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Theme-Park Access Guide
Accessing theme parks for those with disabilities
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Tony Phoenix and Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editors

Disneyland > Adventureland

Indiana Jones Adventure [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [This ride has health restrictions.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Guests in wheelchairs or using a service animal will proceed through the regular queue. When you get near the loading area, you will be routed though a gate and directed to use a series of elevators that allow you to transit over the ride track. Guests using a cane, scooter, or Special Assistance pass should proceed through the exit (unfortunately causing you to miss the wonderful preshow) and go to the elevators. On very busy days, the line is routed through the upper section of the Jungle Cruise building. When this happens, contact a cast member for instructions on where to join the line.

The queue does have a number of up and down ramps, including a very steep one just before wheelchairs are diverted from the regular line.

For those who dread the idea of waiting in line for two hours without a restroom, you are in luck! There is a restroom available behind the elevators that you can use. Just ask a cast member.

Enchanted Tiki Room [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Assistive listening device available.]

Enter through the gate to the left of the entrance and wait in the preshow area. The new wheelchair lift is finally in place and useable, usually by the guests themselves. There have been some recent instances of the passenger controls not working properly, requiring a cast member to operate the lift for you from the outside. Below are pictures of the new lift (beautifully themed!) and the instruction panel for its operation.

Jungle Cruise

Enter through the standard queue passing through a gate to the left of the turnstiles. After a short time in the queue, you will arrive at a gate marked with the International Symbol of Disability. Proceed through this gate and follow the cast members directions from there. This attraction does require you to descend two 12-inch steps into the boat.

A prototype for a boat that would accommodate wheelchairs has been tested (not with guests) in Florida (I even got pictures!). Unfortunately, it wasnāt very successful and they are Īback to the drawing boardā for the time being.

Aladin's Oasis

Currently featuring the wonderful Aladin & Jasmineās Storytime Adventures, this facility gets mixty. There is a designated seating area, but its placement leaves a lot to be desired. While the majority of the show is scripted, parts are adlibbed. As such, the printed scripts are lacking. However, this is one show where you can request a sign-language translator (at least one week in advance).

Tarzan's Treehouse [Guest must be able to walk.]

This is NOT recommended for guests with mobility disabilities. You climb a series of steps to a height of 80 feet and then descend. Also not recommended for guests with ve

The lower, interactive section supposed to be wheelchair accessible, though extremely cramped. The current planlchairs enter through the Meet and Greet entrance, and after meeting Jane move across a bridge to the interactive area. Because of the space limitations, the area will be restricted to a maximum of two.




Getting Around


Main Street USA


New Orleans Square

Critter Country






[Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Guest may remain in wheelchair

[Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Guest must transfer to ride system

[Guest must be able to walk.]

Guest must be able to walk

[Assistive listening device available.]

Assistive listening device available

[Reflective captioning available.]

Reflective captioning available

[Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Service dogs may not join guest on this ride

[This ride has health restrictions.]

This ride has health restrictions

[Closed-Captioning available.]

Closed-Captioning available


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