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Scoping the Parks
Practical tips for Walt Disney World travel
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Mike Scopa
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Learn how to plan your trip to Walt Disney World

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Scoping the Parks with Mike Scopa

Table of Contents

11/4/05 Extra Magic Hours – Mike offers his thoughts and tips on Walt Disney World's Extra Magic Hours program for resort hotel guests.

10/21/05 Guiding the First Timer – Tips to WDW veterans for guiding first timers without overwhelming them.

10/7/05 Not So Scary – Getting the most out of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

9/16/05 Hidden Mickeys – Mike takes a walk with Hidden Mickeys author Steve Barrett.

9/2/05 The Question – Mike considers which princess is the one for him.

8/19/05 Cinderellabration – Mike reviews the new show at Magic Kingdom.

8/5/05 Internet Friends – Mike looks at the Disney internet communities and the cycles of friendship that form.

7/15/05 Discovered Fun – Fun little things around the WDW theme parks that even veterans might not know about.

7/1/05 It Just Doesn't Theme Right – Mike examines his dissatisfaction with Animal Kingdom's theming.

6/23/05 The AP Best Rate Program – Mike walks through the rules and restrictions on the new hotel booking program.

6/17/05 Uncle Al Wants You! – How Disney tries to capture your entire vacation.

6/3/05 100 Columns – In his 100th column, Mike looks back on the first 99.

4/15/05 Mike's Surprise – Mark receives a pleasant surprise in the mail.

4/1/05 A Foole's Tale – Mark has an instructive tale on the value of planning.

3/18/05 Character Protocol – Stategies for meeting your favorite Disney character.

3/4/05 Deaf Mouse Ears? – Mike checks out the response to his open letter to Al Weiss.

2/18/05 Magic Your Way, Part II – Mike finishes a detailed look at the ins and outs of the new ticket system.

2/4/05 Magic Your Way – Mike begins a detailed look at the ins and outs of the new ticket system.

1/21/05 Young at WDW – Mike thinks through the issues of taking young children to Walt Disney World.

1/7/05 Mike's MouseFest – Mike checks in with his MouseFest observations.

12/10/04 Stocking Stuffers – Mike shares his list of stocking stuffers for the Disney person on your shopping list.

11/30/04 MouseFest Preview – Mike provides the details about this year's gathering.

11/19/04 Christmas Activities – Mike on some of the things going on at WDW around Christmas.

11/11/04 Dear Mr. Weiss... – In an open letter to the president of Walt Disney World, Mike offers various small suggestions for improving the resort.

11/5/04 Sites to Cite – Mike shares some Walt Disney World related web sites you might want to bookmark.

10/15/04 Wishes' Birthday – After one year, Mike provides tips and information for getting the most out Magic Kingdom's fireworks show.

10/1/04 Tips Update – Things are always changing at Walt Disney World, and Mike offers some new tips for keeping up.

9/17/04 Charley and Mike – Mike finishes his story by looking through the debris after the storm.

9/3/04 Charley and Mike – Mike begins to share the story of his stay at WDW during Hurricane Charley.

8/20/04 A Trip Planning Tool – Mike shares a new tool from the people at The Unofficial Guide.

8/6/04 Smiles Across the Miles – Mike shares information on a good cause.

7/16/04 WDW Trivia – Mike reviews a new Walt Disney World trivia book by Louis Mongello.

7/2/04 Flying Solo – Tips for visiting Walt Disney World on your own.

6/18/04 July 4 at WDW – Mike provides information and tips about Walt Disney World on the Fourth of July.

6/4/04 Howie's Angels, Part 3 – Mike concludees the story of Howie's Angels with stories of threats and accusations.

5/21/04 Howie's Angels, Part 2 – Mike continues the story of Howie's Angels with the debate beginning to heat up.

5/7/04 Howie's Angels, Part 1 – Mike begins the stories behind one of the internet's biggest Disney controversies.

4/16/04 Hidden Mickeys – Mike interviews the author of Hidden Mickeys.

4/2/04 The Disney Zone, Part 2 – Mike hits a special nerve with his Disney Zone article, and he shares some of the most touching feedback from others who experience The Disney Zone.

3/19/04 The Disney Zone – Disney parks exist within their own universe, and Mike tries to figure out why not everyone likes it there.

3/5/04 The Luxury Guide – Mike looks over a book that helps you get everything you can out of a Disney trip.

2/20/04 Magical Moments – Mike shares the cast member perspective on a magical memory.

2/6/04 Still Photography – Mike provides tips and ideas for still photography at Walt Disney World.

1/16/04 Capturing the Future – Mike provides tips and ideas for photographing and videotaping at Epcot.

1/2/04 Capturing the Magic – Mike's tips for photographing the Magic Kingdom.

12/19/03 Mousefest 2003 – Mike gives an overview of his time at this year's Mousefest.

12/5/03 Christmas Magic – Why the Christmas season is the best time for a visit to Walt Disney World.

11/21/03 Mousefest – Details on the great gathering of online Disney fiends.

11/7/03 The Trouble with Epcot – Mike talks on Epcot's split personality and the story behind how it got this way.

10/17/03 Empty Nest Touring, Part 2 – Mike continues his look at the many ways that an empty next can change a visit to Walt Disney World.

10/3/03 Empty Nest Touring, Part 1 – Mike looks at how visiting Walt Disney World changes after the kids are out of the house.

9/19/03 RideMax – Mike interviews the creator of this tour planning software.

9/17/03 Theme Park Safety at Walt Disney World – Playing safe at Walt Disney World's parks.

9/5/03 Changes: Past, Present, Future – Mike reviews some of the more significant changes at the WDW parks.

8/15/03 Attractions Time Out – Mike shares ten ideas for things to see without getting in line.

8/1/03 All Alone – Mike shares the story of a cast member who spent some time alone in the Magic Kingdom.

7/18/03 Behind the Ultimate Touring Plan – Mike looks at the methods behind the Plans created for the Unofficial Guide.

6/20/03 Fourth of July – Mike looks at making the most of a busy holiday at the resort.

6/6/03 Passporter – Part III in Mike's series reviewing the WDW bibles for first-time visitors.

5/16/03 The Unofficial Guide – Part II in Mike's series reviewing the WDW bibles for first-time visitors.

5/2/03 Birnbaum for Beginners – Part I in a new series reviewing the WDW bibles for first-time visitors.

4/18/03 Magic Kingdom: Overnight – Mike tells a tale of spending the night in the Magic Kingdom.

4/4/03 The Best Web Sites: Part 5 – DisneyDollarless: The best of the best Internet sites for WDW trip planning.

3/14/03 The Best Web Sites: Part 4 – MouseSavers: One of the best Internet sites for WDW trip planning.

3/7/03 The Best Web Sites: Part 3 – Passporter: One of the best Internet sites for WDW trip planning.

2/21/03 The Best Web Sites: Part 2 – WDWMagic: One of the best Internet sites for WDW trip planning.

2/7/03 The Best Web Sites: Part 1 – All Ears Net: One of the best Internet sites for WDW trip planning.

1/17/03 New Year's Resolutions – Mike's recommendations for Walt Disney World.

1/3/03 Everything You Want to Know about E-Ride Night – Take advantage of a few extra hours in the Magic Kingdom.

12/20/02 Park Touring Plans: Animal Kingdom – Mike lays out a plan for the ultimate day at the park.

12/6/02 Park Touring Plans: Disney MGM Studios – Mike lays out a plan for the ultimate day at the park.

11/15/02 Park Touring Plans: Epcot – Mike lays out a plan for the ultimate day at the park.

11/1/02 Park Touring Plans: Magic Kingdom – Mike lays out a plan for the ultimate day at the park.

10/18/02 Reader Mailbag – Mike answers email from his readers.

10/4/02 Theme Park Etiquette and Safety: Part 2 – Mike shares more information on a crucial topic.

9/20/02 Theme Park Etiquette and Safety: Part 1 – Mike shares information on a crucial topic.

9/6/02 Americana and Patriotism at WDW – Mike celebrates America at Walt Disney World.

8/16/02 Oh Those Changes! – Mike summarizes how WDW's policy changes affect trip planning.

8/2/02 Shoestring Dining At WDW: Part III... Just Desserts – Topping off that shoestring meal at WDW's best dessert shops.

7/19/02 Shoestring Dining At WDW: Part II – Mike tells us how to save money at meal time in the resorts.

7/4/02 Shoestring Dining At WDW: Part I – Mike tells us how to save money at meal time in the theme parks.

6/21/02 Reader Feedback – Mike responds to reader email that he's collected over the last few weeks.

6/19/02 Refillable Mugs Policy Changes – Mike tells us about potential changes to WDW's refillable mug program.

6/7/02 Walt Disney World Bibles: Part IV – In the last of a four-part series, Mike reviews Birnbaum's official guidebook.

5/17/02 Walt Disney World Bibles: Part III – Mike reviews the Passporter guidebook.

5/3/02 Walt Disney World Bibles: Part II – Mike reviews Bob Sehlinger's Unofficial Guide to WDW.

4/19/02 Walt Disney World Bibles: Part I – Mike begins this new series about the most popular published Walt Disney World guidebooks by reviewing Rita Aero's book.

4/5/02 Unique WDW Dining Experiences – Meal time at Walt Disney World is a big part of the vacation experience.

3/15/02 A Visit With a Disney Specialist: Part II – Part II of Mike's interview with Disney Specialist Sue Pisaturo.

3/1/02 A Visit With a Disney Specialist: Part I – Mike interviews Disney Specialist Sue Pisaturo on WDW trip planning.

2/15/02 Walt Disney World First-Timer Mistakes – Mike lists common mistakes to help you avoid the pratfalls.

2/1/02 Ten Commandments of Walt Disney World Trip Planning – Top 10 things you need to do from a master trip planner.

1/18/02 How to Write a Trip Report – How to capture your vacation memories for years to come.

1/4/02 Mike's Top 10 Tips – Mike Shares his own top trip planning (and execution) tips

12/21/01 Unheralded Treasures – The unexpected experiences make a trip to WDW so special

12/7/01 Navigating the Parks – Mike gives his hints and tips on how to tour the theme parks

11/16/01 Recording Memories – How to capture those once-in-a-lifetime happenings

11/2/01 A List of Lists – Planning the perfect trip means not missing any details

10/19/01 Money, Money, Money! – Planning an enjoyable trip without breaking the bank

10/5/01 Dressing for Mickey – Staying comfortable as you tour Walt Disney World

9/21/01 Driving for Discounts – How to enjoy your trip at the lowest possible cost

9/7/01 Bus or Car? – How to get around within Walt Disney World

8/17/01 Planes, Trains and Automobiles – What to consider when deciding how best to get from here to there

8/03/01 Admission Media Primer – A session explaining the intricacies of WDW admission media

7/20/01 All About Room Rates – Mike reviews how to get the best possible prices for on-site WDW accommodations

7/6/01 When Your Pillow is Off-Property – Mike discusses the issues when choosing off-site accommodations

6/15/01 WDW Resorts: Which One is For You? – Mike Scopa's discusses the various on-site resorts

5/18/01 The Great Debate: Where to Stay? – Mike on how to evaluate your options for vacation accommodations

5/4/01 Deciding When You Should Go – Mike discusses the pros and cons of the various times of the year

4/20/01 Creating a Trip-Planning Notebook – This is how it starts, the best way to organize yourself

4/6/01 Introduction and Course Syllabus – An Introduction, the "Professor's" qualifications, and a list of what's to come!

Mike Scopa

Mike Scopa first visited Walt Disney World almost 30 years ago. Planning a trip was simple back in the 1970s, with only the Magic Kingdom and a few Disney-owned resorts in Orlando.

Over the past 11 years, Mike has been perfecting his WDW trip-planning skills as he has hosted chats and bulletin boards about Disney for a Fortune 100 company.

Mike brings his experience to MousePlanet in a series of lessons to help you with all the phases of planning a WDW trip.

Mike pays special attention to all the details that ensure your family has the best possible time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

You can contact Mike here.


Here are trip reports that Mike has written that are part of MousePlanet's archives:

Michael Scopa -- August 1999 -- Walt Disney World (CSR)

Michael J. Scopa -- July 1997 -- Walt Disney World (WL/CBR)

Mike Scopa -- July 1994 -- Walt Disney World (WL / CBR)

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