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Alex Stroup, event coordinator/editor

March 2005 MouseAdventure Open Division Teams 81–120

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Photos by Lani Teshima, staff editor

Invitational Division Team Photos | Open Division Team Photos: 1–40, 41–80, 81–120

Team #3081: The “E” Tickets

Team #2082: Mouse Hunters

Team #2083: Swingers

Team #4084: The Return of Captain Jack's Sparrows

Team #4085: Team FASTPASS

Team #4086: Mad Mouse

Team #2087: The Bare Necessities

Team #4088: Finding Reno

Team #3089: Team Bob

Team #2090

Team #3091: The Bulldogs

Team #4092: Pretty Pretty Princess

Team #4093: Real Ladies & Their Tramps

Team #3094

Team #4095: The Black Pearls

Team #4096: The People Movers

Team #2097

Team #4098: Dexter's Evil Lab Rats

Team #4099

Team #2100: Woody's Roundup

Team #2101: Admiral Boom

Team #3102: The Three Mouseketeers

Team #2103

Team #3104: Bini Du Banks

Team #4105: Tink's Troops

Team #3106: Holper Family

Team #2107: Aurora and Stitch

Team #2108: GridBugs

Team #2109: The Hubchaps

Team #4110

Team #4111

Team #3112: Mickey & Me

Team #3113: We Have Your Laughin' Place

Team #2114: Mickey's Steamboats

Team #4115: Asian Persuasion

Team #3116

Team #2117: The Pixie Chicks

Team #3118: Boo's Crew

Team #2119: The Tiki Freaks

Team #2120: The Aunt Gails

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Invitational Division Team Photos | Open Division Team Photos: 1–40, 41–80, 81–120


Teams walk a lot during the event. If you are not used to walking for extended periods, get yourself in shape beforehand. Walk at least three times a week, and wear old, comfortable shoes with good treads for the event to avoid blisters.

Make sure you get some breakfast in the morning. Although caffeine may help you wake up in the morning, you might want to avoid it (caffeine acts as a diuretic, causing you to need more bathroom breaks).


Although you need only show up with a writing instrument, the following is a helpful list. Consider packing everything into a backpack (or a hydration pack) so your hands are free:

• Water bottle in a holder or hydration pack such as a Camelbak (you will not want to waste time buying soda)
• Comfortable shoes
• Sunblock (the higher the SPF the better)
• Writing instrument
• Clipboard
• Sunglasses
• Hat
• Water bottle
• Scratch paper
• Small snacks (raisins, nuts)
• Water bottle
• Rain poncho or large garbage bag (poke arm holes) if weather calls for drizzle); umbrellas just get in the way
• Bandages for blisters


Are you a parent who is considering registering for MouseAdventure? The following may help you decide whether to bring your children with you.

If you want to bring your children, consider registering and playing leisurely just for the fun of it, since you want to make sure to allow for potty breaks, diaper changes, and periodic breaks.

MouseAdventure lasts all afternoon, and your children will have to wander around the park without going on any rides until after the event. Consider this and your children's demeanor.

The Trivia category may require an extended period of sitting while you concentrate on the exercise, so your children may feel ignored and get bored.

The extra amount of work involved in doing both the Trivia and Quests activities is such that you might want to consider doing just the Quests.

If you have a child small enough to ride in a stroller, find a friend or a sitter to watch that child while you participate, or decide which parent will participate, and which will be the sitter. You will be moving non-stop through the park to get everything done, and a stroller will slow your entire team down.

For more information and advice for parents by Adrienne Krock, visit her “Parenting in the Park” column.


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