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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
Disneyland Paris: Unique Journeys - A photo essay by Ian Parkinson

Editors Note: As the Disneyland resort in Anaheim expands with the new budget minded California Adventure park, We invite you to take a look via a series of photo essays at the level of detail and quality the Walt Disney Company put into past projects, in particular Disneyland Paris.

Contributor Ian Parkinson's eye for detail has provided us with a wonderful series of photos celebrating what may have been the last time we may ever see this kind of effort put into a new park from the Disney Company. [We should note that the opening of Disney Tokyo Seas may also be another wonderful example - in this case only because it was funded by the Oriental Land Company.]

In order to best show some of the detail in this series on line - we've gone ahead and reproduced photos at much larger sizes than you may be accustomed to. This means of course that pages may take a bit longer to download. We think once you see the richness of detail in these shots, you will feel it is well worth the extra time it may take to view the pages.

Thanks to the magic of the net - let's head on off to Paris, and see what a real Disney theme park should look like... 

- Al Lutz

The Discovery and Liberty Arcades

This is the first in a set of reports showing the unique and distinctive areas or attractions that can only be found at Disneyland Paris. For the launch of the series I have chosen to write about the two corridors that run down either side of Main Street U.S.A, the Liberty and Discovery Arcades.

It seems cruel to call them corridors when they are in fact beautifully designed and themed parts of the park. Of course the main purpose for which they have been built is to provide shelter for visitors during the cold and wet French winter as they make their way into the park.

As you look down Main Street towards the hub it's not obvious that these Arcades exist at all, for as far as the casual observer is concerned they could simply be entrances to the Main Street shops. The unassuming facades in fact conceal an Aladdin’s Cave of Artwork, Memorabilia, wonderful Disney design and a few surprises. Join me as we visit them, shall we?

As you stand in Town Square looking down towards the Castle, on the right of Main Street you will find the Discovery Arcade, designed and built to tell the story of innovation and discovery, now and in the future. On the left of Main Street you will find the Liberty Arcade, designed and built as a tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

The Liberty Arcade

You enter the Liberty Arcade from Town Square via the green doors under the illuminated ‘Liberty Arcade’ sign.

The Liberty Arcade

The Arcade is constructed using ornamental pillars and beams; the floor is tiled in a colorful geometric design. Along the side of the Arcade are entrances to each of the stores along the right hand side of Main Street.

The Liberty Arcade

On both sides of the Arcade are numerous display cases showing the history of the Statue of Liberty. They include displays of US Immigration, Construction and how the Statue was a gift from France.

The Liberty Arcade

The Liberty Arcade

The main feature of the Liberty Arcade is the small attraction that commemorates the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty. Below you can see the entrance to the attraction.

The Liberty Arcade


Ian Parkinson may be reached at ian@mouseplanet.com


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