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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Disneyland Paris: Unique Journeys - A photo essay by Ian Parkinson

Disney Studios Paris Construction- Part 2

Main Entrance and Front Lot

Looking over the fence (below) and into the new park, you can see the new gardens and walkways leading up to the entrance archway. The low buildings just inside the archway are the known as the Front Lot, here the buildings have been designed to look like the original Walt Disney Studios in California. You can also see how the new icon of the park looks, the Earfull Tower only appeared late in May as an overnight surprise.

The main entrance of the park opens into the Front Lot and a group of low buildings known as Soundstage One, behind which is the largest building in the park, known as Lights, Camera, Hollywood. Inside this huge building will be various street sets, stores and food outlets. Here actors will create atmosphere by bringing bygone Hollywood back to life.

This building acts as the Studios Main Street, as you pass through the building and exit at the other side you find yourself at the heart of the new park. Detail work on the exterior of the Lights, Camera, Hollywood building has been moving very quickly in the last few weeks. Notice that the sides of the building have been painted and details have been added to give it some style.

Below, Lights, Camera, Hollywood

As you exit Lights, Camera, Hollywood, facing you will be the entrance to the Tram Tour. Here you will discover the secrets behind making movies, you will visit the Costuming building pass though a number of outdoor sets and eventually get to experience Catastrophe Canyon.

Below you can see the loading area for the Tram Tour and in the second photo you can just see Catastrophe Canyon hidden by the woods.


From the exit of Lights, Camera, Hollywood you can head off into two different areas, to the left is the Production Courtyard and to the right the Animation Courtyard.

In the centre of the shot below you have Lights, Camera, Hollywood, to the right Animagique, to the left Cinemagique.


Ian Parkinson may be reached at ian@mouseplanet.com


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