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Tokyo Disneyland Guide

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Konnichiwa! A look at Disney in Japan
Disneyland Tokyo Planning Guide

When people ask me about how to plan for a Disney vacation, I offer the analogy of  a couple of my close friends. One of them obsessively plans every moment of his life and his vacations. As a result, he is lost when the schedule doesn't work perfectly and he often has no fun because he obsesses over the plan.

By contrast, another friend never plans anything, but just goes with the flow. While this is perhaps less obsessive than planning every detail, it is just as bad. When he goes on trips he is always lost, never knows where to go and often spends much of his time trying to figure out what to do.

My suggestion is to adopt a happy medium between the two extremes. Sketch out a general idea of what you want to do each day. Check out some of the touring plans offered in guidebooks, and use them as a general guide for how to proceed each day.

When to Go

The crowds fluctuate throughout the year. The busiest times of the year tend to be around holiday and during the summer. It makes sense to assume that the times kids are off match up with the times of year the park is more crowded. Remember that some of the holiday schedules in Asia are different than those in the United States, so be sure and check to see if you are going during a crowded time.

Here are the current hours from now until . Be advised that Tokyo DL shifts its schedule more often than probably any other Disney park, usually expanding hours to meet crowds.

March 21 to April 3, 2002

Disneyland Park: Daily 9am to 10pm

Tokyo Disneysea: Daily 8am to 10pm

April 4 to May 2, 2002

Disneyland Park: Daily 9am to 10pm

Tokyo Disneysea: Daily 9am to 10pm

March 3 to July 19, 2002

Disneyland Park: Daily 9am to 10pm

Tokyo Disneysea: Daily 9am to 10pm

*Parks open at 8am on some weekend days*

July 19, 2002 to August 31, 2002

Disneyland Park: Daily 9am to 10pm

Tokyo Disneysea: Daily 8am to 10pm

*Parks open at 8am on some weekend days*

Disneyland Tokyo also offers a variety of special themed events during the year.

Parades and Shows

Disneyland Tokyo offers a variety of shows during the year. The parkwide shows are:

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: A nightly light parade that is similar to the MSEP show.

Disneyland on Parade:100 Years of Magic: A anniversary celebration parade.

D Pop Magic: A character themed show featuring each of the 7 lands of the park

Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks: A nightly fireworks show.

There are also a number of shows in each land:

Adventureland offers Mickey Adventureland Mardi Gras and Mickey & Minnie's Polyneisan Parade.

Tomorrowland offers Once Upon a Mouse

Westernland offers Slue Foot Sues Dinin and Fun and Pecos Goofy's Frontier Review

Tokyo Disneyseas offers several shows as well

Porto Paradiso Water Carnival: A show featuring Italian themed dancers set in the port area of Mediterranean Harbor.

DisneySea Symphony:
A nighttime fireworks show that is said to be the next step of Illuminations.

Lido Isle Meet & Smile:
A character greeting scene which features the characters arriving by boat.

A show featuring hit songs from Broadway shows.

Sail Away:
A nautical themed musical show.

Donald's Boat Builders: A show featuring everyones favorite duck in both live action and cartoons which you enjoy while eating a leisurely meal.

Mystic Rhythms: A musical show set to the theme of the tropical rainforest.

Buona Sera Serenade:
A spectacular music and fireworks show.


For detailed show times click here

How Long Should I Stay?

Disneyland requires two or three days for a thorough visit, not counting travel time. Since every vacation has a time limitation, I strongly suggest you look at what you really want to do and set priorities. Then you can plan a reasonable pace and see and do those things that are most important to you and everyone in your party.

Other places to go

Disneyland Tokyo is located a short ride from the city, and there are tour packages which offer time at Disneyland and time in the city. You can also see a number of historical sites all around Japan are only a short train ride away, with a station located right at the park gates.

Phone Numbers

General Information and Park Hours.

International - 011 81 047 354 0001

Disneyland Tokyo Hotels

Sheraton - 011 81 047 355 5555

Sun Route - 011 81 047 355 1111

Dai Ichil - 011 81 047 355 3333

Tokyo Bay - 011 81 047 355 2411

Hilton- 011 81 047 355 5000

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How Much Will It Cost

Taking A Break

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