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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
Daily Planning

Since I am a frequent Disneyland visitor, I've developed what I think it a fairly effective touring plan. While I've not applied it to Disneyland in Paris, it should serve as a general guide.

Normally when we are planning a day in the park, we try and get to the gate about 30 minutes prior to opening, although this differs if we have Early Entry privileges (which allows you into the park 90 minutes early) In any event, try to get to the park at least 30 minutes ahead of time, quite often they will have opened up Main Street in order to alleviate crowding.

Our day is usually divided into 5 segments:

(1) Morning touring
(2) Lunchtime and rest
(3) Early Afternoon touring
(4) Hotel Break
(5) Late Afternoon/Evening touring.

During the morning segment we try to hit the less popular attractions, avoiding the big name rides (unless I'm doing Early Entry). The crowds at Disneyland always head to the biggies (Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc), so we avoid these and hit rides like Pirates and Haunted Mansion.

Lunchtime comes either at 11 or after 1. NEVER try and eat at noon, the restaurants are just too crowded. Once we finish eating, it's usually around noon, so we head out and hit some of the big rides while everyone else is eating. By around 2 or 3 we start to get tired, so we head back to the hotel for a rest (see comments on Taking A Break).

After our break, we head back for our last segment, late afternoon/evening touring & dinner. At this point many of the kiddie type rides in Fantasyland are less crowded because the kids are too tired to keep going. So we indulge our inner child and have some fun. We try and get dinner around 7, and often find that a good time to eat is during the parades because everyone goes out to watch them. Obviously you can't do this every night because you want to see the parades, but you can do it most of the time.

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