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Theme-Park Access Guide
Accessing theme parks for those with disabilities
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Tony Phoenix and Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editors

Disneyland > Fantasyland

Alice in Wonderland [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Proceed to the marked gate on the far left of the attraction. It is not possible to use the designated access gate while a parade is taking place (they rope off that section of Matterhorn Way). Plan ahead if you want to board this ride.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Go to the exit gate (marked with the access symbol), where you may need to flag down a cast member. They frequently miss a disabled guest waiting at the gate. The cast member will give you one pass for every elephant your party needs. You cannot get an elephant without that pass. To board you will need to step up into the elephant. Keep in mind that when the ride stops, you will not be in the same place as your chair. Either have a member of your party retrieve it for you, or you can ask (before the ride starts) the cast member to do so.

Casey Jr. Circus Train [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Enter through the exit ramp. Wait behind the gate until instructed by the cast member.

Snow White's Scary Adventures [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

This ride has been the source of much confusion. First proceed to the marked disabled entrance to the left of the attraction. Depending on the cast member operating the attraction, you may board there, or you may be directed to the exit of the ride to board. There doesnāt seem to be much consistency here.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,
Pinocchio's Daring Journey [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Enter through the exits. The exits for these rides are very narrow, and pose a serious navigation problem. Be careful not to block the exits for other guests. Most are scooter accessible though I donāt recommend then on Peter Pan.

Peter Pan's Flight [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

This is the most challenging access for any ride in Fantasyland. Due to the nature of the ride, only one disabled group is permitted to ride at a time. If a group is already on the ride, wait outside of the exit until they leave, then proceed up through the exit. Scooters will have a very difficult time using the exit — it is very narrow with a couple of tight turns. If you can walk, even for a short distance, it may be easier to leave the scooter outside and walk in.

King Arthur Carrousel [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Wait at any exit for boarding instructions. To ride, you must be able to mount one of the horses.

Mad Tea Party [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.] [This ride has health restrictions.]

Proceed to the exit on the right of the operatorās booth. Several people have reported to me that they have had great difficulty in getting the cast members attention from there, so it may take some work. A warning about this ride: spinning = problems with equilibrium and walking. 'Nuff said.

Matterhorn Bobsleds [Guest must transfer to ride system.] [Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.] [This ride has health restrictions.]

Enter through the standard queue and follow it until you see a gate on the mountain side of the line. Wait in the small alcove on the line side of the gate until directed by a cast member. Guests with a SA pass should proceed directly to this gate. If you are in a scooter or wheelchair, you must wait in the first part of the line. To board, you must step down 12 inches into the bobsled. This ride is very rough and bumpy. Reconsider this ride if you have back or neck problems.

Sleeping Beauty Castle [Guest must be able to walk.]

This attraction requires negotiating several stairways and narrow passageways.

Storybook Land Canal Boats [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Enter through the exit ramp to the left of the entrance and wait for instructions. You must step down into the boat to ride. Use care when boarding and exiting this attraction. The boats are not secured and will rock as you try to board. We usually try to be the first to board and last to exit to minimize some of the problems.

“it's a small world” [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Go to the ramp used exclusively for disabled access, located just to the left of the regular entrance.

Guests confined to wheelchairs can now enjoy this ride while remaining in their chair. That's right — no more stepping down into a boat or crawling out of it. A special boat has been equipped with a lowering deck (lowered using a remote control — and they won't warn you, so be prepared for it). Wheelchairs nestle into a well one-foot deep. Lock your brakes, and you are on your way. The ride is very smooth and stable (in fact, surprisingly so!) Your chair sits at the level of everyone else's head, so that can be a bit disconcerting. Inform the cast member at the gate if you would like to use this boat. Disneyland has requested that is you can transfer into a regular boat, please do. It is time-consuming to load guests onto the special boat and you may have a bit of a wait before it comes around again. For those who have never had the pleasure of seeing 'it's a small world' before, now you can!

Fantasyland Theater [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

While normally used to show Animazement, this theater is frequently used to host special events. Disabled seating for this venue is approximately 2/3 of the way back on the far left and right sides of the theater. Wheelchairs are not permitted anywhere else in the venue.




Getting Around


Main Street USA


New Orleans Square

Critter Country






[Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Guest may remain in wheelchair

[Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Guest must transfer to ride system

[Guest must be able to walk.]

Guest must be able to walk

[Assistive listening device available.]

Assistive listening device available

[Reflective captioning available.]

Reflective captioning available

[Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Service dogs may not join guest on this ride

[This ride has health restrictions.]

This ride has health restrictions

[Closed-Captioning available.]

Closed-Captioning available


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