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Theme-Park Access Guide
Accessing theme parks for those with disabilities
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Tony Phoenix and Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, editors

Legoland > Imagination Zone

Maniac Challenge, Duplo Play, Build & Test [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

The building and play areas are accessible.

Lego Mindstorms [Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

The building areas are accessible. However, teams should include one able bodied person, to help in placement of the competition vehicle. (The course is not easily accessed from a wheelchair.)

Aquazone Wave Racers [Guest must transfer to ride system.]

This attraction was our favorite at LegoLand. A lot of effort was placed in making this ride accessible. It utilizes a stair lift, which will lower a wheelchair down a flight of steps to the loading platform. This is something we have never seen used at a theme park. 

Boarding the ride vehicles can be a challenge, because of the nature of the attraction and the slippery deck. Be sure to ask for help if you need it, and take your time. This ride is worth the effort. 

Enter through the gate to the right of the main entrance. Look for the thick chain across the pathway. Follow that path to the back entrance, and proceed to the far stairway. Watch your head when boarding the stair lift. The bar will drop on it if you are not careful. 

To board the vehicle, you will need to cross a 3 foot ramp. Boarding and exiting are challenging, as the vehicle will swing away from the platform. If you have trouble with standing under centrifugal force, ask the attendant to get a seat for the ride vehicle. The removable seat lets you experience the attraction while remaining seated. 

During the ride, your vehicle, which resembles a jet ski, will revolve around the center platform. You control the way your vehicle swings out from the platform, ranging from nearly horizontal with the side to nearly vertical. As you swing toward the vertical position, you are subjected to mild G forces. For a less forceful experience, stay flush with the platform and just enjoy the rotation. Be aware - observers from the sideline have push button controls, which send a fountain of water up in your path!

Lego Show Place [Guest may remain in wheelchair.] [Assistive listening device available.]

The theater has designated seating for disabled guests. Contact an usher for directions or to obtain an assistive listening device.




Beginning, Lake, Miniland

Village Green & The Ridge

Fun Town

Castle Hill

Imagination Zone


[Guest may remain in wheelchair.]

Guest may remain in wheelchair

[Guest must transfer to ride system.]

Guest must transfer to ride system

[Guest must be able to walk.]

Guest must be able to walk

[Assistive listening device available.]

Assistive listening device available

[Reflective captioning available.]

Reflective captioning available

[Service dogs may not join guest on this ride.]

Service dogs may not join guest on this ride

[This ride has health restrictions.]

This ride has health restrictions

[Closed-Captioning available.]

Closed-Captioning available


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