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Tokyo Disneyland Guide

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Konnichiwa! A look at Disney in Japan
Disneyland Tokyo Hotel Guide

The Disneyland Tokyo hotel situation is unique in that there are no 'official' Disney hotels in the same sense as there are at the other Disney parks. What this means is that there are no hotels owned and run by the Disney corporation, or by the company that runs Tokyo Disneyland.

There are, however, several officially sanctioned hotels which are located in a line across the street from Disneyland Tokyo and they are thus within walking distance. They are called 'official hotels' but the relationship is more like that of the Hotel Plaza Hotels at WDW.

I have included room rates in US Dollars, based on the rough exchange rates at the time of posting, but be aware that a change in exchange rates will also change costs.

I have included reviews for these hotels to the extent I was able to gather information from the official hotel web sites, and other internet sources, but the information is not as complete as with the other Disney parks, so I'd welcome input from readers ! (hint, hint)


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