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Screen reViews
Reviews of new Disney and Touchstone films
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Alex Stroup, editor
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Reviews of movies by the Mouse.

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Table of Contents

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11/4/05 Chicken Little If Chicken Little doesn't succeed, the sky really may be falling.

9/30/05 The Greatest Game Ever Played Another in Disney's string of successful sports movies?

8/19/05 Valiant How high does the first of Disney's two bird movies this year set the bar?

7/29/05 Sky High It's not the kind of movie you may be expecting, but it still isn't for adults.

7/8/05 Dark Water Can a top-knotch director and cast create a movie as chilling as The Ring?

6/22/05 Herbie: Fully Loaded Lindsay Lohan stars in her third Disney remake; perhaps it is time for her to stop.

6/17/05 Howl's Moving Castle Hayao Miyazaki's latest film makes it from Japan. It may not be his best, but it is his most accessible.

6/10/05 The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D Robert Rodriguez returns to making a film for children, but is the 3-D a good idea?

4/29/05 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Will H2G2 fans be as happy as the Lord of the Rings fans?

4/22/05 A Lot Like Love Alex isn't sure why, but he did like A Lot Like Love.

3/18/05 Ice Princess Young girls will like Ice Princess but what about the adults?

3/11/05 Hostage Bruce Willis reportedly is sick of action movies, but he may have accidentally made one.

3/4/05 The Pacifier Is The Pacifier a case of good formula?

2/24/05 Silly Dreamer Mark Goldhaber reviews a new documentary on the demise of traditional animation at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

2/11/05 Heffalump and OthersAlex Stroup reviews Pooh's Heffalump Movie, Bride & Prejudice, and Aliens of the Deep.

12/28/04 The Movies in 2004Alex Stroup looks back on a year in Disney movies, and looks at what is ahead.

12/23/04 The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouAlex Stroup reviews Wes Anderson's fourth film, unsure of what it indicates about his future.

11/19/04 National TreasureAlex Stroup reviews the new Nicolas Cage/Jerry Bruckheimer set piece.

11/12/04 Finding NeverlandAlex Stroup reviews the latest offering from Miramax.

11/5/04 The IncrediblesAlex Stroup and Lisa Perkis offer their reviews of the latest Disney/Pixar offering.

10/1/04 Ladder 49Has Disney done a remake of Backdraft?

9/24/04 The Last ShotDisney finally delivers a non-formula movie, does it work?

9/16/04 Mr. 3000Alex reviews another sports movie from Disney, this one a comedy.

8/12/04 Princess Diaries 2Lisa Perkis reviews the movie and shares the after-movie tea experience at the El Capitan Theater.

7/30/04 The VillageCan another M. Night Shyamalan movie save Disney's summer at the movies?

6/16/04 Around the World in 80 DaysAlex loves his Jackie Chan movies, but this one still stinks.

5/27/04 Raising HelenDisney's new movie covers familiar ground, but a new animated short may be of interest.

4/22/04 Sacred PlanetDisney's new IMAX feature has an Earth Day message.

4/9/04 The AlamoAlex breaks with the critical consensus and enjoys The Alamo.

4/5/04 Home on the RangeThe last traditionally animated Disney feature for a while sends three cows after a cattle rustler.

3/26/04 The LadykillersCan the Coen Brothers use Tom Hanks to successfully remake the Alec Guinness caper-farce?

3/5/04 HidalgoDisney does another movie about a historical sporting event; especially if historical means "never really happened."

2/20/04 Confessions of a Teenage Drama QueenDisney's new movie does nothing much of interest.

2/5/04 MiracleCan Disney's telling of a historic hockey game avoid the jingoistic morass?

12/23/03 Calendars and a StallionReviews of Disney's year-enders: Calendar Girls and The Young Black Stallion.

11/26/03 The Haunted MansionDisney's trilogy of attraction-based movies comes to an end. Does it belong with Pirates of the Caribbean or Country Bears?

10/29/03 Brother BearIs it bearable? Alex Stroup looks at the most recent Disney feature release.

9/25/03 Under the Tuscan SunAlex Stroup reviews this romantic something-or-other from Disney.

9/18/03 Cold Creek ManorAlex Stroup reviews this suspense movie from Disney.

8/7/03 Freaky FridayAlex Stroup reviews this remake of Disney's body-swap movie.


Alex Stroup is a degreed librarian with an undergraduate degree in history. An avid reader, movie buff, and devoted “information junkie,” Alex currently lives and works in the Northern California Bay Area. Alex is also the CEO of MousePlanet.

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