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MousePlanet presents the return of
Mouse Adventure
O C T O B E R,  7,  2 0 0 1
D I S N E Y L A N D, U S A

MousePlanet is pleased to announce the next edition of our popular, light- hearted competition held at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. This event, loosely based on the Cast Member event Minnie’s Moonlit Madness, may be remembered by some from its pre- MousePlanet days as ADD- Quest. On Sunday, October 7th, it returns for the fourth time as MouseAdventure!

Participants from a previous MouseAdventure!
Participants from
our previous MouseAdventure!

Now, if you've already read the following and want to register, or if you are just 100% absolutely sure you want to play our game, then you can register now by clicking here. We do ask that you read the following before registering, though, just so there won't be any misunderstandings.

So, what is MouseAdventure!?

Well, it is a competition, with prizes for the top teams; but beyond that, it is supposed to be a fun way to take a closer look at the park we all enjoy so much. More specifically, there are three parts to MouseAdventure! and every team will participate in at least two of them.

  1. The scavenger hunt. This part of the game asks the teams to answer questions about the park. There is not really any trivia knowledge required for this part as all the answers can be found in the park. Be warned though, you may have to do some work just to figure the question that we are asking! To avoid overexertion that accompanied early versions of this event, the park will be broken into five sections and a team will only get one section at a time. All teams will do the scavenger hunt.
  2. Team mixers and sub- games. Some tasks in this section require that the teams interact with each other. Other tasks are little games that your team will keep throughout the event and provide an opportunity for the sharp-sighted to pick up some extra points. Some trivia knowledge will be required for this section, but we try to keep it to a very basic level. All teams participate in this section as well.
  3. Trivia! This section will present your team with some very tough Disneyland trivia. While we encourage everybody to participate in the trivia portion, we understand that not everybody enjoys this kind of thing. For that reason, we have two competitive categories: Scavenger Hunt Only and Combined Scavenger/Trivia. Be sure to select which category you want when you register.

To see the specifics of what all the above means, you can view a PDF of a previous game packet here. Keep in mind that the specific rules and point values shown in that packet may change for the next event. [Note: The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the packet.]


We sure hope so! If you register for the event, more specifics will be sent to you then, but here is all the information you'll need to make a decision.

When: 10:45 am, Sunday, October 7, 2001

Where: The picnic area in front of the luggage lockers outside the main gate. This gathering point is for registration only. Once you have registered you will be directed to a second gathering point inside of the park. The picnic- area registration point will only be available from 10:45 am to 11:30 am. Teams who have not made it to the second gathering point by 11:30 am risk losing points. Therefore you should probably try to register by 11:20 am to ensure enough time to get to the starting point.

Who: You, as part of a team of two to four people. Though we ask that you identify your team at the time you sign up and pay for the event, you may change your team as necessary up to the beginning of the event. You must have at least two people on your team throughout the competition and never more than four. Children 13 and younger may accompany a team without being considered part of the team. Teams are not supposed to work together; if you know people on another team (or you need to create more than one team) we recommend making a side-competition out of it and challenging each other.

What: When you pay for the event, please make sure that you note whether you will be participating in the Scavenger Hunt Only category or the Combined Scavenger / Trivia category.

How: Register for the event through MouseShoppe. You can pay immediately by credit card, or select the Money Order payment option to send a check or money order. As with previous events we will be using laddered fees to encourage early registrations and to cover the increased costs of later entries. Due to the many requests we received, this time we will be charging participants on a per- person basis, rather than a per- team basis. This in particular avoids "penalizing" small teams. Please note that after September 24th, $5 of the registration fee becomes non- refundable.

Very Important: Your entry fee DOES NOT include entrance into the park; it is the responsibility of each participant to be able to enter Disneyland. October 7 is not a blackout date on any of the Annual Passes. Here are the fees and the dates on which they go into effect, understand the earlier you register, the more you save:

Fee (per person) Effective date:
$12 September 24, 2001

No registrations will be accepted after 6 pm, Saturday, October 6. Absolutely no on-site registrations or payments will be allowed.

Why: Because you'll have fun, and it's a unique way to learn more about Disneyland.

Now, some general notes:

Don't worry; if you sign up, all of this information will be repeated again . . . and again . . . AGAIN!

Prizes are awarded to the top teams in both categories. As before, all winners choose a prize from the same "prize table," so that no category will have "better" prizes than the others. The team with the highest score selects first, and then we'll alternate between categories.

MousePlanet contributors are allowed to register for, and participate in, the MouseAdventure! event. They are not, however, eligible to winning prizes.

Here is the tentative timeline for the event:

As possible, participants will be notified by email beforehand.

10:45 am: Registration

11:30 am: Packet distribution, rules explanation, team mixer event (for points!). The game officially begins. There may be point-earning tasks from this time on. If you are late, you can still participate, but may have missed point earning opportunities.

12 pm: Teams released to begin the main portion of the game.

3 pm: The game ends. All game packets must be returned by 3:00 pm to be graded. Late returns may not be considered.

5 pm: Scoring is finished, winners are announced, prizes are distributed.

5:30 pm: All done with everything. See you next time!

This is a rain- or- shine event. Unless the weather is very, very bad, the event will continue as scheduled. If the event is held as scheduled, there will be no refunds for not showing up. If you need to cancel your registration prior to the event, please contact Alex Stroup and arrangements will be made (Again, be aware that $5 of your registration fee is non-refundable after September 24).

In the past we've heard the concern that this event looks like something organized for a tight- knit group of friends. Rest assured, it is not that way at all! The last MouseAdventure had over 50 teams and more than 150 people. Many of those people flew in specifically for the event (one person from as far away as Texas!). This event is for everybody! The list of people known personally by the organizers will be a small minority. Take a look at the pages we set up after the event for last year's participants - you'll see we had all kinds of folks involved.

If you have any questions and are hesitant about this event, feel free to contact Alex Stroup and we'll do our best to put you at ease.

Still interested? This link will let you sign-up!

Also note, that we selected the weekend of October 7 so that those who need to travel some distance need not necessarily be forced to choose between attending the Haunted Mansion merchandise event (October 3) or participating in MouseAdventure! We hope you will be able to make a long weekend out of it and do both! However, if you can only do one event, we think your choice is clear; and while Disney may be saddened, we're sure they'll understand :)

Thanks for joining us.


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