Caribbean Beach Resort Photo Tour

by MousePlanet Staff, contributing writer

Caribbean Beach Resort Navigation tips:  The resort's lobby is in a building, called the Customs House, that is separate from the rest of the resort.  The guest villages (Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South) are laid out around the resort's lagoon.  Another resort area, also on the lagoon shores, is called Old Port Royale, and is home to the resort's restaurant and food court, shops, and central recreation areas (including the marina).

You may want to click here for a reference map of Caribbean Beach Resort as you go on your tour.  The map will come up in a separate window.

Before one gets to the guest rooms which are in the village buildings around the lagoon, like this one shown below... 

...guest first must check in at the Customs House.

Customs House is also where you'll find guest services, bell services, and laundry drop off and pick up (if you want to have the Disney folks do your stuff for you.)

The villages of Caribbean Beach Resort, listed from the Customs House in the North and clockwise around the lagoon are: Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad (two villages, North and South), Jamaica, and Aruba.  Here are a few pictures that show what the some of the buildings and grounds look like.

Barbados sports a pink and aqua color scheme.  The buildings are nestled along the Northern end of the resort lagoon.

The buildings of Martinique are colored in light blue and red.  The buildings of Martinique stretch from Barbados to the North down to Old Port Royale.  In the photograph below, you can see the Martinique beach.  Each of the Caribbean Beach Resort villages has a beach for guests to enjoy.

Here's a close up view of one of the Martinique buildings surrounded by lush vegetation.

Trinidad North, with a coral and red color scheme, lies along the lagoon South of Old Port Royale...

While Trinidad South, the most remote of all of the villages, lies South of Trinidad North (duh) and away from the pedestrian promenade that runs around the lagoon connecting all of the other villages.

Jamaica is my own personal favorite of all of the villages.  Shown below across the lagoon from Barbados, Jamaica has a direct (across the lagoon) pedestrian route to Old Port Royale via Parrot Cay island.  Jamaica is also among the first of the bus stops which is another convenient feature.

The buildings of Jamaica are painted yellow and light blue.

Each of the villages has it's own quiet pool, this one is the one in Jamaica.  The pools also have a laundry room (in the building to the right, in this particular photograph) where guests can do a load or two of clothes and keep the packing to a minimum.

Aruba is the last village around the perimeter of the lagoon.  The aqua roofs and pink buildings are arrayed along the lagoon in between Jamaica to the South and Barbados to the North and East.

On the shores of the lagoon, Old Port Royale is where the resort's market place, food court, full service restaurant, marina, and feature pool are located.

Here's a couple of pictures of Old Port Royale from across the lagoon.

This one picture was taken from the Jamaica village directly across from Old Port Royale.  To the far left in the photograph below, you can see Parrot Cay island and the bridge that allows pedestrians to walk from Jamaica to Parrot Cay and over to Old Port Royale.

The Calypso straw market and trading post, both shown below, are where resort guests can purchase both Caribbean souvenirs and necessities for their stay at the resort.

The food court offers pasta, burgers, sandwiches, and baked goods among other things.  The selection is limited, but is comparable to the food courts at the other moderate resorts.

Here's a view of one of the areas across from the food court shops, where condiments, beverages, and plenty of seating is available.

Outside Old Port Royale, on the lagoon side, is a lovely plaza where guests can enjoy the day.

Directly adjacent to the plaza is the resort's pool area.  Themed to appear like an old fortress guarding the approaches to a port on the Spanish Main, the fort sports smoking and squirting cannon and a small water slide.

Christmas at the Disney resorts are usually a great time to visit -- because of the beautiful holiday decorations, if for no other reason.  Here are some examples of the lovely decorated trees, swags, wreaths, and garlands that have brightened the customs house in previous years... 

And here are some of the decorations that graced Old Port Royale.

Thanks to Pat Edaburn for these holiday pictures!