Disney D23 Expo: A Quick Look

by Lani Teshima, staff writer

It's hard to believe that the Disney D23 Expo is now over. As the Mickey ears get stripped from the Anaheim Convention Center, we're busily collecting our notes to present various recaps for you from this past weekend.

Thank you to the great many of you who stopped by to see us at the MousePlanet booth in the Collector's Forum in Exhibit Hall D. We started out with 5,000 MousePlanet lanyards, and I don't know how many we had left over by Sunday's end. Next time you're in the parks and you see someone sporting a fashionable white lanyard with the stylish blue-and-green MousePlanet logo on it, you know they visited us at D23. It was also great meeting so many healthy folks who came in for their free Team MousePlanet hat or visor just for showing us their runDisney endurance race bling.

In the meantime, our intrepid staff was able to take some videos from this weekend, which we hope you enjoy.

Tony Baxter chats with MousePlanet about a "surprise" tribute to him that turned into a genuine surprise, and other things Imagineering from the 2013 D23 Expo.

Tony Baxter's 2013 Disney Legends Award acceptance speech at the 2013 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

Hilda Levine accepts the Disney Legend Award on behalf of her grandfather, Ed Wynn, famous for appearing in Disney motion pictures and voicing several characters in several Disney animations.

Jim Campbell accepts the 2013 Disney Legends Award on behalf of his father, Imagineer Collin Campbell at the 2013 D23 Expo.

Watch the Heroes and Villains a la Mode category of the winning entries 2013 D23 Expo costume contest.

A big cheer goes out to the many MousePlanet crew who spent a good part of the weekend staffing our booth, including Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix (who organized everything), Tony Phoenix, Adrienne Krock, Teresa and Ken Whitmore, Joe Stevano (OK, and I was there, too). When not helping at the booth, Stephanie Wien, Karl Buiter, and Steven Ng were busy covering the many presentations and activities over the weekend. Our own Mouse Tales author David Koenig was an amazing globetrotter, flying in from Florida for the weekend (and he flew right back on Saturday evening!).