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Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editor

The Holidays Come to Disneyland! A week-long series

My Journey so far: Disneyland has finally received it's long-awaited Holiday merchandise collection. After a Photo Safari last week to see all of the goodies, and the related Very Expensive shopping trip, I have returned to bring you the scoop. I'll be breaking the collection into bite sized pieces, so check back here each day this week to see it all. If you can't wait that long, much (but now all!) of the collection is already on MouseShoppe. First, I showed you the BIG pieces, the items which can decorate a whole room all on their own. Then, we looked at the SMALL pieces, the tiny little touches which can spread holiday cheer all over the house. Yesterday, we looked at the whole coordinating collection of Glass Balls, Resin Ornaments, and the incredibly popular Glass Bells. If you missed any of these photos, you can go back and look at the previous days!

Today I'm going to finish the series with all of the Odds and Ends that make decorating so fun. We've got tree toppers and stocking holders and even MORE ornaments! Lots of great items today to finish your Holiday Trim! (And remember, you can click on any photo or name to go right to that item at Mouseshoppe) 

There's a neat collection of Mickey and Minnie, dressed as the Dickens Carolers. One of the images shows them skating, while the other catches them kissing under the Mistletoe. (A reliable source has told me that THIS pose will be the basis of one of the Holiday Pins) The collection includes a Glass Ball Ornament, Mickey and Minnie Figurine Ornaments, Mistletoe and Skating Ceramic Ornaments, a photo frame Ornament, a Ceramic Figurine and a beautifully decorated Stocking. If you like Victorian decor, this is for you!

Dickens Carolers Stocking Dickens Carolers - Mickey and Minnie Sculpture

Dickens Carolers - Mickey and Minnie Mistletoe Ornament Dickens Carolers - Mickey and Minnie Skating Ceramic Ornament

Dickens Carolers Mickey Ornament Dickens Carolers Minnie Ornament

Dickens Carolers Glass Ball Ornament Dickens Carolers Photo Frame Ornament

Another interesting series are the Half Ball Ornaments. Eeyore, Minnie and Goofy are the first of the group, and coordinate with the ornaments we showed you yesterday. The whole collection has not arrived yet, so keep checking back. 

Half Ball Ornament - Eeyore

Half Ball Ornament - Minnie Half Ball Ornament - Goofy

Winnie the Pooh fans are going to love the Snowflake Collection. Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore are "Snowflake Surfing" on these charming ornaments. . 

Snowflake Ornament - Pooh Snowflake Ornament - Tigger

Snowflake Ornament - Eeyore

How is your picture frame collection? Need a few more to get through the Holidays? Choir Angel Minnie and Pooh and Friends are here to save the day!

Angel Minnie Photo Frame Pooh and Friends Photo Frame

 These Plush Frames make a great gift for an older child. Pooh and Mickey are cuddly enough to snuggle with, and they can hold a family photo. 

Plush Photo Frame - Pooh Plush Photo Frame - Mickey

We thought these were really cute, and they were flying off the shelves. Mickey and Minnie are Snowmice! Both have a knit scarf, and Mickey wears a cap. Minnie even has a sprig of holly in her bow - and look at those lashes! 

Snowmouse Plush - Mickey Mouse Snowmouse Plush - Minnie Mouse

If you're a big fan of Snow Globes, here's a nice small addition to your collection. The Mickey, Minnie and Pluto snowglobes are very affordable, and come on a brightly decorated base. 

Holiday Snowglobe - Mickey Holiday Snowglobe - Minnie

Holiday Snowglobe - Pluto

Here are two more accessories that you need for your home this holiday. The Pooh and Friends Stocking Holder is the best stocking holder I've ever found. Most decorative holders are really wimpy - too light to hold even a small stocking. This one is really heavy - perfect to hold all of those over-stuffed stocking on your mantle. Pooh and company are placing the finishing touches on top of the tree, while Tigger rides down the hill on his sled ( right into your stocking!) 

Pooh Stocking Holder

The Disneyland Holiday 2000 Throw Blanket is wonderful to keep you cozy inside when it's frightful outside. The Blanket is 4' x 6', and features Mickey and Friends in the Disneyland Holiday 2000 Logo. (It's hard to see the whole logo in this photo, so take a look at the Collector's Plate from this collection to see the full picture) 

Disneyland Holiday 2000 Collection Throw Blanket

The Perfect Disney Tree is not complete without the Perfect Disney Tree Topper. There are two this year, and they are both wonderful! Tinkerbell has been the most popular, and has already sold out! (Just have to have her? Send me an e-mail at this link, and I'll add you to the waiting list!) Mickey wants to put the star on your tree, and this topper will let him do it in style!

Tinkerbell Tree Topper Mickey Tree Topper

WOW! That's all I have for you! Oh, except One More Thing: If you won't be able to make it to either Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom this Holiday Season, and would like to see what's going on, you'll want this video. The cover of The Magic of Christmas at Disneyland invites you to: "Join Mickey, Minnie and the gang in a holiday wonderland of parades, carolers and good old fashioned cheer while they celebrate the season as only Disney can". It's a great video, and it will give you the taste of Holiday Magic that only happens at Disneyland. Enjoy!

Disney Parks Holiday Video  

I hope you've enjoyed this trip through the shops at Disneyland! I'm excited to see so many Park-Specific and Unique decorations this year. Be sure to check back with me, as I am sure that there are going to be lots of new decorations still to come this year!

Coming tomorrow: Diva's Event Report - The Enchanted Evening you've all been waiting for!!

Thoughts, questions, or comments? Contact Adrienne here.


Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix is the super-shopper behind MouseShoppe, your personal and unofficial shopping service for the Disneyland Resort, and the owner of CharmingShoppe, a Disney collectibles store located in Anaheim.

In addition to scouring the park to find you the latest and greatest merchandise, she keeps you updated on all of the merchandise events happening in the parks.

If you want to talk to her about this column, merchandise, or events, contact her here.


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