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Disneyland Paris Guide
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Oo la la! A look at Disney in France
Disneyland Paris - A photo essay by Ian Parkinson


Toon Circus Parade Premier

Next in the lineup is the quite lovely Hyacinth the Hippo and her wonderful Trapeze Ballet. She really is the star of the show and deserves her 'Center Ring' position.

Toon Circus

Last but not least comes the Boxing Ring with Goofy as the main attraction, we see him show his great strength and sporting prowess. Kids join in the fun and try to lift weights with the clowns.

Toon Circus

Of course the show could not take place without a ringmaster, and who else could that be but Mickey Mouse. He introduces each of the acts and joins in with each of the shows.

Toon Circus

Toon Circus

All around the floats are jugglers, acrobats, clowns and Disney characters who join in the fun.

Toon Circus

Toon Circus

When the acts have completed their show the Circus parade sets off again on its merry way and leaves the park at Town Square. The characters stay on Main Street for about ten minutes to do a meet and greet session with the guests.

If the parade starts at Town Square, the show again takes place on Main Street and then the parade moves through the rest of the park without stopping and disappears in Fantasyland.

Overall I have to say that the parade and show are quite good, there are lots of things to see - all accompanied by some original 'Circus' themed versions of Disney classic songs.

There are a number of problems though with "Toon Circus" as it is though.

First, the visitors who are not on Main Street do not get to see the show. It's not clear in the guide map and I'm sure people will be upset when the parade just passes them by.

During the show Main Street is packed with people, which makes it difficult for small children to see if they are towards the rear of the crowd. Please note that for this event, sitting on the edge of the sidewalk is not allowed as the floats, bikes and cars get very close to the edge.

The last problem is caused by the 'unwelcome' visitors who have taken it upon themselves to destroy some of the special 'Toon Circus" decorations. Just take a look at what they have managed to do during only one week of previews...

Toon Circus

Toon Circus

They have pulled off the artwork on every pole base; most of the 'stars' have been removed making a very untidy sight. Disney could have course prevented this by painting them instead of attaching paper cutouts, but they still have been vandalized by guests. Quite shocking really, let's hope they fix this soon.

"Toon Circus" will be adapted and changed over the next few weeks to fine tune the acts and make the guests even happier. If you go to the park this summer make sure you see it three times to take in all of the sections.

Toon Circus

A "Toon Circus" Update!

Just after I wrote the story above I visited the park again on the April 7th only to find that the parade and show have already been revised. Rather than rewrite the story about the premier I've added the following information to this report, which details the changes:

The floats are now in the following order for both parade directions:- Casey Jr. Train, Goofy's Boxing Ring and Hyacinth's Trapeze. The floats now stop to do the performance with two of them on Main Street and the other in Town Square. This increases the number of people who can see each show, but on Main Street itself there is less to see.

The Disney characters that take part now only join in as the show starts; they no longer take part in the parade. (So if you want to see them you have to position your group in the show area.) At the premier the characters also stayed on Main Street after the show to do a ten minute meet and greet session, now this no longer happens. This was not supposed to be a special even for the premier as it is stated in the press pack that it will be part of the show every time. I think this feature has been removed for the safety of the character cast members as Main Street is very crowded after the show and they get mobbed by hundreds of guests.

The final change is the repairs they have carried out on the pole bases along the parade route. They have all received a very quick coat of red paint, that simply covers the damaged 'paper stars.'


Ian Parkinson may be reached at ian@mouseplanet.com


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