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Tokyo Disneyland Guide

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Konnichiwa! A look at Disney in Japan
Special: A look inside the Tokyo DisneySea attractions!

Special: A look inside the Tokyo DisneySea attractions!


MousePlanet is blessed with some wonderful readers, many of whom write in, offer suggestions, give tour reports, and generally help out so we can assemble our content for you every weekday. Sometimes we get something really special from those nice folks - and we want to share it with you. A few weeks ago a kind reader, Ted, sent me the following note:

Al, In surfing the web I have found several good photo essays of Tokyo DisneySea including the one you have run on MousePlanet. However, I have seen very little information on, or reviews of the actual attractions. There has been a little information here and there, but nothing that really examines each ride or show in depth. If other fans are anything like me, there is some pent up demand for this type of thing.

As part of a longer trip through Japan my wife and I will be spending 5 days at the Tokyo Disney Resort , staying at the Hotel Mira Costa. Would you and your readers be interested in ride reviews and a peek inside the attractions of Tokyo DisneySea?

Were we interested? Of course we were, and thanks to Ted, we now have a new series of photos and reviews to share with you from this terrific new park - showcasing the attractions themselves. As this series will run as Ted's time permits, keep checking back for his latest installments. I'm sure you'll agree with me that's he's done an absolutely spectacular job, and the staff here at MousePlanet thanks him for allowing us to present his tour to you here.

And before I forget, YES THERE ARE SCADS OF SPOILERS HERE. In fact just close this browser window right now if you don't want to know anything about this ride. I assure you Ted gives it all away here, so don't say we didn't warn you!

Part Five: The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

Photos and text by Ted
(Please note that he retains the copyright to all photos and they may not be used without his

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

Across the Pacific, in the farthest corner of Tokyo DisneySea, nestled between the Lost River Delta and Mermaid Lagoon lies the Arabian Coast. Accessible only by bridge, the Arabian Coast is the home of two major attractions, as well as a very nicely themed carousel and a slew of shops and dining opportunities.

Arabian Coast looks as if it was lifted directly out of the movie Aladdin. Onion domed roofs, cobble stone streets and aged and weathered clay walls all work together to set the proper ambiance.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

This area owes quite a bit to past Disney efforts in both its exterior characteristics, as well as the attractions themselves. Walking the streets and corridors of Arabian Coasts feels quite a bit like wandering the maze like layout of the Morocco pavilion in Epcot. They share the same basic color schemes and architectural styles, as well as a wealth of details. Hand laid tile mosaics, textured walls and faded sun drenched colors are shared by both. It is not just the Moroccan pavilion which has obviously influenced Arabian Coast however, much of it feels lifted almost directly from Disneyland Parisís Adventureland.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

In France Adventureland has several themes running through it. The front is an Aladdin inspired Arabian oasis, while other areas pick up a more tropical and Caribbean feel. Arabian coast is of course entirely themed to a middle eastern feel. Still, any visitor who has been to the Paris park will feel right at home while exploring the back alleys of this area. The tie-ins do not stop there.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

The Casbah food court for example feels a great deal like certain areas of Animal Kingdom. The slatted but still open aired roof, filled to the rafters with blankets, vessels and jeweled trinkets feels quite a bit like the interior of the Tusker House from Animal Kingdom.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

In short Arabian Coasts borrows heavily from the Disney library of parks, yet expands on them to create a larger scaled land of adventure.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

The Arabian Coast is broken down into roughly three sections. To the far left is the Sinbad attraction. In the middle is a tightly packed cluster of shops, street merchants and food outlets. This gives way to a huge court yard. A walled of square which houses the Magic Lamp Theater, the Aladdin themed Caravan Carousel as well as fountains and planters of palm trees.

Photo by Todd Meigan
Photo by Todd Meigan

The carousel is aimed at the youngest of kids and serves itís purpose well. It is housed in a beautiful domed mosque-like building and is the most prominent structure you see as you approach the land. It is a double decked affair with camels, elephants and Genies to ride upon.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages


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