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Todd Regan

New Construction

 Jurassic Park 3 - Set Photos

The following are construction photos for the Jurassic Park sequel filming at Universal Studios Hollywood - taken 11/9

The building of the huge "crater" set as seen from below.

Jurassic Park 3

In the below two shots, you can get a peek into the crater set - in the earlier photos further on down the page, they had not yet begun to enclose this set. Normally this area is used as a water / sky set - where a tank in front of a giant blue wall (painted to look like a sky) makes it appear they are out on the ocean (the set has been used in Apollo 13 and The Truman Show). They are building the crater set in the tank, presumably so they can film with water in the bottom of the crater.

Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic Park 3

The tram then goes through the Mummy attraction tunnel - and you come around the back of the set from the other side. You can get an idea of how massive this thing is in the shot below.

Jurassic Park 3

The following are Jurassic Park set construction photos taken on 10/20

Just after you tram by the Psycho house - you can spot the Jurassic Park Visitor's Center (as of 11/9 they have finished filming here). As you can see, the set has been built to look like it's been bombed out / neglected since it was abandoned in the first film.

Jurassic Park 3

Below is another view of the center - looking into the main entrance a bit more directly - note the wrecked cars.

Jurassic Park 3

Below is the crater facade they are building onto the front of the giant sky set - this is a massive location, the little specks at the top of the cliff scaffolding are actually construction workers. Note what looks like the base of a dam or concrete fence at the bottom.

Jurassic Park 3

Another view of the work on the cliff area. Besides these two outside sets - there also appears to be three sound stages in use at this time also in the making of this movie.

Jurassic Park 3

Bonus shot: The War Lord tower is now gone from the upper level of the Universal theme park lot. Below you can see the cleared area, which will be now utilized for a children's playground.

New play area

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