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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
Walt Disney Studios Paris - A photo essay and review by Ian Parkinson

The Art of Disney Animation - continued

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Walt Disney Studios Paris

We do not get the fabulous main room with its multi-projection loop of Disney classics. Instead, we get a small preshow area with a film of Roy Disney dubbed in French.

Then we are moved into a small Disney Classics Theatre where we get to see a number of film clips in the various languages of Europe.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Next stop for the whole group is the Animator exhibit as seen in DCA, where the animator interacts with Mushu from Mulan. The final stop on the tour is a small Animator's workshop area where you can learn to draw a character or play with other interactive exhibits.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

I suppose it's not bad overall, but only if you have not seen the wonderful attraction at DCA; otherwise it is a very pale imitation.

Flying Carpets of Agrabah

To say that this attraction is a cheap and last- minute, add- on, would be an understatement. It was quite clearly intended for Adventureland in the other park, but was quickly themed and dropped into the Studios instead.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

The ride itself is an exact copy of Aladdin's Flying Carpets at Walt Disney World, but it has not be executed half as well. To make the ride fit with the theme, they have popped the Genie on a director's chair, given him a megaphone, and made him a film director. That's it. As the ride starts, you hear a brief soundtrack of the Genie making a few throwaway comments such as, "Lights, camera, action" during and after the ride.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

What is worse, though, is the quality of the area around the ride. The line for the ride runs behind the main backdrop for the ride: this is a very poorly finished area with narrow walkways and no theme at all.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

If you look at the actual electrical work on the ride (highlighted below), cables are simply tie- wrapped to beams and electrical outlets and junction boxes are exposed everywhere. The lot has been only spray painted.

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Basically this is a cheap off- the- shelf ride that has not been well- themed or implemented, the accountants should be ashamed.

NEXT we'll take a look back towards the centre of the park, where one of the main people movers (and what should be a headline attraction) is located.


Ian Parkinson may be reached at ian@mouseplanet.com


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