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MousePlanet presents an all-new, special edition of MouseAdventure!

Mad Scramble
M A Y  1 9,  2 0 0 2
C A L I F O R N I A   A D V E N T U R E

Join us for the next installment of our popular and fun competition, when we move across the esplanade to explore Disney's California Adventure!

Participants from a previous MouseAdventure at Disneyland!
Participants from our previous MouseAdventure at Disneyland!

Unlike our past events, this fifth MouseAdventure promises excitement in a new park, with a new game format. Using a "road rally" concept, our Mad Scramble is a game in which time is of the essence. Challenging quests, puzzles, and photographs to identify will lead your team all through the park on a quest to finish in the fastest time.

We think this is a good twist on our old idea, and we hope you agree. The traditionalists among you shouldn't worry too much; our classic format returns this fall.

After you read the following carefully, follow the link provided on the bottom to register your team at MouseShoppe.

What is MouseAdventure: Mad Scramble?

MouseAdventure: Mad Scramble is a competition, with prizes for the top teams; but beyond that, it is a fun way to take a closer look at a park that is still new to many of us. There are two parts to MouseAdventure: Mad Scramble. All teams participate in both, and all teams have a chance to win in both parts.

1. Mad Scramble: Each team attempts to solve quests divided through the regions of the parks, and finish all the quests in the shortest period of time. Solve the various codes, puzzles, and logic problems to move through the game. Each team has only one quest at any time and cannot move on to the next quest until they correctly solve or take a pass on it.

2. EyeSpy Photos. In this ever-popular activity, each team gets a large selection of photos in an effort to identify as many as possible.

After the winning teams have been announced, we'll also have a drawing from the remaining teams for one additional winner - this proved quite popular previous MouseAdventure.

Interested? Here are the details

You'll receive more specifics when you register for the event, but here are the details to help you to decide:

WHEN: Sunday, May 19th, 2002 - 11:45 a.m.

WHERE: Registered teams will be given information on where to initially meet, but the game itself will take place inside of Disney‚s California Adventure.

WHO: Teams will consist of at least two people and no more than four. Children 12 and under do not count as team members, but may accompany your team without charge. Children 13 or older are considered part of your team and count towards the four-person limit.

Warning: Because Mad Scramble is a timed event, teams with young children may face a handicap. Teams comprised of members all between 13-17 years of age are allowed to register, but will be asked to provide evidence of parental consent.

Finally, though the names of your team members will be requested when you register at MouseShoppe, this can easily be changed by notifying Alex Stroup

HOW: Register for the event through MouseShoppe, using the link provided at the bottom of this page. The entry fee is per person, not per team. The entire team should register in a single transaction; however, to add additional team members separately, you must submit your application with enough information for us to match the new person to your team. Failure to do so may result in your new member not being added to your team.

Now, some general notes:

WARNING, YOUR REGISTRATION FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE PARK ADMISSION! All participants are responsible for their own admission into Disney's California Adventure on the day of the event. May 19th is not a blackout date for Disneyland Resort annual passports of any level, and all annual passes are now good for both parks.

ENTRY FEES: The sooner you pay, the lower your registration fee. (Clever eh?) Please do note that the fees are per person .

Fee (per person)

Effective Date


Monday, March 4th thru Midnight, Tuesday, March 19th


Wednesday, March 20th thru Midnight, Tuesday, April 30th


Wednesday, May 1st thru Midnight, Wednesday, May 15th

Registration will be closed at 12:01 a.m., Thursday, May 16th, 2002, Pacific time: No registrations will be permitted after 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, May 16th, Pacific time. On-site registration is not available , so please plan accordingly.

PAYMENT: You can pay MouseShoppe immediately by credit card, or select the Money Order option to send a check or money order.

This is a rain-or-shine event that will not be cancelled unless the weather is extremely bad. If the weather reports call for some rain, bring appropriate raingear. To cancel your registration before the event, contact Alex Stroup at mouseadventure@mouseplanet.com to arrange your refund.

Cancellation requests made after May 1st will be assessed a $3 nonrefundable fee per team member. Teams who fail to show up, and who fail to notify Alex after registration closes on May 16th, will get no refunds. In the unlikely event that MouseAdventure is cancelled refunds and / or rescheduling will be announced at that time.

Prizes will be awarded to the top teams for both Mad Scramble and EyeSpy. Winners will select from a prize table. One remaining team will also get to visit the prize table, they will be selected via a drawing after the winners are announced.

(Although MousePlanet contributors may register for, and participate in, MouseAdventure Mad Scramble, they are not eligible to win.)

Schedule (subject to change on-site):

11:15 - 11:45 -- Check-in, move to the park

11:45 -- Noon Team photos

Noon -- Group photo

Noon - 12:30 -- Instructions, team distribution, game begins

3:30 -- All materials due

4:00 -- Winners announced

4:30 -- End of event

If you have any questions about the event or about registration, please contact MouseAdventure event coordinator Alex Stroup at mouseadventure@mouseplanet.com .

We hope you are as excited about our new MouseAdventure event as we are. When you are ready, use this link to register your team at MouseShoppe.

See you on May 19th!

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