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Mad Scramble
M A Y  1 9,  2 0 0 2
D I S N E Y' S   C A L I F O R N I A   A D V E N T U R E

MousePlanet's popular MouseAdventure event returned this past Sunday as the Mad Scramble, an all-new format held for the first time in Disney's California Adventure (DCA) park. The location wasn't the only change to our popular contest. Instead of answering trivia, solving puzzles, and deciphering clues to complete quests in any which order, teams had to complete each task before they could advance from one Mad Scramble station to the next. Teams competed to see who could finish the circuit through the stations in the fastest possible time.

Around here, we take devilish pride in crafting MouseAdventure events so that teams never know quite how fast to "push the throttle." Walking fast is great-- since running isn't allowed--but if teams went too fast, they risked not being able to finish our popular EyeSpy game, where teams identifed and located objects in a series of photos. And since the team with the best EyeSpy score (combining the most correct answers with the shortest time) would for the first time be awarded their own EyeSpy prize, it paid to solve some of them rather than finish a few minutes quicker without solving any of them. On the other hand, teams that went too slow did not get a maximum score.

The Sunday event was phenomenal, and seemed to be enjoyed by all who participated. As you can see from our group photo, we had our biggest turnout ever!

Read all about our event on Thursday, when MousePlanet brings you a full report including the winners, and more details of the events and puzzles.

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