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Todd Regan


Entertainment Center: 

Waterworld - The stage is a huge pool of water. As a result, you see lots of post apocalyptic water craft doing fancy maneuvers while avoiding some impressive pyrotechnics and special effects. I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, so I won't tell you what enormous item they crash into the set (if you write me I'll send you a picture). I may have hated the movie, but I loved this show! It's not only a lot of action, but has a lot of humor too.

The Waterworld Show

Tip: Splash Zones have considerately been marked for you by Universal - best views of the show are about half-way up the bleachers. Just about any seat in the theater is a good one, so don't worry if you end up in back. 

Rating: (On a scale of ice to steam) Who says that watched water doesn't boil?  Waterworld is a favorite! The intense action and length of this production may be difficult for younger children.

Rugrats Magic Adventure - Ok, I finally went to see this show.  I don't have kids and wasn't really excited about it, but it serves it's audience pretty well. Universal describes it as "A spectacular extravaganza of magic, mischief, and fun!" but its more like a psychedelic romp of giant rubber-headed babies making each other disappear. 

I know it sounds stupid (and to an adult it is) but the kids around me were transfixed and clapped at the end. The world is a strange place my friends. 

Bet they are squirming to get in right now!
Bet they are squirming to get in right now!

Rating: (On a scale of shag to rodents) Rug is the rats baby.  This show is best for the same young audience who watch the television program. 

The Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show - Hmmmmm - hillbillies create havoc during a wild west stunt show.  It isn't really funny and I kept looking at my watch to guess when it would be over. Suddenly every guest I take to the park wants to see this show; I beg you, please don't make me see it again. 

To be fair, my sister really enjoys this show. She even called me to complain about my review. So there you have it folks, its all opinion. Want to see evil toothless hillbillies get shot and fall off of a wooden building? Then you'll love the stunt show too. Otherwise, join me in the Irish pub across from T2:3D for a quick beer.

Tip: Any seat in this theater is a good one - expect some loud sounds with gunshots and explosions.

Rating: (On a scale of red to baby blue) this was a tepid yellow. My sister gives it a more exciting ocean blue. I think she's been eating the crayons again!

Beethoven on the run
Beethoven on the run

Animal Actors Stage - Animals on stage do cute tricks. Why does this show remind me of Sea World? Got to love Lassie and Beethoven. You'll even get to watch Babe do his bit (he's such a ham). I'll never eat bacon again!!! I promise (thanks for the BLT AL ;) )

Tip: some of the animal actors are occasionally available for photos in the adjacent shop. 

Rating: (On a scale of sow's ear to silk) the Animals rate a cute denim, but the show a less enthusiastic Stretch nylon. Children will love Babe and friends. 

The Blues Brothers take over the stage now
The Blues Brothers take over the stage now

Seasonal Stage Shows: The park also puts on three small scale street stage shows, The Blues Brothers, and Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein [in the lower Studio Center area] Please check with the park to find out if they are running during your visit.

These show are all out in the open along the park paths so you may encounter them throughout the day. You can stake out a spot to watch them if you'd like, but unless you have run out of other things to do you may wish to pass them up until later.

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Entertainment Center (Upper Lot)


Rugrats Magic Adventure

The Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show

Animal Actors Stage


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