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Walt Disney World Update
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Welcome to the Walt Disney World Update page!

- WDW Update - Spring at WDW II - Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix continues her Spring photo tour from Epcot and MGM.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - February 2003 - Sue wasn't sure that she'd enjoy just a 4-day cruise, but the company of many friends on a DVC only cruise more than made up for the briefness of trip. Note: As Sue spend time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.

- WDW Update - Spring at WDW - Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix with a Spring photo tour from Animal Knigdom and Magic Kingdom.

- "Scoping" the Parks - Best of the Web V - Mike Scopa finishes his look at the best Disney Web sites with DisneyDollarless.com.

- A new trip report - Victoria Kahler - December 2002 - 2002 was an Annus Disney for Victoria and her sister Mae. A holiday trip to Disneyland with here parents was just the ideal way to finish off the year. Neither rain, nor Innoventions, nor pushing wheelchairs uphill could diminish this trip.

- A new trip report - Pat Elliott - September 2003 - Pat offered this report, commenting "I've been doing this for years, for my own enjoyment and as a diary of our various trips. I hope you can use it, and I hope that it helps someone, as others' reports have helped me." We're sure it will, especially with the lesson that when thinking that "price is the most important thing" you can sometimes be surprised.

- A new trip report - Steve Russo - January 2003 - One of the lesser known attractions in the Disney World area are the . . . "fine" . . . medical services near property. Though Steve didn't plan that portion of the trip, he, Barb, and Steve had a great time as detailed in this extensive report.

- Everything but the Parks - Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground - A tour of the resort and cabins.

- A new trip report - Michelle Kosloff - December 2003 - Disney World in December may be a bit on the chilly side, but when you're coming from Canada as Michelle and her family were, it isn't bad. A surprise answer from her husband, let Michelle finally revisit a place of fond childhood memories.

- A new trip report - Amanda Parr - December 2003 - Amanda assures us that she had "the vacation of a lifetime with two teenage girls in tow" and that they were a lot easier to travel with than her husband or father. This very detailed trip report will let you judge for yourself.

- A new trip report - Michael Barker - January 2003 - Michael and Christy wanted to reward their son for his patience in being a new "older brother." Four days at Disney World proved to be just the ticket and now they've surely got a new "Park Person" on their hands.

- "Scoping" the Parks - The Best Web Sites: Part IV - The best of the best internet sites for WDW trip planning.

- WDW Update - Once Upon a Toy - Brian Bennett with a photo tour of Downtown Disney Marketplace's newest store.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - January 2003 - What better way to start the year than with a business trip? How about a business trip sandwiched between two trips to Walt Disney World? That is exactly with Sue got to do in this trip report. (Note: As Sue spent a great deal of time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues, on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.)

- Everything but the Parks - WDW Without Kids - How to enjoy WDW as an adult destination.

- A new trip report - Michael Wolf - October 2002 - Michael and Melissa learned on this trip that being seasoned pros doesn't necessarily make the trip planning easier, and something new always comes up. Six days in the parks and a trip to Sea World make for many good memories, but unfortunately there is a lowlights list at the end.

- A new trip report - Kirk Harrod - December 2002 - Kirk and his family only visited for a day, but what a day it was: New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom. Plenty of good tips here for getting the most out of such a busy day.

- A new trip report - Noreen Chin - May 2000 - Noreen and Paul take us back in time a bit with this very detailed report of 10 days in Florida. Things are only made the merrier by the company of friends and family throughout the trip.

- "Scoping" the Parks - Best of the Web, Part III - The best of the best internet sites for WDW trip planning.

- A new trip report - Stephen Wales - December 2002 - A five year gap between visits meant two additional children Stephen and his wife. Eight days at Walt Disney World aren't always easy with four children along, but as Stephen says, "c'est la vie!"

- A new trip report - Kim Howe - October 2002 - A spontaneous trip provide Kim and Paula a chance for a long weekend away from their families. Though time was short, they hit all the hot spots, several area stores, and even Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

- Walt Disney World - Spirit of Aloha - Contributing writer Mark Fendrick with an early look at the Polynesian Resort's new dinner show.

- A new trip report - Sheila D'Agostino - December 2002 - A non-Disney attraction gave Sheila and John and opportunity to experience Orlando from off-property. The international car show didn't prevent them from experiencing the holiday treats of Disney World, though.

- Everything but the Parks - Caribbean Beach Resort - The first moderate resort is also one of the prettiest.

- A new trip report - Jeff Sjoquist - December 2002 - The Sjoquist clan, including Jeff's Father- and Mother-in-Law, flew down for a late December visit to Walt Disney World. Jeff planned the trip in great detail, and shares all of the details here of both the planning an execution of a great family trip. Just for kicks, there are a few pictures from the trip tossed in for good measure.

- WDW Trip Planning Guide - Tarzan Rocks - See some pictures of Animal Kingdom's Tarzan Rocks show.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - December 2002 - Sue took her son Chris along on this trip, a rather short weekend trip over New Years that also included visits with several good friends. This was a shorter trip, but the report is still a Sue Holland classic. (Note: As Sue spent a great deal of time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues, on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.)

- A new trip report - Dan Coyan - December 2002 - This is the story of a great trip in which Dan and Krista took their five-year-old daughter, Bekah, on her first trip to the Disneyland Resort. It was a long weekend trip taken during Bekah's birthday.

- "Scoping" the Parks - Best of the Web, Part II - The best of the best internet sites for WDW trip planning.

- A new trip report - Sheri Niklewski - November 2002 - How did this trip come about? I'll let Sheri provide the answer, "I earned some major brownie points by just looking at him and after twenty years of marriage, knowing that the holidays with family needed to be a priority. So, in front of his parents, I suggested we go back to Maryland for Thanksgiving. I ambushed Rich with this trip as a compromise later. I am such a Disney stinker, aren't I?" In any case, this is another classic Niklewski report deep in detail and rich with information for trip planners.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - December 2002 - This late December trip was planned rather late, because of a Thanksgiving trip already under Sue's belt and a New Year's trip just a week off. Living in Fort Myers allows for a spur of the moment weekend trip, though, so off Sue and Chris went for a little R&R. (Note: As Sue spent a great deal of time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues, on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.)

- A new trip report - Pam Baca - December 2002 - Pam took her nephew Jaden to Disneyland for a weekend visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. I found it interesting that Pam wrote, "I booked this trip using MouseEars Vacations. I simply pressed the travel section on Mouseplanet, input my information and I received a quote back the next day." Later Pam wrote, "MouseEars Vacations was the best thing I did. Tim Larison was a fantastic travel consultant and I would highly recommend him to everyone."

- Everything but the Parks - DVC Members-Only Cruises - Sue tells about the 2003 Disney Wonder voyage.

- A new trip report - David Casali - September 2002 - The Casali clan enjoyed a week long visit over late September and early October. The family stayed at the Polynesian and really enjoyed the resort and it's facilities. David's son is autistic, so this report also explains how David and Cathy handled that situation during the trip.

- WDW Trip Planning Guide - Tomorrowland Photo Tour - A photo tour of WDW's version of Tomorrowland.

- A new trip report - Tom Lynes - October 2002 - Tom decided to resolve this issue, "The big question: Is a trip to Tokyo to see the Disney Resort worth it?" I'll let you read on to see what his conclusion is. By the way, Tom provides a great list of tips at the beginning of this report and his summary at the end.

- A new trip report - Dave Stewart - December 2002 - Dave and George met up for a quick weekend visit to WDW. Dave's conclusion for the trip? "All in all, this was the best trip I've made to WDW, despite the fact that George and I didn't visit many rides. My recommendation: Try visiting WDW sometime during the first two weeks of December. The Christmas decorations are out, and the crowds are manageable!"

- "Scoping" the Parks - The Best Web Sites, Part 1 - Mike Scopa continues his look at the best Web resources.

- A new trip report - Erika Pribanic-Smith - November 2002 - Erika and Jason visited WDW during Thanksgiving week. In Erika's words, "All in all, we really had a magical, dream vacation. Although the best-laid plans usually fall apart and high expectations typically are dashed, the trip was pretty much everything we wanted it to be. We're already talking about going back sometime in the not-so-distant future." This is a very detailed report, and well worth the read!

- WDW Update - Marathon Weekend - Lani Teshima on 20,000+ crazy running people.

- A new trip report - Jody Grantham - May 2002 - Jody's conclusion was this, "I highly recommend the Disneyland Paris Resort to everyone. If you can get a good rate on airfare, a trip to Disneyland Paris Resort is very affordable, and worth a stay of about five days." This is a report of a personal side trip attached to a family visit to Holland. It's filled with information on those things that distinguish Disneyland Paris from Walt Disney World.

- A new trip report - Robin Goble - November 2002 - Robin, her parents, and her nephew Michael took a four day trip in mid- November. This is a typical Goble report (Robin has submitted several others), with lots of detail, plenty of pre-trip planning information, plus a great conclusion / summary section at the end.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - November 2002 - Sue introduced this trip like so, "This trip started as just a Thanksgiving getaway (Tues-Fri), but then my friends Nancy & Clinta announced they were getting married that Sunday! I extended the trip so I'd be going home on Monday, and then 2 business trips came up immediately following. So, although my Disney trip is only 7 days, I go directly to Gainesville for 2 more nights and then from there to Tallahassee for another 2 nights. This report will end with the last Disney day." (Note: As Sue spent a great deal of time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues, on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.)

- Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide - A Family Reunion - Brian Bennett has a trip report from his first clan gathering in 17 years.

- A new trip report - Lisa Rourk - August 2002 - After visiting WDW back in February, Lisa and Keith decided to visit kid-less for a few days in August. Lisa's summary states, "Walt Disney World is great for people of all ages. Some of my friends think we are crazy for spending adult time at Disney World, but we had a wonderfully exciting trip, and got to see so much of everything." Short trip, short report, but fun to read.

- A new trip report - Wendy Nelson - August 2002 - Wendy's intro to her summary comments states, "WDW was so wonderful. This was definitely the best family vacation we've ever had. Considering the fact that this was WDW, it was surprisingly stress free and relaxing. And, it was stinkin' FUN! I did learn a few things about touring in August, and had one "aha!" moment." I'll let you read to find out the details.

- Everything but the Parks - Planning "Meets" at Walt Disney World - Planning get togethers of online friends at WDW.

- A new trip report - Steve Russo - November 2002 - Steve and Barb enjoyed a shorter, but child-less trip with their good friends Wayne and Sue Goergens. After visiting WDW many times separate and together, but always with kids, this time they decided to enjoy the parks without the kids in tow -- specifically to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival.

- Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide - Developing a Game Plan - Brian discusses park crowd levels and other planning issuse.

- A new trip report - Christopher Wing - November 2002 - Chris and Kyle visited Disneyland just for a day trip in early November. Chris authored the trip report, and covers the day with all the details. However, to call this a "day trip" doesn't come close to explaining the ground that these guys covered.

- A new trip report - Sheri Niklewski - October 2002 - Sheri took this trip solo, just to get a break from the rat race. As always for a Niklewski report, this one is voluminous... but that's the way we all like them anyway, right? There's something for everyone in this report. Besides plenty of play-by-play, Sheri provides some great summary information and personal reviews and opinions.

- "Scoping" the Parks - New Year's Resolutions - Mike's recommendations for Walt Disney World.

- A new trip report - G. Christopher Folke - August 2002 - Chris provides a great report on his family's trip. Not only does Chris describe what happened during the vacation, he provides excellent opinions and reviews of what he and his family liked and disliked -- extremely valuable information for trip planners to be able to refer to.

- A new trip report - Sue Holland - October 2002 - This is a typical Holland report on a twelve day trip to WDW. Sue stayed at several different resorts during the trip, and enjoyed the company of several folks that she's met online and at WDW over the years. (Note: As Sue spent a great deal of time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues, on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.)

- A new trip report - Amy C - October 2002 - Amy, Rodrigo, and Lisa visited WDW for a nice nine day trip in late October. After spending a few nights off site and visiting Sea World and Universal, the crew moved over to the Boardwalk Resort for the balance of the trip.

- Everything but the Parks - Old Key West Resort Grand Villa - A photo tour of one of the largest villas at WDW.

- A new trip report - Elisabeth Norton - October 2002 - Here's Elizabeth's own introduction to the trip she took with Gavin, "We've both been to WDW before, but never together, and our last trips were within weeks of each other during the 25th Anniversary year. Since we met 5 years ago, we have always wanted to go to WDW together - and this is our trip!"

- A new trip report - Kelly McBride - October 2002 - Kelly, her mom, and her daughters decided to visit Disneyland after visiting Walt Disney World a year ago. The trip was a four-day affair in late October and included a stay at the posh Grand Californian Hotel.

- A new trip report - Jack Lebby - October 2002 - Jack and Marie took a ten day trip to WDW. They hadn't been out East to visit the Disney resort in several years, so they thoroughly enjoyed their trip... and Jack even managed to do it without going into "commando mode," for the most part. Very clearly, Jack was wired for this trip, so if you enjoy enthusiasm, read on...

- "Scoping" the Parks - E-Ride Nights - Mike Scopa has all the details on the extra hours at Magic Kingdom.

- A new trip report - Gayle Firth - October 2002 - Gayle and her family visited Disneyland for a five day stay in mid-October. Referring to Brendan, the Firth's 2 year old boy, Gayle writes, "It was just a whole different and wonderful experience seeing the Disney magic through a child's eyes."

- Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide - Hollywood Boulevard - Brian Bennett has a photo tour of Disney MGM Studio's Hollywood Boulevard.

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