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March 2005 MouseAdventure Invitational Division Teams

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Photos by Lani Teshima, staff editor

MousePlanet presented its largest MouseAdventure event yet, with almost 450 people registering for the popular scavenger hunt/puzzle-solving competition.

For the first time this spring, experienced veterans were given the opportunity to participate in MouseAdventure Invitational: The Enchanted Race. Twenty-seven teams took us up on our The Amazing Race-inspired road rally. The following are the stalwart teams who stepped up for the challenge.

How tough was the event? The course was measured out at over 10 miles long, and traced a route that included Disneyland, the Disneyland Resort, the Mickey & Friends parking structure, and even the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel on South Harbor Boulevard.

Who won? And how fast did they win? Stay tuned; we will have a recap for you within the next handful of days. The Invitational teams are still recuperating, and so is our event coordinator!

Team #401: Ralph Wiggum, FEJ, and The POP featuring Nirvanaman

Team #402: Unintelligibles

Team #303: Team N'Ohana

Team #204: Happy Haunts

Team #405: The Mission: Kim Possible Dream Team

Team #406: The Mansion Mavens

Team #407: Matt Foley Graduates

Team #408

Team #409: Fellowship of the Mouse

Team #410: WDPRO Advanced Projects

Team #311: Dorks, Inc.

Team #312: Three Blind Mice

Team #413

Team #414: Brothers Bear

Team #415: Team Trogdor Strikes Again!

Team #416: Mickey's Marauders

Team #417: Blew By You

Team #418: The Space Cadets

Team #419: San Diego Mouse Catchers

Team #320: Spaceballs: The Team

Team #421: Team Mickey News

Team #422: Beauties and the Beasts V: Revenge of the Beast

Team #423: Magic Carpet Quartet

Team #424: SuperStar Losers

Team #325: the-mouse.com

Team #327: Ladies and the Tramp

Team #328: Darkbeer and the Garlic Fries

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Invitational Division Team Photos | Open Division Team Photos: 1–40, 41–80, 81–120

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