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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
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MousePlanet's Guide to Disneyland Paris

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You can contact Pat Edaburn at: Disneyhist@aol.com

A Guide to Disneyland Paris

Table of Contents

Park Guide - The park and its lands Paris style

Adventureland - Overview | Attractions | Food | Shopping

Discoveryland - Overview | Attractions | Food | Shopping

Fantasyland - Overview | Attractions | Food | Shopping

Frontierland - Overview | Attractions | Food | Shopping

Main Street - Overview | Attractions | Food | Shopping

Food Guide - Kevin Yee writes about your Disneyland Paris food choices

Restaurant Reader Reviews - Find out what they think about the restaurants at the park

Hotel Guide - Resort Hotels located on the property

Disneyland Hotel | Davy Crockett Ranch

Hotel Cheyenne | Hotel Santa Fe

Hotel New York | Newport Bay Club

Sequoia Lodge | Disney Village

Planning Guide - Planning your day, including helpful tips, hours, ticket prices, and important phone numbers

Daily Planning - Tips for planning a day

How Much Will It Cost - Budgeting the trip

Taking A Break - Enjoy your trip more

Ticket Information - Ticket prices

Transportation - Getting there and around

Parenting at Disneyland Paris - Adrienne Krock with some helpful advice and tips

Special Reports:

6/17/03 Moteurs on Strike - Lani Teshima provides greater detail on last month's strike at Walt Disney Studios

2/19/03 Winter Wonderland, Part Two - Reader J°o°eL continues his tour of Disneyland Paris, with snow!

2/4/03 Winter Wonderland, Part One - Reader J°o°eL takes on a tour of Disneyland Paris, with snow!

1/15/03 Sequoia Lodge - Ian Parkinson takes you inside the Disneyland Paris Resort hotel

12/09/02 Val D'Europe - Ian Parkinson shows you around the Val D'Europe shopping center

11/27/02 Holiday Events - Ian Parkinson fills you in on what's going on for the holidays at the Paris resort

7/12/02 Paris in Print - Sue Kruse takes a look at a lavish new book on the Disneyland Paris park, exclusively available from MouseShoppe

6/18/02 Unique Journeys - Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant - Explore Sleeping Beauty's Castle in this photo essay by Ian Parkinson

4/15/02 All is Not Well - Reader Feedback - Agree or disagree - everyone had something interesting to say to Ian Parkinson about his Disney Studios report

4/15/02 Re-branding a Resort - Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix offers some thoughts on how Disney now fits into the French landscape

4/12/02 An American in Paris: Update - Adrienne Vincent- Phoenix updates our helpful advice

4/12/02 Happy 10th Anniversary - Adrienne Vincent- Phoenix fills you in on what the park is doing for the anniversary

3/22/02 Lights, Camera, Action! - Adrienne Vincent- Phoenix goes to the grand opening of the new Disney Studios Paris park and also offers a review

2/26/02 All Is Not Well... - Ian Parkinson begins his photo tour of the new Disney Studios Paris park

1/31/02 Unique Journeys - Adventure Isle, Part Two - Take another peek of this area in a photo essay by Ian Parkinson

9/11/01 Salon Mickey - Ian Parkinson takes you to a place not everyone can get into... except you!

8/9/01 Legends of the Wild West - Ian Parkinson takes you on a photo tour of this little known, but wonderfully detailed attraction

7/12/01 Space Mountain - Kevin Yee tells the story behind the ride that marked a change for Disney attractions

6/8/01 Disneyland Paris Unique Journeys: Hotel New York - Ian Parkinson explores the world of Aladdin

6/7/01 An American in Paris: Part Two - Lani Teshima with some helpful advice

6/7/01 Disneyland Paris Unique Journeys: Posters - Ian Parkinson explores the attraction posters at Disneyland Paris

6/7/01 An American in Paris: Part One - A two-part journey from America to Disneyland Paris

6/6/01 Disneyland Paris Planning Guide - MousePlanet's Disneyland Paris resource

6/6/01 Disneyland Paris Unique Journeys: Aladdin Walkthrough - Ian Parkinson explores the world of Aladdin

6/6/01 Disneyland Paris Access Guide - Tony Phoenix explores disabled access at Disneyland Paris

6/6/01 Disneyland Paris Hotel Guide - MousePlanet's Disneyland Paris resource

6/5/01 Disneyland Paris Unique Journeys: Indiana Jones - Ian Parkinson reviews the Indiana Jones roller coaster

6/5/01 Disneyland Paris Shopping: Part Two - Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix reviews the merchandise of Disneyland Paris

6/5/01 Disneyland Paris Park Guide - MousePlanet's Disneyland Paris resource

6/4/01 Walt Disney Studios Paris Construction Update - Ian Parkinson updates construction in Paris

6/4/01 Disneyland Paris Shopping: Part One - Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix reviews the shops of Disneyland Paris

6/4/01 Disneyland Paris Wallpaper - MousePlanet offers Disneyland Paris wallpaper for your computer

4/12/01 Toon Circus - Join Ian at the premiere - plus an update on the progress since

4/4/01 Parky's Pet Peeve - The magic of Disney is in the details, even those underfoot

3/7/01 Unique Journeys - Adventure Isle, Part One - Take a peek of this area in a photo essay by Ian Parkinson

2/23/01 Unique Journeys - The Disneyland Hotel - Take a peek inside this deluxe hotel in this photo essay by Ian Parkinson (Updated 2/23/01 with more photos)

2/15/01 Planning Your Trip - An American in Paris Part Deux - by Morrigoon, with a little help by Travelite expert Lani Teshima

1/29/01 Disney Studios Construction Photos - Photos and text by Ian Parkinson

1/12/01 Unique Journeys - The Mulan Show - The movie's long gone, but the dynamic Mulan show continues a photo essay by Ian Parkinson

12/14/00 Disneyland Paris Update - Latest news, info and gossip from the park

12/27/00 Unique Journeys - Les Mysteres du Nautilus - Venture 20,000 leagues under the sea in this photo essay by Ian Parkinson

12/7/00 Unique Journeys - The Liberty and Discovery Arcades - Photo essay by Ian Parkinson

11/27/00 Christmas - Photos and text by Ian Parkinson

9/12/00 An American in Paris - A trip report by Morrigoon


Pat Edaburn

The picture is of me (Pat Edaburn) at Wilderness Lodge during my first ever visit to WDW, so I don't always look quite so happy. I was under the influence of Disney magic.

I don't plan on having a second childhood when I get older because I'm not finished with my first one.

Some photography is by Morrigoon, who along with friend Hyperboy, enjoys visiting Disney Parks all over the world.

Photographs are copyright and may not be used without consent.

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