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Todd Regan

New Attractions

Nickelodeon Blast Zone - continued

Photos taken 4/17

All throughout the play area are counters with air jets built into them...

Nickelodeon Blast Zone

...kids can do all sorts of simple tricks with the foam balls - such as make them float in mid-air, jump through hoops, etc. So it's not all just target practice...

Nickelodeon Blast Zone

In case you're wondering about the smaller tykes, and finding something for them to do - they've addressed that problem with the "Nick Jr. Backyard."

Basically this is the former Woody Woodpecker play area, now minimally re-themed to include characters such as Blue, Dora the Explorer and others. You help your little one follow paw prints to find the characters hidden away among the small slides and climbing areas.

Overall, judging from the delighted shrieks from the kids, they've succeeded wildly with this new addition. If you really want a contrast - listen to how subdued the kids are out at Disney's California Adventure "Redwood Challenge Creek" playground area by comparison. Universal has carefully (and successfully) targeted the one age group Disney seems to have forgotten in their new park.

As we understand it, they've been getting tremendous crowds - helped in part by this new addition and the "kid's free admission for April" promotion they have in place now.

Coke Soak

Touted as a new attraction - the former AquaZone (at the exit of Terminator 3-D) is now the "Coke Soak." As you can see from the photo below, it isn't much - just a few water guns and huge Coke ads. Slightly older kids seemed to hit this area, but didn't stay around long.

Coke Soak

A Sneak Peek!
The Mummy Returns - Chamber of Doom

As you can see in the two photos below - they are prepping a new maze and prop exhibit for the Mummy sequel. A May opening is scheduled.

The Mummy Returns - Chamber of Doom

Above, the view head on (with the Waterworld show behind you) - below, the view into the area with the main entry behind you. The surfaces were being "aged" as the photos were taken.

The Mummy Returns - Chamber of Doom

Also coming to Universal Studios here in Hollywood at that same time is something called "Jurassic Park III Summer Splash" and "Shrek LIVE" (which as a show will most probably will take over the Blues Brothers stage that is adjacent to the Mummy maze).

Universal has been very successful with their synergy program - tying into every major summer and holiday movie release they have with such attractions as "Chicken Run Maze" and "Grinchmas." Judging from their above expected attendance, they've been on a real winning streak lately.

Animal Planet Live! Show

Photos taken 3/21

This new show replaces the "Animal Actors" presentation. Lots of Animal Planet video clips are now used throughout the show (it seems like almost half of it is video) - which although quite clever, almost take it all away from the animals.

Although the show is now better paced and more interesting for today's shorter attention span kids, (and it relentlessly plugs all the channel's shows) the reliance on video tends to be a bit much.

Below in these older shots is the new entry sign to the theater.

Animal Planet Live! Show

The newly redone stage is seen in the two shots below, note the giant video screen which now is much of the show.

Animal Planet Live! Show

Animal Planet Live! Show

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