in Wonderland [as well as the older deluxe laserdisc box set of this film] has an added featurette of rare film footage of Walt Disney running his Lilly Belle engine around the Studio. It was a 1951 television special made to promote the original release of "Alice." 

Something interesting about this, though. According to the person who sent this to me, the original plan was to offer Carolwood Society Members a discount on this item. Now there is no mention of any discount, which has a few members crying "foul."

Onto the Divas Event:

Don't you just LOVE this Logo?  Disney
Don't you just LOVE this logo? From the invite they sent Disney

Did you get tickets for the event? Wow - after an hour on the phone, I had to run to a meeting. The extremely considerate Todd Regan kept trying for us, and finally got tickets for the MousePlanet group who wanted to attend the event. YEAH!

Just as a side note here: This is the first time that I was aware that you could order your tickets by FAX and by e-mail. If you called the DelivEARS line before 8:00 a.m., you heard a recording which gave you the fax number and e-mail address, plus listed the information you were to include with your request. I do not believe that callers who dialed in after the system went live at 8:00 a.m. heard that same recording. 

I was very skeptical about this system - and I wanted tickets! The fax line was just as busy as the phone line, so no help there. We sent one e-mail, which was returned as undeliverable about 10 minutes later. We sent another one, but I was afraid to risk my tickets on an e-mail, so we kept trying on the phone. As luck would have it, Todd was able to get through and order our tickets. And, when I got back to the computer, I had a confirmation that my e-mailed order had been processed as well. So, rather than NO tickets, we had TOO MANY. What to do, what to do....

I called DelivEARS and told them the story, and they were happy to assist me with a return of the extra tickets. (Sorry, guys - the tickets are non-transferable, so I could not have given them to you if I wanted to!) She said that they would sell my extra tickets to the people on the waiting list. Further, she said that they were accepting refunds for any reason - even if you just changed your mind. So, note for the future: If you're offered a spot on the waiting list, TAKE IT. You never know what may happen!

I received some information yesterday about the ordering system for the Event Merchandise. Your confirmation packet will include your Event Tickets, as well as descriptions of the merchandise (photos too, I hope!), and an order form. You will need to return the order form BEFORE the event, along with your payment information. You'll also be given the opportunity to have the merchandise shipped to your home, or you can pick it up at the event. If you do choose to get your merchandise at the event, the distribution process has been extensively re-worked, to avoid the Pirates Event lines and confusion. If there is extra, unsold merchandise, it will be made available for sale at the event. 

I'm really happy about this new system, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. I expect that this will allow guests more time to enjoy the event, while spending less time standing in line. PLUS, it will give me a chance to share all of the merchandise in advance with our readers!

As for the merchandise itself... well, all I have been able to squeeze out of the Disneyana CMs are three items: A Pin and a T-Shirt with the Divas Logo (above) on it, and a Terri Hardin Maleficent Sculpture. There will be other sculptures created for the event, but that's ALL I know. Trust me - the second I get my confirmation packet, I'll write it up and share it with you!

This is the postcard they sent out  Disney
This is the postcard they sent out Disney

Reminder: This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month, so that means the new Character of the Month merchandise will be released. It's October, so that means Maleficent! She chose to have her portrait painted in front of the Haunted Mansion, so I imagine that her merchandise is going to be HOT. There will be a litho of her portrait, a watch, a very limited edition pin, and a new Coin of the Month. If you want one of the 500 pins, you'll have to join the crowd... outside Disneyland, at about 6:00 a.m., from what I hear! Sorry, those will NOT be available at MouseShoppe! Even I have my limits!

If you'd like more information about either the Villains / Divas Event Merchandise, or  the Character of the Month Merchandise, please drop me a note at the e-mail address listed below. Be sure to include what you're looking for in your subject line (Villains Event or Character) I'll add you to the appropriate mailing list. Otherwise, keep checking here for the latest news!

Thoughts, questions, or comments? Contact Adrienne here.


Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix is the super-shopper behind MouseShoppe, your personal and unofficial shopping service for the Disneyland Resort, and the owner of CharmingShoppe, a Disney collectibles store located in Anaheim.

In addition to scouring the park to find you the latest and greatest merchandise, she keeps you updated on all of the merchandise events happening in the parks.

If you want to talk to her about this column, merchandise, or events, contact her here.


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