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Todd Regan


Entertainment Center:

Tram Tour Entrance
Tram Tour Entrance

Studio Tour - Climb aboard a tram ride through Universal's Hollywood back lots and Sound stages. Along the way you'll be attacked by King Kong and Jaws and narrowly escape with your life in the Mummy's tomb and an earthquake. 

The tram is on the way to the backlot.
The tram is on the way to the backlot

One nice addition this year is video monitors to all the tram cars - so not only can you finally see [as well as hear] your tour guide, but you get small clips of the many productions shot on the lot or at the studio. This helps make the tour more multi-media in how it is presented, and is a very customer friendly addition to the tour.

The video monitors really add to the tram tour.
The video monitors really add to the tram tour

You should look for the following on the tour - the Back to the Future courthouse set / the residential street where the houses for Leave it to Beaver and Animal House, among others are located. The Red Sea will be parted for you, a bridge will collapse, and you'll cruise on by the two Psycho houses, from both the original and the remake. You'll also [as of August] be able to see some of the sets for Jim Carry's holiday film, "The Grinch."

Where Marty McFly spent three whole movies hanging out...
Where Marty McFly spent three whole movies hanging out...

Tips: The tour is just under an hour long, [and if there is filming going on, may run longer as they wait out a shoot] so be prepared. Bring water if you need it and use the restroom before getting in line. When possible sit in the third car on the driver's left hand side, as most of the action during the ride is on that side. Of special note, Jaws and King Kong are best seen from the right side of the tram. 

You can look to see what's shooting on the lot
You can look to see what's shooting on the lot

There are also two areas of the park that have chalkboards up detailing what filming may be going on while you visit - at the entry, and just before you go into the tram tour area. You may want to keep your eyes peeled for your favorite actors or shows.

Rating: (On a scale of canned meat to Steak) This attraction is a solid New York Strip! This ride is good for all ages except young children, who may find it hard to sit still for an hour.

Back to the Future The Ride - This motion simulator attraction, based on the popular Back To The Future movies is a very fast-paced ride with plenty of motion. I'll never ride this one again right after lunch (I'll spare you the details). This is a very popular attraction which frequently has loooong lines. Must be at least 40" tall to ride. 

You can see the two ride theaters in this shot
You can see the two ride theaters in this shot

For the best ride experience you may want to try for the front row and center seats of the ride vehicle - you want to be able to clearly see the video monitor on the dashboard. You needn't worry about paying attention to the three pre-shows - they are incredibly complicated and don't make much sense - and are irrelevant to what the ride ultimately is.

Rating: (On a scale of rice cakes to double chocolate cookies) this ride is a yummy Snicker doodle. The semi- violent movement of this attraction may be too much for some adults and children - if you suffer from motion- sickness you should avoid this attraction at all costs.

Terminator 2: 3D - This attraction is a fantastic use of 3D technology, animatronics, motion theater (very limited), and special effects, with live actors.  It is a violent and intense experience that's in all honesty not suitable for young children. Please save us all from the screaming children seen in this attraction all the time.

Entry to T2 - 3D
Entry to T2 - 3D

Tip: Since this show is only performed in one theater (and is still very popular) - expect somewhat of a long wait from when you get in line, through the pre- show and then finally into the theater. This attraction generally lacks adequate crowd control - so do expect some pushing and shoving as you enter the theater. For best effects, try and aim for seats in the center of the theater - you will find the front rows don't fill up as fast as the ones in the back, yet offer just as good a view.

Rating: (On a scale of sling shot to hydrogen bomb) Terminator is an Atomic tour de force. Too intense for young children and maybe even grandma.

Studio Center:

Enter this way to Jurassic Park
Enter this way to Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park - Three words: YOU WILL GET WET!

Travel via boat through the beautiful jungles of Jurassic Park. Beware, something goes terribly wrong and you are attacked by dinosaurs and forced down an amazingly steep hill into a splash down that can only be described as a wall of water.

You're... ...gonna get... ...WET!!!
Of course, they do sell ponchos in the nearby gift shop you know

Click on the above photo for a 1.44 mg mpeg video of a boat splashdown
Click on the above photo for a 475k
mpeg video of a boat splashdown

If you ride this attraction, you'll be braver than Steven Spielberg. I hear he has the ride stopped just before the final drop, where he steps off and takes an elevator down. (Wish they'd do that for me, I always end up soaked) One detail to look for - the floating mouse ears from a previously attacked boat. Everyone except Michael Eisner thinks it's very funny.

This is a high capacity ride - so the line can be shorter than you may expect for such a major attraction. 

Rating: (On a scale of mosquito to monster) This ride is a T-Rex. Must be at least 46" tall to ride. 

E.T. Adventure - Your adventure begins on a walking tour of the woods where E.T. was chased in the movie. You board bikes and take to the sky, trying to get E.T. back to his home world. As hokey as this ride is, I LOVE it. The animatronics are fun and the ride is very sweet. Whenever I ride this attraction, I can't help but think of Disneyland's Peter Pan's Flight. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

E.T.'s massive show building, as seen from above
E.T.'s massive show building, as seen from above

Tip: For some reason this ride was designed so that many of the best views are provided to riders seated on the LEFT side of the ride vehicle.  Let your favorite child ride on the left side.

Rating: (On a scale of roller skates to riding lawnmowers) E.T. is a very respectable bicycle built for 9. Children will love this low thrill attraction. However, you must be at least 42" tall to ride.

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