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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
Disneyland Paris: Unique Journeys - A photo essay by Ian Parkinson

Indiana Jones: Backwards- Part 3

Riders are loaded at two load stations 24 guests at a time. It is very strange to get into a car and be sitting backwards; in fact I can't think of any other rides where you do this. You are restrained by shoulder harnesses and you have a rather hard pad behind your head.

As the train leaves the loading platform, it makes a right turn (well it would be right if you were facing forwards). You then pause here while the previous car clears the lift hill. This is where the non-riders can see you and watch the mine cars passing overhead.

The car then makes another right turn onto the lift hill. As start to climb the hill, there is little around you and it feels quite exposed when you reach the top of the hill.

When you are at the top you get a great but brief view of the park, including some backstage areas.

The car then turns right 180 degrees and you head towards the first drop, which you can't see of course as you are going backwards.

Then it's down the first hill, quite steep and back up the other side, another 180 degree turn and down a steeper and faster second hill.

Another 180-degree turn and a long, straight section before a sweeping dropping turn towards the left, gaining incredible speed, before hitting the full inverting loop.

Out of the loop and into a quick clockwise spiral, increasing speed all the time, a few more small ups and downs, out of the spiral and down the home straight in to the load / unload station.

You exit the ride on the left (but your right) of the car and are quickly back at the entrance, ready to ride again.

The theme of the ride of a ruined temple that is being excavated / restored is very well done. The whole structure looks to be covered in scaffolding, winches, ropes and ladders, and all these go a long way to hide the ride structure. The rockwork and temple structure are also excellent, with two great lions standing watch over the ride. The planting is lush and green with excellent climbing plant coverage on the stonework; it looks like it has been here for centuries. There are lots of details to be seen around the ride structure as well, including temple artefacts, tools and equipment.

That about covers the Indiana Jones ride in Paris. I know it is a pale comparison the Indy ride in California (having ridden that one on the opening day and several times since), but this one is unique to this Disney park. It gave the place a much-needed thrill ride quickly and cheaply while we waited for Space Mountain to be built.

If you ever come to Disneyland Paris and like roller coasters it is a must-see attraction.


Ian Parkinson may be reached at ian@mouseplanet.com


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