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Happiest Potties on Earth
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Kevin & Adrienne Krock

Welcome to

The Happiest Potties on Earth

A comprehensive listing and review of the restrooms of Disneyland. Special attention has been paid to child and disabled accessibility QUIKLINKS:
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How this got started

Why put energy into a Web site about Disneyland RESTROOMS?

Why Not?

This started over a couple of years ago when my wife, Adrienne, was pregnant and found herself visiting the restrooms with greater-than-normal frequency. Quickly, with other folks from the alt.disney.disneyland USENET newsgroup, we began rating the restrooms. Let's face it: When you visit Disneyland as often as we do, you start to notice these things.

Thus the idea for the site was born. It was to be an opportunity to have fun with our Disney obsession as well as to contribute to the information available for other Disney enthusiasts and tourists planning a trip (children can sometimes be VERY picky about where they go to the restroom).

For the true Disney buff, we've hidden a link to a little known “secret” restroom (and it is not the one in Club 33! - you just have to be a little adventureous). So, if you're wondering where Daddy should change the baby, which restrooms to avoid, what the ratio of men's to women's facilities is, or even which restrooms have the best theming, it's all here!

While a few of our ratings are not glowing, we understand that the Custodial Cast Members assigned to restrooms work very hard (as do the other Cast Members in the park) to keep things as clean as they can in the face of adversity, so the next time you see one cleaning an area that you probably wouldn't want to clean yourself, tell 'em thanks.

Resources Available in the Restrooms

Most women's and many men's restrooms have changing stations for babies. A few restrooms have machines which, for $1, provide a changing kit. These kits contain a disposable diaper, a changing pad, a wipe, and a disposal bag. It supposedly fits most babies, and if you are in a pinch, is a convenient solution.

During warm weather, the towels at the changing stations are wonderful to help you cool down. They are very big and absorbent, so take one, get it wet, and put it on your neck - it will help you stay cool and the line to get relief will be much shorter than Splash Mountain!

Most women's restrooms have machines that dispense tampons and pads. Many larger restrooms have machines that also provide panty liners.

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Key to our Restroom Ratings

We collected data as follows:

Toilet Stalls - We counted the number of toilet stalls in both men's and women's restrooms.

HCA (Handi-Capped Accessible) - These stalls are larger than the other stalls, and are equipped with handlebars to aid in mobility. Several restrooms have stalls with mobility bars in them, but the stalls themselves are not much larger than standard ones. For our purposes, we did not consider these to be fully HCA.

HCA with sink - These HCA stalls have sinks in them.

Flush - Toilets at Disneyland flush by one of three means: Two are manual with levers on the toilet or a push button on the wall. The third is automatic, and some have a little blinking light (which looks like: ). In the women's opinion, the ones without the lights are more reliable, but the men who helped out in the study liked the blinky lights.

Urinals - Urinals come in two heights. Most men's rooms have at least one urinal lower on the wall than others for handicapped and child use.

Urinal Flush - Urinals flush in one of four ways: push button on the wall, regular-timed flushings, automatic (with or without blinky lights), and a few with levers.

Sinks - Many larger restrooms provide sinks that are lower than standard sinks, presumably for young children or for handicapped guests. Sinks at Disneyland turn on in one of three ways. They: Push in and turn off over time, are automatic, or have two handles for hot and cold water.

Changing Tables - Most women's and many men's rooms have changing tables, made of either steel or with the same material as the counter-tops.

Mirrors - Many women's restrooms have mirrors. Some are large and well-lit, while others are small or block traffic flow. We rate mirrors as good, acceptable, or poor.

General Ratings - Restrooms are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 Disneyland guests. The ratings are based on use of available space, how well the restroom meets the needs of its location, typical cleanliness, and (of course) our “expert” opinion. We are open to your input on rating adjustments - let us know what you think. Our rating system is shown below:


Men’s Rooms

Women’s Rooms


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Adrienne and I would like to thank a few of our friends who have helped here and there over the last couple of years:

  • Al Lutz, author of the DIG - Disneyland Information Guide, for encouragement and countless other things he's done to help throughout the years.
  • Sean “Yoda” Rouse - for page-design advice, and helping count the men's facilities. Godfather of the “Blinky Light” parameter (and our son, Matthew.)
  • The Judi Lane Foundation for the financial contribution to the research fund. (She bought the diaper pack so we could see what was in it.)
  • Dodie and Sheila who, with Adrienne, formed the original research team over two years ago.
  • Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix who taught Adrienne about the changing table towel trick.

Adrienne and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, and that you pick up some interesting information and have a few laughs. Thanks for stopping by - come back soon, and bring a friend!

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