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Konnichiwa! A look at Disney in Japan
Special: A look inside the Tokyo DisneySea attractions!


Part Five: The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages (continued)

Things appear to be better off just ahead. Under another arched bridge is a town square, fire works burst in the sky and we are welcomed back home to safety.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

This is a very large room with dozens of figures. Belly dancers, merchants, camels and many others greet us.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

Finally we pass by one last scene.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

Sinbad has had enough, his ship is up for sale, looks like he is calling it quits, for now at least.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

Sinbadís Seven Voyages is a hard attraction to review. On one hand it is a very large and long ride. It features a huge assortment of characters and virtually all of them are well designed and articulated. The colors are bright, vivid and fun and the music is perfect.

On the other hand the environments, though well executed, are fairly simple. The ride does not attempt to really be an E Ticket extravaganza, opting instead for a simpler, almost Fantasyland like experience. It is in fact best thought of as a very large, modern version of a Fantasyland Dark ride.

The Magic Lamp Theater & Sinbad's Seven Voyages

I was hoping for something even more ambitious than Sinbad turns out to be, yet I cannot really fault it for what is there. The Imagineers felt the park needed an attraction which could be enjoyed by kids as well as adults and this fits the bill. While it is not the spectacular four star affair it perhaps could have been, it is still a very solid, well crafted and well executed attraction. Based on itís own merits it deserves a solid three out of four stars.

Next time we'll take a quick look at the American Waterfront and go aboard the S.S. Columbia!


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