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Theme-Park Access Guide
Accessing theme parks for those with disabilities
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Tony Phoenix and Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editors

Disney's California Adventure > Golden State

Bountiful Valley Farm [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

This is a walk through exhibit area. The exhibits are all easily accessible.

Golden Dreams [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Assistive listening device available.] [Reflective captioning available.]

Dispersed seating is located in the front and back rows. Enter the theater through the doors at the far left or far right for those seats.

Both ALS and reflective captioning are available. 

Seasons of the Vine [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Enter through the  standard queue. Seating is on the ends of the benches inside the theater. Reflective captioning is available.

Grizzly River Run [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [This ride has health restrictions.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Enter through the standard queue. Be on the look out for a gate on your right hand side that displays the wheelchair logo. Proceed through the gate down to the loading area. You may need to get a cast members attention once you arrive at the loading station.

Unlike the raft rides found at Magic Mountain or Knott's Berry Farm, the boarding here is easy, convenient, and fast. Disney adopted a method of boarding similar to Test Track in Epcot Center. 

Empty loading area preparing to capture a raft.

A raft is pulled off to the side of the main attraction channel and you are given all the time you need to board, without needing to rush or delaying the standard queue.

Boarding the captured raft. Note the raft passing behind.

The dock is designed in a way that reduces the amount of raft you have to step over to board. The inflated "tube" slides under the dock lip, placing the boarding cutout right next to you. It is even possible, with a little work, to do a straight transfer to the step and then to the seat, without having to stand. 

"It's Tough to be a Bug!" [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Assistive listening device available.]

Enter the attraction through the standard queue. 

There is an important warning for guests with nervous-system problems or people with sensitive backs. If this doesn't apply to you or you don't want to have a special effect spoiled for you, skip this next paragraph:

There is an effect used in "It's Tough to be a Bug!" which is meant to feel like you have been stung by a hornet. It's a mild effect, using air pressure to blow a small plastic rod out of a hole in the seat back. Most people will not be bothered by this. As someone with MS, I can tell you that it may be enough of[Reflective captioning available.] you problems. Not to mention the fact that this happens while the theater has gone black, causing further equilibrium problems. I suggest sitting on the edge of your seat as soon as you hear the hornets buzzing.

ALS and Reflective Captioning are offered here.

Mission Tortilla Factory [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

The queue is accessible and most of the exhibit is readily visible from a wheelchair.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Guest must be able to walk.]

Enter though the gate at the entrance. There is a marked wheelchair-accessible path at ground level, and ramps to some of the second-story areas. 

The ramp ford is at the lower right. Note the rocks on the left.

There is even a ramp that allows you to ford a stream as other guests cross using rocks. 

Ahwahnee Camp Circle [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Assistive listening device available.]

The two lower levels of seating are accessible. Those using wheelchairs can only access the circle from the lower section of the Challenge area.

Soarin' Over California [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.] [Closed-Captioning available.]

Enter through the standard queue. The ramps down to the loading area are a bit steep. The line will frequently stop in the middle of the ramp, makicle is straight forward. However, if you have difficulty holding yourself upright, you may want to pass on this ride. The only restraint is a single lap-belt.

The Boudin Bakery [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

The queue is accessible and most of the exhibit is readily visible from a wheelchair. Cast members do not always assist in crowd control, so be aware that you may be end up trying to see the exhibits through the people in front of you.




Getting Around

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Golden State

Paradise Pier


[Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Guest may remain in wheelchair

[Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Guest must transfer to ride system

[Guest must be able to walk.]

Guest must be able to walk

[Assistive listening device available.]

Assistive listening device available

[Reflective captioning available.]

Reflective captioning available

[Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Service dogs may not join guest on this ride

[This ride has health restrictions.]

This ride has health restrictions

[Closed-Captioning available.]

Closed-Captioning available


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