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Disneyland Diary
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Sue Kruse
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Is it worth the $33 per ticket price increase? Sue lets you know
A Disneyland Resort Diary

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Table of Contents

NEW 12/18/02: Aladdin - Sue reviews the new Aladdin show and lets us know if it truly is Broadway.

11/13/02: Disney 101 - Sue fills you in on the new Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour, is it worth the $33 ticket price increase?

10/14/02: Aladdin, Live or DOA? - Sue fills you in on the press event at California Adventure hosted by Alan Menken and Anne Hamburger

10/11/02: Haunted Mansion Holiday Event 2002 - Sue fills you in if you couldn't make it, plus a list of the changes made to the attraction for this year

11/12/01: LuminAria? No thank you - Sue has a definite opinion on this new California Adventure holiday show

8/6/01: Jolly Holiday - Sue takes you to the rededication of Soundstage 2 at the Disney Studios to Julie Andrews for a very special reunion

8/2/01: Meeting Julie Andrews - Sue tells us about the premiere and tea with Julie

7/18/01: Disneyland at 46 - Sue writes about the rededication ceremony for the newly revamped Mr. Lincoln

7/3/01: Electrical Parade - Sue tells you all about it - plus guest Adrienne has merchandise news

7/2/01: The Great, the So-so and the Ugly - Sue reviews some of the new California Adventure entertainment

6/28/01: The Dapper Dans - Sue takes a close look at this Disneyland institution

6/15/01: Atlantis - Sue offers her review of the new Disney film...

6/14/01: Festival of Fools - Sue takes us back to when Disneyland entertainment was, well, entertaining...

6/7/01: The Atlantis Experience - Sue takes us through Destination Atlantis at the El Capitan

5/11/01: The Producers - Sue tells us all about Broadway's The Producers

3/5/01: The Lion King - Sue writes her review of the Lion King play at the Pantages Theatre

2/21/01: Mis-Steps in Time - Sue tells you what you missed, and what not to look forward to in California Adventure's big show

1/25/01: Visiting the New Park - Sue takes you on a whirlwind tour of California Adventure

1/22/01: California Adventure Merchandising Event - Sue writes about the panel discussion held that night

1/17/01: The Grand Californian - Sue tells you about her stay in the Grand Californian Hotel, plus a little bit about the design influences behind it

11/30/00: Magic Time - Sue fills you in on Main Street's New Century Timepieces shop

11/20/00: Sue Visits the Disney Studios - Did you know that once a year you can wander up and down Dopey Drive to your heart's content?

10/26/00: Sue and the Little Monsters on Main Street - Find out what happens at this delightful cast members kid's event

10/10/00: Sue takes the Herb Ryman Tour - and visits Club 33, won't you join her in this two page report?

9/10/00: Sue, Tony and the Great White Way - The great lost trip report finally makes it online: Sue visits NY for the Tony Awards and lots of theater- going, not to mention Matilda

Sue does... Nothing... at Disneyland - Won't you join her?

Haunted Mansion - 31 years of chills & thrills - Part Two of Two

Haunted Mansion - 31 years of chills & thrills - Part One of Two

Mary Poppins Sing Along Premiere - Sue attends this event and tells you all about it

Pirates Follow Up - Sue wraps up the Pirates event, but then things go terribly wrong for more folks!

YO-HO! OH-OH! - Sue gives her take on the disaster that was the Pirates event this year - part of the special D-I-G report on this event

Michael Wants Flamingos or Minnie’s Moonlit Madness 2000 - Sue tells you all about this year's event

The Cinderella Effect - Sometimes one forgets there are magical moments at Disneyland

Pirates Event - Another Stampede in the Making? - Poor planning, and an artificially small run of limited edition merchandise may cause pandemonium

Cinderella's Royal 50th Anniversary Celebration - February 12, 2000 - What if you went to a ball, and it wasn't there?

Mr. Toad's Enchanted Evening - The very model of a wonderful Disneyland special event!


I do have a recent picture of me that I rather like, but of course cannot find it in the hovel that I call home. So (and this is sort of a cop out), here is my favorite Disneyland picture of me.

The author protecting Frontierland from the Indians

Yes, it's out of date, but maybe it will do until I locate a real picture. It's me in Frontierland the year Disneyland opened with Davy Crockett and George Russell.

At the time, I fancied myself Shirley Temple and I was absolutely going to marry Davy Crockett. I wore that coonskin cap until it literally fell apart and my mother had to pry the pieces from my hands.

As you see, I have always been obsessed with Disneyland.

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